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A few years ago, the Lord had me involved in a prayer assignment, of great magnitude.  Much prayer had already gone up over a major issues that affected us locally.  I was one of the principle prayer leaders and needed God's Wisdom on encouraging others how to pray.

I came to the point where I had to seek the Lord and ask Him what was on His Heart that would show me how to pray.  I did not get silence from the Lord.  Soon the Lord led me to scripture and directed my thinking to pray in line with the principle found in the scripture that He led me to.

In our Nation, we are faced today with a major crisis as a nation.  Many of us pray and then make up our minds in what seems to be a logical way.  Some are just upset with the choices in front of them that they do not know what to do.

What all of us should be doing, is not to rely on ourselves, but to look at God's Word, and ask Him for Wisdom--(James 1:5).  When we have an impression or hear something--write it down.  Writing what we heard down--(Habakkuk 2:2), gives opportunity to check what we 'heard' with the Holy Scriptures.  If it agrees, then that may be how God may want us to pray and respond.  It is important that we take time to listen to what God says.

I encourage all to consider the above in praying for the upcoming elections.  Don't think for a moment that the choices before us are the only choices--Let God lead us to what He wants.  The Lord's Prayer has a principle that can guide our praying--May Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  (Matthew 6:10).

Yes, it is time to humble ourselves--and pray--and seek the Lord--(II Chronicles 7:14)--especially for our Nation.

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Comment by Lewis Turner on August 20, 2012 at 10:57am


You shared something very important--It is important to keep our lives clean before the Lord--not allowing anything to cloud our focus on Jesus.  This is especially true in praying for our Nation.

Also--thank you for praying for intercessorsWe need that prayer coverage.  I do sense God has led you to pray for them.  Your praying for intercessors, may encourage others too--to pray for intercessors.  Intercessors do nee prayer coverage.



Comment by Linda on August 20, 2012 at 9:23am

Good Morning:  I believe that before we can pray for our nation or even our next door neighbor we need to first shatter strongholds on self.  I pray for every intercessor.  My prayer is that we will examine ourselves and permit God to order our footsteps in the word.  My prayer is we will allow a real purification and preparation to take place in our life, so that God can work in and through us. 

Comment by Lewis Turner on August 2, 2012 at 2:44pm


I will answer from my own experience.  We are in a day and age in this country where many of us are focused on our own pursuits.  There is so much on our own personal agenda that we do not take the time to involve ourselves with others.  – This approach has also permeated our churches, and may be on of the reasons that people sometimes share that they do not connect with others at church.


The spill over of this self-approach also has affected many of us in our praying and relationship with the Lord—that we do not pray together or know how to cover someone in prayer.


So what can we do?  First, build relationships with others, and be open and where possible, transparent.  Being open and transparent can draw others to want to build a relationship with you. As that relationship develops, encourage them to pray, and let them be involved with you when they can.  These individuals will be more likely to pray for you.  In time some may become close prayer partners.   


In this process of building relationships, take time to teach them about prayer.  You will be surprised how many have only a very limited concept about prayer. 


Vicki—if you need examples of ways to reach out and help in teaching others about prayer—Look at the videos on the group “Encouragement to Pray”, and the prayer training in the group titled “Praying Together Class” here on Pray!Network.   The “Intercessor’s Group has much past helpful discussion-that may help, and there are others in the group who may be willing to shed more insight into issues—like the one you brought up here.”


Hope the above that helps.  Let us know.  Perhaps some other intercessors may have additional thoughts and would be willing to share them.

Comment by Vicki Normoyle on August 2, 2012 at 6:00am

Lewis, please say more about intercessors needing prayer coverage and how to find people to fill that role. Thanks

Comment by Cathy Cutrell on August 1, 2012 at 4:17pm

Anne, Karen, and Lewis - Here is a facebook link that is sharing about harm of porn in media:

Comment by Lewis Turner on July 28, 2012 at 11:45pm



I have taken some time to contemplate your suggestion you made a few days ago to make it a point to intercede for filmmakers.  Indeed that is a worthy area of intercession.  It is wonderful that there are have 1500 matched partners of those praying for film makers.  Most of us have not had any idea that such a group was that large.


You are looking for men to step up to the plate in praying for filmmakers.   I would welcome your sharing your heart on this area in the Intercessor’s Group, and possibly we may even want to further share it in one of the blogs in Pray!Network.  Concerning the ratio of women to men intercessors—there are more women than men involved in intercession.  However, with exposure to others in Pray!Network, perhaps some men may want to join in.—It is worth a try!!!

I would be happy to provide prayer coverage for you, Cathy Cutrell, and Anne Cisz  in your praying for film makers.  You three need prayer support in praying for Film Makers.  That I can do.  So many times we intercessors have only a few people to pray for us.  


Let me share briefly about my prayer work.  It has involved intercession, spiritual warfare, prayer walks, teaching, and deep historical research--that involved past history where my family was involved.  That research was on a school that used a facility for Christian Education that had been the original facility of Randolph Macon College before the Civil War.  The school facility after the Civil War eventually became a school for Blacks, known as the Boydton Institute, located in Boydton, Va. 


This research that I did does fit into the calling that God has given me, which is to teach prayer.  There is now a possibility that in a few years opportunity could exist to open a new school at that location that will in the teach on prayer and related areas.  Right now, my prayer is that the Lord will send people who can participate in Board Meetings to help establish Wheatland Ministries and evaluate what is needed to start this school of prayer.  Currently, I have some nibbles for the board, but no firm commitments to join a board as of yet.   So—I am continuing developing classes and courses to encourage people to pray.  The Lord has His timing.  The Course that I have on Pray!Network has been 6 years in development.  A lot of prayer and work goes into these courses--I share the above to help you understand my current focus and prayer needs. 


It is my heart desire to encourage people to pray, and if they have been given a focus as God has given you with praying for film makers, then I will do what I can to encourage it, and possibly draw others to join with you.  We cannot stand still.  Who knows—the three of you here on Pray!Network, may bring encouragement to others to pray for film makers.  I am very excited about that possibility.  Do consider my offer to share your heart on the Intercessors’ Group about praying for Film makers.  


One more thing, I have a niece who does not know the Lord, and has been involved in television production—“realty type shows” which she says that are not very good overall. Question that you may want to share a thought about:  How could interceding for her make a difference?  


Karen—This reply has gotten very long—I know the importance of what you have suggested, and want to look for ways that you, Cathy, and Anne can move ahead and be encouraged, and encourage others to pray together.

I will look to the three of you to keep me aware of supportive needs that can be carried to the Lord in prayer that would help the three of you stay focused on praying for film makers.

May we see a move of the Lord as we intercede for others.




Lewis Turner

Comment by Cathy Cutrell on July 26, 2012 at 4:39pm

Karen - Thanks for asking, I love we are sharing together. Operation World indicates there are 550 recognized tribes in America (and the Gospel is ALIVE among so many), but I wonder if some migrated, just like those from other people groups have come here - the Diaspora?  Here's the link to Joshua Project for United States:  - you can click Country at the top ;) - first time I ever looked at this, WOW


Comment by Karen Covell on July 26, 2012 at 2:59pm

Cathy,  Wow, that's a fascinating film festival.  I'll pass it on.  But I have a question:  Do they consider any people groups in America Indigenous? 

Comment by Cathy Cutrell on July 26, 2012 at 3:04am


I'm sorry I gave you the wrong is the correct one:

I know our main goal is prayer, so no worries on this.

Thanks so much, Cathy

Comment by Karen Covell on July 26, 2012 at 2:50am


Thanks so much for your help in connecting me and Anne.  I already got her email.  Warmly, Karen  P.S.  if you're interested and willing to be an intercessor for a media professional, we match up intercessors on the outside of Hollywood to pray for Christians who are industry professionals inside of Hollywood and we need MALE intercessors.  We currently have almost 1,500 matched prayer partners.  Would you be willing to join us or ask other male intercessors to join us?  Here is the link to that program:     Thanks SO MUCH for considering!  Karen

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