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The next day after Jesus had His triumphant entry into Jerusalem and had cleared the temple of those who were gouging the public with their sales and money changing, Jesus was going back to Jerusalem.

He and the disciples had gone to Bethany for the night and on their way back, Jesus got hungry. He saw a fig tree ahead and since it was a public domain type of tree, He thought He would eat a few figs from it.

When they got there were only leaves on the tree. Jesus looked at the big fig tree and said to it that it would no longer be able to bear fruit and it immediately withered. (By saying this Jesus indicated that the tree could still bear fruit by what He said.)

The disciple’s eyes dropped open like they had millstones attached to their eyelids. They said to Jesus, Whoa back up the fig tree destruction a minute and tell us why the tree withered in an instant.

Ok, He said, gather around the base of this tree and let me teach you a lesson about faith.

When they were all seated He told them that it took great faith to do this. Listen carefully, if you have faith and do not doubt you can also do what I have done to the tree. As a matter of belief you can say to a mountain to be removed from where it is and be deposited in a sea.

I am telling you clearly, that whatever you ask for in prayer and believe without doubt you will receive. For this to happen you will need great faith. This is a faith that forsakes all obstacles in God’s way so the prayer can be answered. When this is being done that the Father will answer.
So today, what is your obstacle to receiving answers to prayer?

Do you have a relationship that has gone bad? Then go to the person and apologize, even if they were almost all at fault and then come and bring your prayer to the Father.

Are you sick? Then set aside unhealthy eating practices and begin to exercise as you are able. Then ask the Father for health again.

Do you have a friend, relative or enemy who needs to come to Jesus? Then spend the time with the Father on a protracted basis for days and weeks and months and years until something happens.

Do you have a lousy work situation? Remove all the barriers and obstacles you can and at the same time pray persistently for Him to work.

Finally, the best way to remove barriers is to spend time in fasting and praying before the Lord on your face. When you are fasting ask Almighty God to show you what to do. As you are sacrificing this way your spirit is more open to His voice and purposes for your life.

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