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Attempt at honest dialog by an old, non-police officer white guy.

One of the Civil Rights protest slogans is "No Justice No Peace."


That slogan has strong implications. When a peaceful Civil Rights protest is followed by rioting, it makes me wonder, “Has implication turned into action?”  The answer to that question affects my view of race in America.


There is no firm information as to who is responsible for these riots.  I still, in my heart, believe the riots are not caused by the Civil Rights Movement. But my gut is telling me be on guard in personal interracial encounters.


A person “on guard” will, by nature, display micro-aggression, at a minimum. I know this and I try to avoid that aura, but I’m not certain how well I hide my fear.


People of color are always “on guard.”  I understand. But I have to say, I, myself, sometimes feel micro-aggressed during personal interracial encounters.


I pray for those feelings to end for all.


Until a Divine solution on race is recognized by Americans, I have one suggestion.


This suggestion applies only to normal police activities.  In the current racially sensitive environment, have majority minority communities police patrolled only by minority police officers.  This would include ethnic officers, African-American and Latinx, assigned as appropriate, if necessary.  I know this is a racist idea, but in racist-America, at least such police assignments would provide better understanding between the police and the cultures they are serving.  None of the multitude of other racial problems are solved by this suggestion.  Just looking for a place to start.


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Comment by Malva Birch on June 4, 2020 at 11:29am

May God guide and give wisdom to us all in Jesus' Name, amen.

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