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PTAP - Pray for Open Doors & closing Doors

God calls us to pray for the government leaders around us. Please pray for the kings, princes, sheiks, emirs and presidents of the AP that God will give them wisdom and guidance. Pray that each of them will have the chance to hear the Gospel.

Pray that with all the extremists in the region that many people will get disillusioned with their religion and that they will search for the Prince of Peace.



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PTAP: Taken Captive by the Devil

For many believers, churches, denominations, and missions organizations prayer has been lost. The Apostle Paul says: "Pray without ceasing," or "Pray continually," or "Never stop praying."

The devil has been taking people captive to do his will (2 Timothy 2:26) since the fall of man. The land and kingdoms of this earth are controlled by him (Matthew 4:8-9). As we…


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PTAP: Family Influence

Pray that God will guide the new king of Saudi Arabia in whatever he does.

Please pray for those who have clearly heard the Truth but are still counting the cost of following Jesus Christ in the A.P. Pray they will not harden their hearts but will surrender to His irresistible love. Pray in particular for "Hamad" who fears that his wife will divorce him if he makes the decision to give his life to Christ.

Please pray for groups of young people who are studying the…

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10,000 Bags of Gold

Jesus tells Peter that we should forgive people 7 x 70 times, then he teaches about a servant that owed 10,000 bags of gold. This servant could never repay the debt he owned, that was the point of the story, we owe way too much to God and we cannot pay it back. We need mercy and forgiveness. Thank God for the forgiveness we walk in as believers in Jesus. But Jesus also calls us to be givers of forgiveness. The servant who owed 10,000 bags of gold would not forgive another servant for 100…


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Why pray for the desert tribes?

The news is filled with stories of people from the Arabian Peninsula who have developed a reputation as terrorists. Some would call them enemies.


Jesus commanded us to pray for our enemies. To pray for our enemies is to pray for them the way Jesus did: to pray that they would find forgiveness as they repent and discover the mercies that are new every morning in the Messiah.


The Messiah did not die in a way that seemed noble. But His nobility was vindicated…


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Winter Joys

Thousands of villages dot the mountains in an Arabian country. A young man from one of them heard about the Book from a city friend who came to visit him on holiday. The lad began to read it, even traveling to the city with questions. Pray that he will think about the answers he received. Pray that he will continue to read the Book…

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Freely you received, Freely give!!

As you go, proclaim this message: 'The kingdom of heaven has come' Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give. Matthew 10:7-8

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Sultan's Testimony

"Sultan" acknowledges Jesus as his Lord and also follows His commandments however he has been financially abused by his neighbors and now struggles to love them. He doesn't have a Christian counselor to help him through the trauma that happened a while ago. He does not even have a believing community in which he can receive encouragement…

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Prayer is Work

Prayer is hard work. Not because you get paid for it, but because of the effort required to set aside all other priorities and focus on the Kingdom Agenda at hand. It may seem more boring than a board meeting, but that would only because your board (you, any angels or friends you may invite) have lost sight of the vision or have displaced the Chairman of the Board of prayer: Jesus. Wiithout Jesus chairing the meeting and the Holy Spirit leading the discussion, you are bound to accomplish…


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Letter to the Saints in Arabia

Dear brothers & sisters in the Arabian Peninsula,

I wish I could be there with you because I wish to share in some small way in the celebration and seeking aking place in the region.  While I have a deep burden for the land there and have spent myself for our cousins locally, I am not a leader of any work, but the least servant of all. Yet I venture to share a word that has been regularly bubbling up within my heart.  I have shared it with others and they have been encouraged,…


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