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Hello Writer,
I wanted to make you aware of a new manuscript call for a daily devotional book. This time I'm not the compiler, but  my husband, Mark Littleton, is compiling and editing the book for Jebaire Publishing: God Still Meets Needs.
For your convenience, I've pasted the guidelines below. If you have questions or submissions, please direct them to Mark at
I also wanted to let you know about a resource that could be invaluable not only for your writing skills, but also for making those contacts all writers need to make to sell their work. On Nov. 10-12, Heart of America Christian Writers  Network is sponsoring an outstanding writers conference. 
It will be an excellent venue with 40 faculty members—including editors from Thomas Nelson, Group, Charisma Media, DaySpring, Nazarene Publishing House, and more, as well as 5 agents (including a NYC agent for those interested in taking their message to the secular audience) and a professional screenplay writer.
We are blessed with writers from around the US coming as conferees, and we do have discounts to help you get to the conference. If you've submitted before to one of the books I've worked on (Cup of Comfort Devotional for Mothers, Forever His, LifeSavors, Living the Serenity Prayer, Love is a Verb, Love is a Flame, Love is a Verb Devotional, Supernatural Stories, Extraordinary Answers to Prayer series), you may subtract 10% from the basic registration fee. If you're 65 or older, you may have a 10% seniors discount. If you're in vocational ministry, you may have a 10% vocational ministry discount. We allow percentage discounts up to 30%, and as many friend discounts as qualify for (see brochure). Plus, if you're a HACWN member (we have them all over the US) or register before Nov. 1, you'll save even more. The discounts are valid on the basic conference registration (not on membership, services, critiques, or meals). We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal.
And...the first 50 people who register get a free 2012 Writers Digest Writers Market Guide. (We have a dozen of those left, but hurry!).
Check out the details at We also have an events page on Facebook, and we have a Heart of America Christian Writers Network (HACWN) fan page on FB, where I list lots of writing and editing tips. 
If you have any questions about the conference, feel free to contact me at or our information person, Sally, at or 816-313-1892. Again, if you have questions or submisions for God Meets Needs, contact Mark at

Jeanette Gardner Littleton
Heart of America Christian Writers Network



How God Helps His People and Provides in Tough Times 

PROJECT: A devotional book of 365 readings, which will be written by various authors. The book is contracted with Jebaire, a royalty publisher, and may expand into a series.  The stories in the book will show how God met a need in your life or in the life of someone you know, whether it’s a physical, financial, emotional, or spiritual need, or any other kind.
FORMAT: Each devotion will be a maximum of 275-325 words (total of all parts).
TITLE: See Sample. 
SCRIPTURE: You choose: NIV, NKJV, NASB, NLT, The Message, KJV, etc.  Please double-check text instead of writing scripture from memory, and note version used.
BODY: Story devotional that touches the readers, makes them laugh, or just offers a new insight they can use in their lives. 
PRAYER: Brief one-sentence prayer to finish. 
PAYMENT: For each devotional that is selected for the book, the writer will be paid $5.00 for one-time rights at the time of publication.  You may submit as many devotionals as you’d like. Reprints OK. 
            You can get the books in a pre-printing order for 40% off the retail price. If you purchase 25-49 books, you get a 45% discount, and if 50 or more, a 50% discount. Perfect for those who want to sell books when they speak, want giveaways for donations to a ministry, want to do their own marketing, or want gifts. It’s a good way to get your name out there and also to make a little extra money for yourself.   
            These stories will be somewhat dramatic, fun to read, and end with a principle, application, or some twist that the reader can use in his or her life.  If they are touching or funny, or offering a new insight, all the better.  The most important factor is that they reveal a time in your life when God met a need. 
            If you would like to be involved in this project or have questions, please contact me, Mark Littleton, by e-mail at Please provide the following information:
            The devotionals themselves.
            Name and contact, phone number, e-mail, etc.
            My contact is:
DEADLINE: January 10, 2012




Who Really Meets Our Needs? 

            My God will supply all your needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19, NASB. 

            The day looked gloomy to me. The financial pressure to pay my bills at school had mounted. I couldn’t really take a job that would strip away my time for studying and completing assignments. I went to our little dorm prayer meeting with a heavy heart. We prayed. 

            I forgot about it the next morning until I opened my mail box.  There were several letters, and a rather stuffed envelope with just my name on it. I opened it, thinking it might be a paper I’d written. In it, I found eighty-some dollars.  All it said, “To help with expenses.” 

            Next was a letter from my grandparents. Grandpa informed me he would be sending me fifty-dollars a month for as long as I was in school and I found the first check inside.

            Walking on air, I hurried home to tell my friends. In the hallway, Mike M. asked me, “Want a study job? Just sit there, watch, and do whatever else you need to do.” 

            Amazed, he gave me the address where I needed to fill out an application. 

            I kept that job for four years through my schooling. Grandpa kept the checks coming, and every once in a while someone added to the pile with a check or money-order seemingly out of nowhere. 

            I ate a lot of Kraft macaroni and cheese and hamburger without the trimmings those years, but God kept me afloat. He showed me that promise (above) from Philippians was as sure as my name on my paycheck. 


Prayer: God, I want to trust you about these problems I have with money, but I’m a little scared. Can you encourage me a bit today with something, some jolt that will renew my faith? Amen. 

            315 Words 

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