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Beyond the Walls is a weekly email to help Christ followers move beyond the walls of their church buildings, homes, comfort zones, and culture to engage those we live among with the Gospel.

I love a good story!  Most of us do.  There is power in a story that is well told.  A story that moves us, inspires us, engages us, and challenges us.  That is why people couldn’t wait for Avengers: Endgame to be released.  That is why people on June 6 as they remembered D-Day reminisced about the first time they saw Saving Private Ryan and how the movie moved them.   We love great stories!
That is why one of the best ways to engage people in spiritual conversations is through stories.  Telling your story.  Listening to their story.  And most of all, telling them the greatest story of all…God’s Story.

Stories are great ice-breakers in a conversation.  Think about all the movies you have seen that have a spiritual theme throughout the movie that you could use as a springboard in a conversation. 

For example, I am a huge Rocky fan.  Those of you who have watched the Rocky series are well aware that one of the dominant themes in those movies is overcoming.  Overcoming your past, overcoming the lies you have bought into about yourself and life, overcoming what others think about you, overcoming your fears, etc. 

Sounds sort of like the Gospel, doesn’t it?  Our God wants us to live lives as “more than conquerors (Romans 8:37).  But we are all prisoners of sin with hearts captivated by this world and the lies of the Enemy.  That is why God sent His Son.  To rescue us from sin and death so we could experience life in relationship with Him.  So we could walk as overcomers over sin and death and Satan.

That is why it is so important that we develop relationships with those around us who do not yet know Christ.  Get to know them.  Get to know their stories.  And then introduce stories into their lives that they can relate to…stories that will give you an opportunity to speak the Gospel into their lives.

At The Rooftop, we have developed story videos of people from all walks of life that you can download to your phone and use in conversations.  You can access them at  Download the ones you like and when the Holy Spirit prompts you, tell your friend that you have a story you would like for them to watch.  Watch it with them on the spot or send it to them.  And then ask them what they thought.  It’s that simple. 

Never underestimate the power of story!  Over the next few weeks, we will look at how to tell our story, listen well to their stories, and most important, tell God’s Story – The Gospel!  

Until then, keep moving 'Beyond the Walls' building relationships and telling stories!

For the Fame of His Name!
John Whaley
National Pioneer, The Rooftop US

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