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Praying for Our Roles and Relationships

This is part 2 in a series on helps for personal prayer.  In Part 1, we looked at a helpful pattern for prayer and at turning our Bible reading into prayers.  Today’s focus is on praying for other people.  Let’s look at suggestions for praying the roles and relationships in our lives.  Let’s face it, when most of us pray for other people, we usually tell God what”s wrong with someone else (just in case God didn’t already know) and then ask God to fix THEM.

Somewhere, I learned to think a little differently when I pray for other people.  Instead of complaining about somebody to God, it might be better to thank God for putting that person in my life in the first place.  Then I pray for me to be a good ____ (whatever my role is in the other person’s life).  

For example, if I am praying for my wife, before I pray that God helps HER to fulfill her role in my life, I pray that God helps me to be a good husband.  Now, that’s a pretty good start, but let’s raise the bar a little more.  Next, let’s pray that God helps me/s to grow in ____ (some skill, character trait or attitude related to my role in the relationship).  Now, after I’ve thanked God for the person, asked for help to be a good (whatever my role is) and then prayed that I might grow in my role, now I might be ready to ask God to help the other person grow in a certain area.

Note the chart below.

Praying for our roles and relationships

Lord, I thank you for… Please help me to be a good… Please help me to grow in… Please help them
to grow in…

A fuller version is available in the document designed for you to print out and put in your Bible, Prayer journal or even your purse or jacket pocket.  Download the pdf Personal Prayer Helps.PDF or the Microsoft Word doc Personal Prayer Helps,DOC.

Anything to add?  Any tips that you've found helpful in praying for the people in your life and ministry.

In the comments, please let me know how God is using this in your own life and relationships.

Kevin Cunningham

Pastor, Author, Videographer

Currently serving as a bi-vocational, Intentional Interim Pastor in Gloucester, MA.

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