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Five Suggested Levels of Involvement & Participation

1. Private Observance. While Jesus never discouraged public prayer, he did exalt the practice of sincere private prayer. Our public prayers and public prayer forums will
be hollow shells if we as individuals do not practice solemn prayer in
our personal lives. Therefore, whatever else one does to observe The
National Day of Prayer, be sure that it begins with sincere and fervent
prayer in your own prayer closet. We encourage you to make this day
particularly special in your personal prayer life. Remember, repentance
must begin in the hearts of individuals.

2. Family Observance. What could be more appropriate on this day than for
parents to gather their children and grandchildren around for a solemn
observance of The National Day of Prayer? Why not make plans right now
for a special family observance of The National Day of Prayer? Call your
married children. Invite your parents, cousins and other relatives.
This could very well become a very special, once a year day for your
family. Such an observance will certainly leave the imprint of fond
memories of solemn faith in the hearts of your children, and could
impact their lives for years untold.

3. Church Observance. More churches are beginning to implement
church-wide observances of The National Day of Prayer all the time. Some
invite members to come to the church altar at any time during the day.
Still others have special services. Pastors and church leaders are
encouraged to make special plans to assist their members in taking part
in The National Day of Prayer. Bulletin inserts are particularly helpful
in letting congregants know what the church is doing, and also of
special community events in which the church is participating. We
believe that pastors are still the key. If our American pastors are
asleep and uninspiring in promoting national prayer, our nation has
little hope of Heaven's help.

4. Community Observance. This is the area in which The National Day Of
Prayer really shines. The idea of thousands of communities meeting for
the express purpose of acknowledging God in prayer is so very
encouraging. We encourage participation in events in your community. To
find out about events in your area, keep an eye on your local newspaper.
The National Day of Prayer Task Force also does a tremendous job of
providing a forum for posting local events on their web site at: . If
you would like to become more involved in your community event or to
start one in your community, you will find helpful material available on
this site.

5. State & National Observance. For those who would like to be more involved in The National Day of
Prayer, there are events and activities at both the state and national
levels, with information on the NDP Task Force web site.

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