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DonBrendaJacobson10-3 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Tragedy – Don Jacobson

For Don Jacobson a tragic gun accident altered his walk with God …as well as his goals in life. He shares his story on today’s Lighthouse Report. (Don shown with wife Brenda)NicoleBromley

10-4 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Life-Change – Nicole Bromley

Seeing people respond to the gospel really is exciting … and as Nicole Bromley explains … she’s seen lives transformed, firsthand.AbbyRike

10-5 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Loss– Abby Rike

For Biggest Loser contestant Abby Rike losing her entire family in a car accident was absolutely devastating. But …her whole outlook changed when she realized God could use her tragic story to bring healing to others. Listen as she tells us how on today’s Lighthouse Report.

LeeStrobel10-6 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Prayers Answered– Lee Strobel

How have you seen prayers answered in your life? Lee Strobel joins Steve Douglass on today’s Lighthouse Report to share a story about prayer.

KennyLuck10-7 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Fathers – Kenny Luck

Fatherhood … it’s an important role that God (as our heavenly father) models for us. On today’s Lighthouse Report, Kenny Luck, of Saddleback Church discusses what he’s seen.

ArtRorheim10-10 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Remain Active – Art Rorheim

No matter where we are in life … “being active” for the Lord should be our main goal. AWANA Founder Art Rorheim joins us today on the Lighthouse Report to give us some encouragement.

WendyBlight10-11 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Life’s Obstacles– Wendy Blight

You know, it seems we’re all too busy. But what about the mission field all around us -right in our own neighborhood? Wendy Blight has some thoughts about that on today’s Lighthouse Report.

ChrisFabry10-12 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Adversity – Chris Fabry

Imagine leaving your home … and all your possessions behind due to illness. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Chris Fabry and his family. Hear their amazing story … and how God carried them through it on today’s Lighthouse Report.

CharlesStanley10-13 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Conversation – Charles Stanley

Maintaining conversation with God is crucial to our spiritual growth. On today’s Lighthouse Report, Charles Stanley describes the correlation between prayer and our relationship with Christ.RyanRush

10-14 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Life Lessons – Ryan Rush

Ryan Rush experienced a number of life lessons resulting from his daughter's many illnesses. He shares his personal journey on today’s Lighthouse Report.

JohnTesh10-17 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Purpose, Passion, Service – John Tesh

Are you passionate about making a difference for Christ in the world? Or apathetic? John Tesh challenges us on today's Lighthouse Report to find our personal ministry.

TerriBlackstock10-18 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Struggles – Terri Blackstock

Sometimes, as parents, we go through some pretty dark times. But through Christ, there's light at the end of the tunnel. Today on the Lighthouse Report, Terri Blackstock talks about her daughter's struggle with drugs.

10-19 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Bad Stuff – Steve Douglass

What do you say if someone doesn’t know if they’re going to heaven? Host Steve Douglass has some timely advice on that subject on today’s Lighthouse Report.

JohnWaller10-20 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Music and Lyrics – John Waller

For musician John Waller writing songs about his struggles helps him move past them. Today on the Lighthouse Report, he gives an example.

StacyDelisle10-21 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Hardships – Stacy Delisle

Imagine … knowing you are going to lose your child. What would you do? Well, today on the Lighthouse Report, Stacy Delisle, who experienced that very scenario, shares her story.

JeremyRiddle10-24 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Following God – Jeremy Riddle

So, what desires has God placed in your heart? Today on the Lighthouse Report, musician Jeremy Riddle talks about following after God.

RegiCampbell10-25 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Junk in Life – Regi Campbell

Isn’t it great how God loves us and cares for us despite all the junk we have in our lives? On today’s Lighthouse Report, Regi Campbell explains.

DaveFitzgerald10-26 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Insecurities – Dave Fitzgerald

Do you ever struggle with insecurities in your life? Well, music artist Dave Fitzgerald does sometimes. On today’s Lighthouse Report, he discusses what he’s learned regarding that.

SteveSjogren10-27 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Buying Their Coffee – Steve Sjogren

Sometimes it's very simple to *stir up* a godly conversation with others in a very nonthreatening way. It may begin by buying them a cup of coffee. Listen for more details from Steve Sjogren on today's Lighthouse Report.ClaytonKing

10-28 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * God’s Presence – Clayton King

So, how can you experience God’s presence in your life? Well, on today’s Lighthouse Report, Clayton King discusses what he’s learned.prayingwoman

10-31 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Protective Power of Prayer – Steve Douglass

Too often we neglect to pray and simply forget the power of God behind prayer. And praying for someone's protection is one of the greatest privileges we can have in the life of a loved one. Steve Douglas tells a woman's story on today's Lighthouse Report.

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