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Father, we acknowledge that the hearts of presidents, kings, and all leaders are in your hands.  You are the one who brings people into positions of leadership and you are the one who moves them out of these positions.  The times of nations are in your hands also.  You are sovereign over all.

Lord, what we see in our country disturbs us - the division, the self-centeredness, the moral drift, the challenges to the very foundations on which this country was built.  We see the ingratitude of those who take freedom for granted.  We see the selfishness and immaturity of those who protest an election outcome because they don't like the results.  We see leadership in turmoil.  We see our freedoms - religious and otherwise - being eroded, sometimes slowly and sometimes more quickly.

But Father, we often do not see the spiritual battles that underlie all this.  Please give us eyes to see our country as you see it - beyond the surface, beyond what we hear in the media - to see the spiritual realities.  And give us the will and the commitment to face those realities the only way they can be faced - in prayer.

Awaken your church to the need for prayer for America.  Jesus, teach us how to pray as you prayed, "not my will, but yours be done".  Forgive us when we have prayed our own agendas, bringing you the answers borne out of our own "wisdom" rather than seeking the wisdom of your answers. Cleanse us from the need to be right. Fix our eyes, our minds, our hearts on things above as we pray, so that the ultimate aim of our praying will be your honor and glory in our country and around the world.

Please give our leaders - the current leadership, the incoming leadership, and the outgoing leadership - wisdom in all the decisions they need to make. Reconcile them one to another and enable them to work together for a smooth transition. Give wisdom to Mr. Trump and his team in selecting advisors and people for positions of leadership. We trusted you to raise up the right leadership through the elections; now we trust you in the same way to raise up the right leadership through the appointment process.

Grant Mr. Trump and his team favor in the eyes of the world - not for their own sake, but for your sake - so that you may once again use this country to further your purposes in the world. Build positive relationships with other world leaders.  Build understanding and a spirit of cooperation.

Heal the divisions in our land, Father.  Call your people to humble prayer and to seek your face so that you bring this kind of healing.  Thwart the enemy's attempts to bring division and to increase hatred and strife.  Discredit those who have made it their aim to promote this division and instead raise up others who can bring reconciliation, understanding, and healing.

Father, there is much that we don't know about how our government works behind the scenes - much that is hidden from us, both intentionally and unintentionally.  But nothing is hidden from your sight.  Cleanse our government, Lord God - purify motives, bring repentance for sin, humble those who have raised themselves up in pride and power.  Bring to light the deeds done in darkness so that your truth may be known.

Please restore our country, Lord - bless this nation so that we in turn may be a blessing to the world. Cause us to take seriously the accountability we have for all of the ways in which you have already blessed us.  May your name be honored both in this time of transition and going forward.


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