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What is our Grandparenting Responsibility?

 Recently in my Bible reading I read the following Scripture which I found challenging, as a grandparent. The Israelites were living in the Promised Land, Joshua had just died, then in Judges 2:10-15 we read  (The Message (MSG.)

  • 10 Eventually that entire generation died and was buried. Then another generation grew up that didn't know anything of God or the work he had done for Israel.
  • 11-15 The People of Israel did evil in God's sight: they served Baal; they deserted God, the God of their parents who had led them out of Egypt; they were helpless before their enemies.”

Our children and grandchildren do not inherit salvation by birth into our families. Nevertheless, we can pray their hearts will be prepared for when they are presented with an opportunity to step into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  

God has placed our children and grandchildren in our lives so we can be their prayer warriors. He has given us the awesome opportunity to partner with Him on their behalf. He has given me and my husband, 3 sons, 3 daughters-in-laws, 12 specific grandchildren and 3 greats to pray for. He has given you your family members.

A family’s faith can be lost in one generation; however, we as parents and grandparents can be defenders of our faith.  We have the opportunity to powerfully touch the lives of another generation for Jesus Christ. That is why our children and grandchildren are our mission field and our responsibility. So they will not be helpless before their spiritual enemy.

This is why Christian Grandparenting Network is declaring the National Grandparents' Day as a Day of Prayer for our grandchildren and our families.

NOW we are calling all grandparents to join in prayer in their churches, community and around the world for an intentional day of prayer on behalf of the next generation.

To indicate participation in the movement or organize a time of prayer for grandparents go to You may find additional information and order promotional resources on the website.

You will want to view this promotional video to learn more about Grandparents’ Day of Prayer.

Please email me at for additional information.

Lillian Penner, Grandparents’ Day of Prayer Coordinator























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Comment by Lewis Turner on June 21, 2015 at 2:39pm


Today--Father's Day--I had one of my children write on his card to me--a reflection--realization of the way his children behaved, and what he was like at that age.  --It was a very important realization to him--and his learning to reflect may help open his heart to regularly praying for his children--which my wife and I are doing.  We also pray for our married children. 

Encouragements like this emphasize the importance of holding your children and their children up before the Lord. 

Thank you for your continual encouragement. 

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