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When God Does Not Answer Immediately

Have you ever asked God for something and received no immediate answer? Saul asked God for counsel but God, “did not answer him that day” (1 Samuel 14:37). In many Seminary classrooms and in conferences too numerous to count, I have taught that there is no such thing as unanswered prayer for believers. Sometimes God says “yes,” sometimes “no,” occasionally “wait,” perhaps “how about this” (when the answer is different from the request), maybe even “you’ve got to be joking.” But there is no such… Continue

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Standing in Need of (Saturday Night) Prayer

Pastors need the intercessory prayer of their people, perhaps never more strongly than on Saturday night.  I don’t know how it is at your church, but the folks who hear me preach on Sunday mornings, seldom hear a sermon preached on a full night’s sleep. Saturday nights are filled with off-and-on sleep mixed with human anxieties, emotional roller coaster feelings, Satan motivated questions and doubts, worries about physical inadequacies.  For me, sleep only returns…


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Why so Many Intercessors?

Why does one seek ever increasing numbers of persons to pray on their behalf? Do we think that by getting our prayer request listed on as many prayer lists as possible and sharing it via social networks with folks we hardly know, the sheer numbers will impress God and thus win favor and produce a positive response? God is no more impressed with our numbers than He was with the efforts of many people to build a tower in His honor at Babel (Genesis 11:1-9). While God did respond to the prayers of… Continue

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Praying for Rain

With over a million acres charred by wind-swept wild fires, the state’s governor has asked Texans to pray for rain. Is it right to pray for rain? While it needs no political personality to make the call, praying for rain is biblical. Elijah prayed for rain and God sent rain (James 5:17-18). The Psalmist implied we should make the desires of our heart known to God (Ps. 37:4). The writer of Hebrews suggested that we could go “boldly to the throne of grace” (Heb. 4:16). While it is true that God… Continue

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Keep on Praying

For twenty-two years, my annual assignment at Southwestern Seminary was to coordinate the training and placement of approximately 100 Seminary student, hope-to-be preachers into small churches located outside of the Bible-belt for the purpose of conducting spring-break revival meetings. The most difficult part was not the training of the students; it was knowing where to place them. So I fasted, prayed and read the Bible, sometimes for several days, waiting on God to give me a “Go” word, before… Continue

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Things of the Heart

Today is Valentine’s Day – a day to think about things of the heart. We speak of loving someone “with all our heart.” Hallmark will make several million dollars selling cards with hearts on them. Many floral arrangement with include hearts along with the flowers. Some of us broke teeth on candy hearts given to us by friends, with cute sayings on them such as “Luv U.” Long ago Valentine’s Day was named after an early Christian martyr, Saint Valentine, and was established by Pope Gelasius I in… Continue

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Praying in Sleepless Weakness

It was one of those Saturday nights. The events of the week had created a scenario wherein my body was too tired and weak to sleep. Nor was my mind in very good shape either. I tossed and I turned but I did not sleep. To make matters worse, I had to preach twice the next morning. I kept praying to God that I really needed to sleep so I could be at my best on Sunday morning – for God’s glory of course. Still no sleep. My prayer slowly evolved to a request to be clear and focused in spite of the… Continue

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Facebook Praying: Goals and Resolutions

Long ago I stopped making New Year’s resolutions, serious ones at least. Then two years ago, my teenage granddaughter challenged me to “get with it and get on Facebook.” I saw little value in some toy created by a Harvard Sophomore, but I agreed to do so as a New Year’s resolution. I had also set an earlier goal to spend more time praying for friends. The Bible says, “The Lord restored the fortunes of Job when he prayed for his friends” (Job 42:10 NAS). I certainly had no fortunes needing… Continue

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Christmas Forever Changed

It was in a tiny church in a tiny German town. Thirty-five tourists, looking for a place to pray, happened upon a small group of German Christians rehearsing their Christmas music. Seated on hard wooden pews, in a chapel that seated maybe fifty worshippers, we listened, few of us understanding the words, but all of us recognizing the tunes. Christmas tunes came from a long-used guitar. Christmas words flowed from untrained, but sincere voices. Then came the very familiar. The original…


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While not a biblical word, “travail” is a biblical idea. The first known usage of the word was in the 13th century and it described work of a painful or laborious nature. Synonyms were agony, torment, distress, tribulation, woe.…


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A Little-Celebrarted Special Day

The coming week contains a very special day and it is not Halloween. October 30 is National Forgiveness Day. Begun in 1998, some attempts were made to change the name to Global Forgiveness Day and there are those…


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Watching and Waiting

There is a difference in watching “for” and watching “with”. Most of the time we are watching “for” God to reply, respond, act, etc. In the midst of Gethsemane grief, Jesus asked His disciples to “watch with” Him (Matthew 26:40). Unable to do so, they opted instead for a few moments of sleep, watching and…


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Called to Worship

Called to Worship

What does it mean to be “called to worship?” Following a week to be forgotten, a pastor stepped to the pulpit at the beginning of the Sunday worship service and proclaimed, “I’ve had a terrible week and I don’t feel like calling you to worship, so why don’t you call yourselves to worship.” After a stunned silence, someone shared a…


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"When Your Prayers are Unanswered"

“Why didn’t God answer my prayer?” That was the question posed by the new Christian, although the question is not unique to new Christians. First of all, there is no such thing as unanswered prayer, in spite of the old hymn text by B.B. McKinney. Sometimes, God says “No” or “Wait” but those are answers. When it seems God is not answering we tend to look for reasons. We blame God –…


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Fuel for the Journey

Fuel for the Journey

July 5th, 2010 by Dr. Dan

What fuels your day-to-day Christian life? Theological understanding? Trendy spirituality?

Hyper-active servanthood? One of the most interesting Bible studies is to pose this question to what is written about the day-to-day Jesus. Especially…


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