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Praying Over Past Family Issues--both Good Issues and Bad Issues

Last March, I went on a prayer journey to my parents home county, and prayed over areas where my family had connection.  It was both a prayer of repentance and also about good things that I knew.  When you confess sin, prayer is not easy.--Important point.  One place I prayed, had been the house of a Lady of Prayer, which was on the property of a former school that my Great great Grandfather had written the charter to.  Prayer at that place was the easiest.


Now what is interesting, is that about 6 months later I was challenged to share about my family homestead--As I did, the Lord helped me find material--old letters, diaries, and such like.  These showed many good things.  Now as I am putting together a document in response to that challenge, I find myself honoring past parents (Grandparents).  Before that prayer time in March, what I knew was just facts, and lots of unconnected information.  Now after that prayer time--of removing sin--clarity and new information became available allowing me to honor my past parents--and God says in the Ten Commandments to honor them.  


The Lord recently showed me what was happening in my situation.  He was giving clarity that helped me honor my past Grandparents by showing their love for the family and their commitment to Him.  In my case the change was not immediate--but it came as I kept my focus on Jesus. It makes me wonder what would happen if starting with individuals, we encouraged people to pray over their families and regions where they live. 


Removing sin clears our sight--and allows us to grow closer to the Lord!!!  I found this happening to me. This is an interesting thought to pray about and consider.


I would like to hear if others have had similar experiences of clarity coming after praying over past issues in their families.

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Comment by Dan Barrows on April 7, 2013 at 11:10am
The Lord is alowing me to let go of the bad and rejoice in His plan for my life. God did not promise everything would be good just that it would work out for the good of those who love Him!

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