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Youth of Yemen
Pray for the young men of Yemen. Some, even as young as 15 years old have joined the militant religious gangs, fighting alongside of them. They should be in high school but their schools were destroyed or are used to house displaced people. Pray that the teenagers will return to their families. Pray against the temptation that young men face to join these groups. Pray for peace in this.

Battle Against Witchcraft
Please pray for a local friend who has been a victim of witchcraft for the past year. She has been tormented by another woman who has cast spells on her and her children. Now we have learned that a member of her own family has been practicing black magic in the home with frightening results. In addition, her involvement with believers has angered this family member and has caused this person to perform more black magic specifically against her and against the believers. They went to her home and prayed out loud to Jesus. She felt peace afterwards
This is a spiritual battle that rages on. Please pray for this friend's protection and ultimately her salvation in Jesus Christ, the only Power that can truly rescue her from darkness. And pray against the spiritual forces of darkness in her life. Pray that the Lord would have mercy and transfer her from the Kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of His beloved Son.
A Prayer Warrior
Ms C is a devoted Christian and prayer warrior. Recently, a believer was coming within her client-server role and she was asked to give some special attention to them by other believers that recognize her opportunity.  She along with other members of her small fellowship are dedicating hours in praying for the locals.  Ms C is going out of her way to take good care for a fellow believer, and prays for them in their time of need.  Ms C shared that over her years she has met 2 other believers, who revealed their faith to her. Ms C came to the region initially in order to provide for her family financially, but has since found that God has placed her in a unique position to influence others. The small fellowship she has been a part of has been a great encouragement to others in prayer reaching out to the locals. Please pray that more of the community of believers will also hear the call to bring God's Kingdom in their respective spheres of influence and that different communities will come together in unity and harmony for the Kingdom.

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