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How Worry Hinders the Effectiveness of our Prayers

Have you ever tried to pray while in the midst of worry?  It’s not pleasant.

Worry may sometimes motivate a person to pray, but it should not be the heart-position one routinely takes when going to God in prayer. 

Often, while praying from a position of worry, our prayers are very self-centered or world-focused (instead of God-centered).  Worry fixes our eyes on worldly circumstances and has a strong tendency to hold our eyes there; looking away from God.  When this happens, God becomes small as the circumstance centered in worry consumes our earthly minds.  The matter can become so consuming that it spins off additional worries.  This pattern can lead to physical diseases, mental breakdown, spiritual bondage, and even breaking of an ongoing relationship with God.

But the truth is that God is greater than any and all circumstances that can come our way!  He is faithful, trustworthy, and true in all ways!

God wants us to be honest about where our hearts are at.  If we’re worrying, we should confess to him that we aren’t seeing or thinking about him appropriately in context of the circumstance.  We can ask God to renew our understanding of His immensity, and then give us His view of all that is happening.  Finally, we can ask him how we should pray for His will to be done in and around the circumstance.

When we do this, some things begin to change:

  • God repositions our hearts to worship and see Him for who He truly is.
  • God helps us begin to see the matter from His perspective (instead of just our own).
  • God increases our trust and faith in Him.
  • God receives glory (instead of the circumstance or matter stealing it away).


Worry no longer needs to imprison our lives or prayers.  Jesus came to set captives free.  Let’s believe Him and allow Him to do so!

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Comment by Virtuous Lady on May 16, 2013 at 6:58pm

Amen enjoyed this posting

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