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Throughout the history of the Church, many who followed Christ have died for their faith at the hands of evil men. Recent stories from North Africa remind us that this continues to happen. As we think about those from the AP who were martyred, pray that the words they spoke and the lives which they lived will be remembered by the people they knew. Pray that these friends and relatives will accept Christ as Savior and Lord.

Not long ago a Muslim Academic was talking to some church leaders in the Arabian Peninsula. He was saying that they feel Islam has been 'blindsided', as in when a car strikes another car from the side, having not applied the brakes, without any warning and causes massive damage. This is the effect that ISIS is having on Islam, they did not see it coming, it was not expected and there is great damage. ISIS has killed more Muslims than Christians. He shared that if ISIS came into his country with power, he would die right along with the Christians for they would kill him as well. He went on to say with true humility and honesty, "We do not know what to do!"

God has placed peace in the hearts of people. Many Muslims desire to live in peace with all people, but they cannot call ISIS back to the Quran and say; follow the teaching of Islam, because they know the Quran teaches these kinds of things. They cannot say; Muhammed is not pleased with this beheading, because Muhammed allowed this and witnessed it. ISIS is causing fear, but it is also causing a great questioning at the very core of who people are. Do they really believe Muhammed and the Quran is right? Is this violence how God has created them to be?

Pray for Muslims in the Arabian Peninsula to questions deeply the teaching of Islam. Pray this will lead them to seek out the truth found only in the Lord Jesus. Pray that as they seek out the truth they will find the peace their souls long for in the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray that whole families will find this together.

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