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Many years ago my parent's church began a 24 hour Prayer Room. I heard some powerful testimonies of what God did through this ministry. I was also blessed to see things God did in the lives of my family members and others I knew who participated.

Many of you are familiar with churches that have 24 hour prayer rooms. Some were large enough we may began that they did not have too much trouble filling the hours. Others went out on faith trusting God to help them fill the 168 prayer slots each week.

Churches appoint someone to organize and administer this ministry. They set aside a room usually with an outside entrance. And they invite and recruit people to sign up for specific prayer times. My parent's church encouraged people to have a prayer partner who signed up to pray with them each week. These churches place prayer requests and possibly a church roll in the room for people pray through. My parent's church put a telephone in the room and publicized the number for people to call to pray with someone 24 hours a day seven days a week.  

My nephew, Trent Young, was a very young man when they started the prayer room. And it had a profound effect upon his life. He wrote me this about the prayer room.

“I usually went in the after-midnight hours because I worked late, and these were always open. I was scared to death someone would call. But hardly anyone ever did. I spent a little time praying over requests. I mostly praised God and spent time with Him.

“I put in two or three hours there a couple of nights a week. I don't know why praying in the prayer room was more important than praying at home, but it seemed to be. My prayer life developed during this time. It was non-existent before.

“The regiment, the scheduled length of time and the accountability was helpful in training me to pray and developing my relationship with God. Everyone seems to think that one has to have a prayer life before joining a prayer room or even a prayer group. But I think the opposite. I think these are the schools that God uses to develop our prayer life.”

Max Alexander, one of the pastors of my parent’s church when they were starting the prayer time, told me they faced more spiritual attack at that time than he had ever seen in his life. But they seemed to have more victory in people’s lives than they had ever seen. God will bless a church that is this serious about prayer.

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Comment by David Young on December 5, 2017 at 5:52pm

Sounds intriguing, Malva.

Comment by Malva Birch on December 5, 2017 at 9:59am

Dave, I've just finished reading the book "David's Tent: Jesus is worthy of a nation's praise" by Jason Hershey. Although this is about praying in a tent at the Capitol and not a church, it is such an encouraging book for 24/7 prayer for others.

The description of the book says:

"Did you know that the most successful governmental administration in the history of the world had, at its center, a tent where worship songs went up to God 24/7/365? It was David's Tabernacle in Jerusalem three thousand years ago. This is the story of that tabernacle, and the testimony of how God Himself has brought back this type of public expression in the heart of Washington, D.C. David's Tent is a book filled with invitation and hope for the nation and the world to gather around the throne of Jesus and do as David did in Jerusalem. It puts forth the dream of what it might look like to have Jesus as the center of all things, from the heart of each individual to the national level. It is a call to Christians everywhere to give their lives joyfully as an offering to Jesus, simply because He's worth it!"

The lives of people who went to this prayer space in DC were changed forever. The author also writes that the middle of the night's hours were often the best prayer time, because God doesn't sleep.


The nearest 24 hour prayer line we have here is in Sacramento at Calvary Christian Center 800 299 0593. Very few churches have 24/7 prayer available. We have to petition the Lord for more.


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