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The Change Challenge

   Well here we are; election week has finally arrived. While millions of votes have already been cast in pre-voting opportunities the decision is yet to be made. As millions more Americans head to the election sites on Tuesday we are blessed to exercise the privilege we have as Americans to choose our leaders from local to national offices. It is really an amazing thing when you think about it. So many countries have their leaders chosen for them while others seize power through conflict and bloodshed. We are blessed to live in a nation where every person has a vote; we are not occupied by a distant king or empire, neither are we left to live without structure and laws. While I have seen long lines at early voting sites, I beg you to stay in line and fulfill the obligation and gift that it is to cast your vote.

  We have listened to candidates pontificate and debate for months and months about how they will bring about “change” for America. Each person believes they have the plans, policies, and procedures to improve America and the American way of life. While I pray for all of the candidates; only Jesus can transform our nation. Only those who follow Jesus, His Word and His ways can bring about the needed change that will turn America in the direction it needs to go with the love and message of Jesus. We must behave as our biblical worldview calls us to live. I still love to quote Dr. Tony Evans, “Do not think that God is going to skip over His own house to fix the White House!” Dr. Evans is right; God’s people must live in obedience to His commands and a prayer-care-share lifestyle if we have any hope of being blessed as “one nation under God” again.

   So as much as you may have talked about this election and its candidates; let me beg you to spend the next few days on your knees begging Jesus to saturate His people with a fresh vision of His supremacy. Ask Jesus to awaken His people with a new fervor for His Word and ways; to convict our hearts of sin and to bring us to a place where we only seek His face and His plan. Humble yourself before Him and confess your desperation for Him – praise Him as King of Kings! No elected official has any power without the hand of God to guide them. Ask Jesus to have a Saul to Paul moment with all of our candidates who do not know Him, and especially with those who persecute Him by making laws that go against His commands and those trying to shut the mouth of Truth across the nation. Beg Jesus to open their eyes to His authority and to bring them to a place of servanthood; first to Him and then to America. Pray from local to national candidates and issues and ask Jesus to show you where you can make a difference every day. Pray up to and through Election Day and then…keep praying.  

   Don’t forget about casting an eternal vote by sharing love and the Good News of Jesus with at least one person before Election Day then share your pictures or stories on social media #CastanEternalVote or by sending them to us at

   I challenge you to go out and share the love and message of Jesus as you pray and prepare to vote, and as always, continue to live a prayer-care-share lifestyle.

Love is a verb…let’s get moving!

    Kathy B.

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