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Praying for Planters

I first met Jim Essian when he played 3rd base for the Fort Worth Cats minor league baseball team and I worked with the team Chaplain. I next met him years later as he was starting a church in downtown Fort Worth. Many church plants don’t make it seven years, but many are not started by guys who hustle on every play, don’t mind getting their uniform dirty, and play every game to win. In seven years, Jim’s church plant has baptized over 200 people, planted another church down the road,…


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A Lost Christmas Word

Here’s a Christmas word for you. The oft-read “Christmas Story” from Luke 2, contains a wonderful word, largely a lost word in our vocabulary – “ponder – “to consider something deeply and thoroughly; to meditate; to weigh carefully in the mind; to consider thoughtfully.” “Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart” (Luke 2:19). One of God’s greatest gifts is the gift of memory. In fact, much of our Christmas observance is spent remembering, pondering. And pondering has a…


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Prayer and More

Prayer and More

Every time there is a mass shooting in a church, someone asks me if it causes me to re-live the emotions of September 15, 1999 at Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth – my home church – where a lone gunman entered a “See You at the Pole” Rally with two guns, two hundred rounds of ammunition, and a home-made pipe bomb. Before he took his own life, he killed seven people, wounded seven others, and traumatized…


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A Pastor Appreciation Prayer

October is Pastor Appreciation Month.  As we…

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Pray for Las Vegas and More

We sat in the airport awaiting our flight and watched as people boarded the flight at the adjacent gate - Allegiant Airlines flight 417, non-stop to Las Vegas. They were mostly happy people, headed for a holiday weekend or a vacation. Many no doubt planning to visit a few casinos, perhaps take in a few shows. We laughed at some as they gathered all their belongings and tried to carry on more than was allowed. We grieved with one who arrived five minutes after the door was shut. A little more…


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A Prayer Meeting Surrender

Fifty years ago, this month I began a six-year tenure serving as the Baptist Student Minister and Bible Instructor at Pan American University. Next week I am speaking five times in three days to students at the same University (now called The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley).  In preparation for these presentations, I journeyed back in time.  One clear memory was the day I ran out of Seminary momentum.  This was my first ministry assignment…


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United Prayer of the Nations

Last week I participated in the North American Prayer Summit in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada (the oldest and most easterly city in North America). Prayer leaders from North American countries, especially Canada, U.S. and Mexico met for four days to share reports and pray for their continent. It made me wonder about the possibility of believers from North and South Korea joining in prayer for their peninsula. It may well be logistically impossible but with today’s technology, surely…


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When God Says No

When we get that for which we pray, we say God answered our prayer.  When we fail to get that for which we pray, we say, God didn’t answer our prayer.  Is it possible that God answered your prayer by saying, “no?”  When some would-be followers of Jesus requested to first bury their father, the answer was, “no” (Luke 9:57-62).  When a mother requested of Jesus to let her sons sit in places of prominence in the kingdom, the answer was “no” (Matthew 20:20-23).  When Jesus asked the Father to…


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Pray on the Armor or Refrain from Removing It?

I have a question for those who speak of “praying on the armor every morning.”  Why did you take it off the night before?  I know.  You say you can’t sleep with all that armor on.  The Roman soldiers did, especially when they thought the enemy was near.  The analogy to spiritual warfare and the “armor of God” is in Ephesians 6:10-20, and it is a reference to the Roman soldiers being ready to protect themselves from the enemy.  In all probability Paul was in prison when he wrote Ephesians,…


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Prayer Sent Where?

I saw it again last week. Someone posted on social media, “We are in need of prayers sent our way.” I’ve written about this before, but it keeps reoccurring, apparently from folks who understand their need for prayer, but don’t understand prayer. The Bible is clear that all prayer is to be offered to the Father, to and in the name of the Son, in, with, and through the Holy Spirit. Consider the following scripture passages: “When you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door,…


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Praying as You Journey to the Destination

As we were landing recently, the airplane’s Captain came on the intercom and said, "We know you have a choice in airlines, and we want to thank you for flying Delta Connection... excuse me, American Eagle."  My first serious thought following this gaffe was, while it is good to know your destination, it is likewise good to know some details about the journey. I was fortunate to be raised by a pastor-father, and a missions-called-mother, who not only made sure I was ultimately headed to…


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Praying Pastors Wives – Continued

Last week I shared about the broken second vertebra of my neck during the teenage years and the many answered prayers of Pastors wives during the course of my nine month healing. Since the bones were not healing at the four month mark, surgery was scheduled in which my neck bones were to be wired together, making future turning of my neck impossible. I resisted this, primarily because it would signal the end of my athletic aspirations. One week before the surgery, a plaster body cast was…


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Praying Pastors Wives

When I was a teenager, my father was Pastor of a church in Houston, Texas and my mother was President of a city-wide Pastor Wives organization.  On a cold-December night I lay in an Emergency Room with a broken second vertebra of the neck, hearing doctors saying it was a miracle I was alive, and not paralyzed. That’s when my mother sprang into action.  On the social media of the day, my mother placed phone calls to several Pastor wives, who in turn called several others, and the prayer chain…


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Responding to Prayer Requests

The more social media responses I read of people responding to prayer requests, the more I realize how much we have failed in teaching people about prayer.  When Bible Schools and Seminaries opt not to teach prayer in their curriculum, assuming that students already know how to pray and how to lead others to pray, they graduate ministers who are weak in prayer, who in turn are unable to teach or lead believers how to pray, and thus folks know not how to even respond to the prayer requests of…


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Ere You Left Your Room Christmas Morning

I often wake up with a hymn or chorus on my mind. I awoke Christmas morning with the words of an old hymn, “Ere you left your room this morning, did you think to pray?”   It may have been motivated by a cartoon by my friend Joe McKeever, in which Mary and Joseph are around the manger with Mary holding the baby Jesus, and Joseph exclaiming, “Let’s stop, Honey, and thank God for Jesus.”  It caused me to wonder if anyone prayed at the manger. After the shepherd’s had seen Jesus, they returned,…


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Serious Praying

Is the majority of prayer that you hear serious prayer or simply the repeating of well-worn prayer phrases and ideas?  Are pray-ers giving serious thought to the wording of their prayers? For instance, if you are talking with me you don’t need to use my name at the beginning and end of every sentence.  So why do pray-ers use God’s name in this fashion?  Again, how much of modern prayer could be classified as “vain repetition” (Matthew 6:7) like that used by the heathen in Jesus’ day? “Asking…


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Pastor Appreciation Month – Again About Prayer

I’ve written at least once each year about appreciating pastors, usually during October, which is Pastor Appreciation Month. Because God called, “Some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers” (Ephesians 4:11), they deserve a special time of appreciation. For the first time in over twenty years, I have a new pastor. When his name was shared with our church, I did not know him, but within a few days I discovered that I knew people who knew him: a former…


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Why Pray for Those in Authority?

While Paul’s instructions are to pray for “those in authority” (1 Timothy 2:1-2), and he specifies praying for “kings” the obvious application is anyone who is in any position of authority over us – President, Congress, Supreme Court, Governor, Senators & Representatives, County, Parish and Local Officials, and Law Enforcement Officers. The benefit of such prayer is that through their wise rule, and under their protection, we might have “a quiet and peaceable life.” Christians are to be…


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Re-painted and Revived

Last week I was on the Island of Roatan, a part of Honduras. It is an island of beautiful colored houses and buildings. When asked about the colors, my guide said everyone who can afford it re-paints their house or place of business every year. It is not only a way to resist the elements of the wind and salt water, but a way to show pride in what they have. This idea was also displayed on the front wall of the auditorium of the oldest church on the island, a church that was the only…


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Is #18 in Sight Yet?

The struggle began again this week; worse than which club to use on a difficult golf shot. Back pain! MRI showed arthritis and muscle spasms. Return to Physical Therapy and the therapy pool. Once again I heard the two voices battling in my head. One reminded me it had been nine years since I retired, “from a position, but not from a calling.” The voice continued, “You’ve carried too much heavy luggage to too many places, traveled in too many tight airline seats for too many miles, slept on…


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