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I’m going to be stirring myself with expectancy starting this Thursday, June 2, as I pray through the ten days before the Global Day of Prayer. I made a decision yesterday. I decided that I am going to really go after these prayers in the ten-day prayer guide as if I really expected them and as if I really, really yearned for God to fulfill them.

Of course, I’ve seen these same requests before. In fact, I wrote them myself in their present form. My resolution goes beyond knowing what is in the prayers. I’m going to stir myself to pray by locking my mind’s eye on what God desires to do in the days to come.

Earlier this week, I ran across Acts 1:14 in my regular reading. That’s where it says that the people in the upper room prayed with “one mind.” The Greek word behind the phrase, “one mind” is made up of two words: the word “homo-” which means “same,” and another word derived from “-thuo” from which we get the word “enthusiasm.” So the “one mind” idea is really all about sharing the same vision, zeal or passion with others.

So how do you get that? Well, Jesus had just talked to them about the kingdom of God. That’s got to be a factor. But they also just went for it by praying out loud together with an expectant focus on some awesome things that God had promised to do.

How do people come to share a common vision about what Christ will fulfill in their day? I don’t think there is any other way than to pray toward that vision. So I’m not going to wait until I feel the zeal to start praying. I’m going to pray no matter what I feel like. I may not pray all day but others will be praying when I’m not. It’s pretty huge to be praying along with hundreds of thousands, probably many millions of others.

So I’m going for it. Join me and many others. Use the prayer guide as a way to get started.

Yours in hope,

Steve Hawthorne

PS The ten days starts today, June 2 and goes through Saturday, June 11. The Global Day of Prayer is Pentecost Sunday, June 12.






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