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Johnathan is four years old; he is my "temporary adopted son". His mom, a good friend of mine is in the Navy. She has entrusted her child in my hands while she defends our freedoms. As I have no children, I have been doing a lot of research on understanding/ teaching children and I came across this:

"When we try to force children into a cookie-cutter prayer mold, they may become so discouraged that they abandon their faith altogether because they never learned how to connect with God in a personal way. They were always just copying someone else’s prayer style. Trying to imitate another person’s style of praying may very well end up being a Saul’s armor!" - Prayer Saturated Kids

When I read that I just felt that we as adults have been fighting battles with other peoples armor! How often I hear people say I don't know how to pray or I can't pray like her! Well that's because your not supposed to. 

Like David, we are supposed to use what we are comfortable with, If your favorte way to express yourself is music; sing your prayers, if its art paint, draw or sculpt your prayer, if your a planner write your prayers! If you chose some one else's way and it doesn't fit you, your prayer life will never be satisfying to you. I prefer action comedy movies dislike horror if you put me in front of a horror movie I'll be bored, unfocused, maybe even fall asleep. Basically I will not be satisfied. It is the same with prayer. How often do you fall asleep during prayer? Or while praying the time on the clock seems never to change. Oooh and the wondering mind "bless the pastor Jesus - did I pack the kids lunch? - Keep him safe Lord" These things I have all done. Perhaps its time to try another method? 

THERE IS NO ONE WAY TO PRAY, just as there isn't just one kind of human or one kind of flower. We so often forget how creative our God is and we fall into someone else’s prayer life style. Leaving you dissatisfied. So dissatisfied that our faith starts to dwindle and pretty soon we don't even bother to pray anymore, saying things like; "Whats the point?" or 'Does He even hear me?"

OF COURSE HE DOES! God is not forcing you to pray in one particular way He encourages us to be different and creative. Most importantly he looks forward to hearing what you have to say.

I challenge you to ask God to show you different ways to pray. Go on a new journey with him see where he takes you. I'm sure you wont fall asleep. 


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