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On Letting Holy Grass Grow Under My Feet

I’m an action-oriented person. I like to make things happen and get things done.

God knows this about me, of course. But it doesn’t seem to influence Him much in the way He orders my life. For instance, God currently has me in another season of transition.  He’s moving me out of one thing and into another—but the problem is, He hasn’t let me know yet into what! I am eager to know “the next thing.” I’m ready for Him to give me my marching orders. I want to get started already! Time’s a…


Added by Cynthia Bezek on August 15, 2012 at 10:54pm — 3 Comments

So Easy, a Child Could Do It

Actually, my title is misleading. When it comes to prayer, children much more often seem to “get it” better than adults do. When it comes to prayer, we would probably be more accurate to say, “So easy, an adult can do it.” But I’m only a few sentences in and I’m swerving off topic already. Let me get to my point.

This summer my church’s prayer ministry is teaching a series on prayer in children’s church. We’re teaching the kids everything from the basics (prayer equals relationship…


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Foul Play

The enemy plays unfair. He tempts you with a thought, and then condemns you for having it! I’ve been the target of that cruel strategy far too often—as most of us probably have. We know that God says, “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” But somehow it’s seems easier to believe Satan’s accusation, “You are nothing but a sinner. Always have been always will be. You’ll never change, you’ll never overcome your sin. So why bother…


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Lord, Have Mercy

While fires raged in my beautiful city of Colorado Springs yesterday, I was at my late husband’s mother’s funeral in New York State. In the Orthodox tradition, the 90-minute service included many chanted prayers and Scripture readings. By far the most frequently sung words were, “Lord, have mercy.” They were chanted in hauntingly beautiful tones that resonated in my heart for the rest of the day and into the night.

Late last night I watched in disbelief as Internet media sources…


Added by Cynthia Bezek on June 27, 2012 at 8:05am — 1 Comment

Listening to God for Others

I visited a friend’s church this past weekend and was blessed. Literally. What I mean is, my friend wanted me to meet her pastor and his wife, so she introduced me after the service. After the usual exchange of greetings, Pastor Mike asked if he, Cindy his wife, and my friend could bless me. Well, I’m never one to pass up an opportunity to be blessed, so of course I said yes.

The three of them laid hands on me then Mike began. “Lord, we’d like to bless Cynthia today. Is there anything…


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Giving God the Desires of HIS Heart

I often hear folks asking God for the things He promises—provision, peace, health, and safety, and the like. I do it myself, and why not?  I’m His child, and He is a good Father, so He gladly concerns Himself with the things that concern me. So if the issue on my heart is something I know that He does and wants to do, then I generally ask Him to do it.

But there is another side to praying according to God’s will: As much as God loves to take care of us, it’s not all about us.…


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Testing God


It’s relatively easy for me to begin praying with faith and gusto for something huge, even something “impossible.” It’s not so easy for me, however, to maintain that faith and gusto when God doesn’t seem to be doing anything in response to my prayers.

I have several requests that have been on my prayer list for years. Rather, I should say they have been on and off my prayer list for years because, honestly, my enthusiasm for praying about them ebbs and flows.



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The Risk of Hearing Wrong

A friend emailed me recently, concerned because she wonders if she heard God wrong. I won’t go into specifics because hers is a very common concern among people learning to listen to God. It’s one I also experienced when I was first starting out in my two-way conversations with God. The dangers of hearing wrong seem huge:

  • We could fool ourselves into hearing what we want to hear, which sets us up for disappointment or confusion
  • We could hear something that leads us down…

Added by Cynthia Bezek on May 30, 2012 at 11:08pm — 2 Comments

Never, Always, and Other Faith-Bashing Ideas

Some time ago, I heard someone describe a deeply painful personal situation. He shared his story in matter-of-fact tones, describing what was, what is, and, what in his mind, always will be. Day after painful day, nothing changed. Experts had weighed in: improvement is out of the question; to hope for it is a set-up for disappointment. It will never get better, it will always be like this. So in his discouraged thinking, coping and surviving are the best he can hope for.

My heart has…


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Hey, Brother, Can You Spare Some Faith?

Sometimes I seem to have more faith to pray for other people’s situations than I do for my own. Their “giants” seem smaller than mine. I can pray for their needs longer without being tempted to give up. I can envision miracles more easily in their circumstances than in mine. I know it doesn’t make much sense, but that’s just how it is.

A while ago, God put it on my heart to pray with unusual (for me, it was unusual) faith for a friend’s rather large burden. I am pretty sure…


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Passive Praying?

Passive Prayer?

A reader posted an interesting question on my blog last week. “When you pray ‘Your kingdom come, Your will be done,’ is whatever happens then God’s will, and our part is to submit to His apparent will?” she wanted to know. “Or is it more like, ‘Here I am, send me?’ Is that a passive prayer of acceptance, or an active prayer of ‘Sign me up!’?”

My reader’s question is a bit tough to address because of course I believe in submitting to God’s will and accepting His…


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What Does Spite Look Like?

I was talking with God recently about a person who had offended me. The offense was not deeply wounding—my toes had been stepped on and there was some money involved, but really, it wasn’t a big deal. I kept telling myself that: This is not a big deal.

But then if it wasn’t a big deal, how come I couldn’t stop thinking about it?

Eventually, when the offense kept nagging at me, I reluctantly decided to pray about it. “Reluctantly,” I say, because I was embarrassed that…


Added by Cynthia Bezek on April 18, 2012 at 11:10pm — 1 Comment

Grieving and Groaning with God

It’s hard to feel Christ’s peace and to act with His grace when the environment you’re in is full of negativity and contention. At least it’s hard for me. I recently spent a few days in that kind of relational setting, and it left me feeling like a spiritual failure. Instead of bringing light to the darkness, as I had prayed ahead of time to do, I felt as if the darkness sucked me in. I tried to pray, but my prayers only seemed to ricochet off the ceiling. God seemed a trillion miles…


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Love to pray, but not very often?

Those of us who love to pray may not find it hard to make time or find motivation to talk with God. But how do we encourage people around us who still struggle with those issues? My recent interview with Diana Kay of “Author’s Beat” explored those issues. Take a few minutes to check it out >>> …

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The "Revelation" Format for Corporate Prayer

On a couple of occasions recently I've been called to lead a time of corporate prayer for ministries I'm involved in that face some real challenges. Of course I asked God how He wanted the prayer times to be led—and He gave me a picture. In my mind's eye, I saw Jesus, similar to how He is described in Revelation 1, walking among these ministries. He was talking to us, sometimes smiling, putting a hand warmly on a shoulder, sometimes looking serious and concerned.

Continuing my…


Added by Cynthia Bezek on January 24, 2012 at 6:37pm — 4 Comments

The Perfect Gift for Everyone on My Christmas List

Please don’t hate me, but I’m one of those people who likes to get her Christmas shopping done early. Don’t think I’m trying to be virtuous, though—I just tend to be cranky in crowds and nobody wants to be around a Scrooge!

So, daily for a couple of weeks now, I’ve been regularly adding to and consulting a list of names of friends and family I want to give gifts to. As I think of possibilities, I write them next to the person’s name. When I actually buy the gift, I cross that entry…


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Prayer Texting

Until very recently I haven't been very excited about texting. But that's changed. A few weeks ago NavPress was offered the opportunity to turn prayer cards, scriptures from The Message, material from archived Pray! and Discipleship Journal articles, and other NavPress resources into inspirational Christian text message subscriptions. Even I, a Luddite (if you don't know who the Luddites were, check them out at…


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Our Daily Bread

My pastor is preaching through the Lord's Prayer this month. As he spoke about "Give us this day our daily bread" this past week, he pointed out that the pronoun is plural. Even if we eat alone--which I usually do--we are not truly alone. There have been many people--farmers, truckers, millers, bakers, packagers, supermarket clerks--who have contributed to my morning bagel. So when I pray "Give us this day our daily bread" I am praying a prayer that not only supplies me with food, but also… Continue

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God in the Details

Some people seem surprised when I tell them that I did not come out of the chute praying. But it’s true. I do not have a spiritual gift for prayer and intercession. I’m just a very ordinary Christian who has a desperate need for genuine, personal relationship with God—a longing that has continued to propel me along in my journey in prayer. Much of what I write,…


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On Not Being Mastered by Technology

I’m usually among the last people to embrace any sort of new technology. In the 80s, my husband had to practically pry my old Smith Corona typewriter out of my grasping hands in order to introduce me to—I admit now—the far better world of computer-based word processing. I had no need for email, I protested a few years later—what was wrong with good old fashioned letters? Cell phone? Who needs that? Do I really want to take calls in the restroom, like I’d heard other people doing? I didn’t sign… Continue

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