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December 2014 Blog Posts (26)


Have you considered determining some things to commit to pray for all year? I have written in earlier blogs about committing to long term prayers. Doing this helps us get our spiritual teeth into more consequential matters. This kind of praying excludes the trivial. You will not be tempted at the beginning of a year to pray for a better parking place at the donut shop. You will have to think about, possibly struggle in prayer…


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Audience with the King

“More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.” (Alfred, Lord Tennyson)


There’s plenty about life that can disturb us—dreary overcast Mondays, post-holiday depression, anxiety about what the new year may bring, health concerns, family squabbles, moral dilemmas. But we will not disintegrate emotionally if we habitually share with our Father what bothers us. Scripture reassures us we can give all our worries and cares to God, since He…


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Singing drives back enemy forces, they hate worship.

Lord Jesus Christ (Adonai Yeshua Messiah) showed a daily system which many miss. He spent time in prayer, slept, took action and reflected. Although we don't see Him sing, we see the affects of singing. Dick Eastman emphasizes at the Jericho Center, prayer and worship go hand in hand. All the stories in the Bible are about believers taking action, some with the wrong timing. When there is an opportunity, we are to take action, at times it may be the wrong time for success and we are to learn…


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What is Your Response to the Birth of Jesus?

Let’s look at the response of Mary, the shepherds and the Wisemen to the birth of Jesus and then look at our own response as we have celebrated His birth.

When the angel said to Mary, “Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God. You will be with child and give birth to a son,…


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Christmas Truce

One hundred years ago today, on Christmas Eve, the World War I Christmas truce occurred. The respite in fighting happened in the unlikely setting of mud, cold rain, and senseless killing. It took place despite orders by superiors. It took place despite language barriers. If only for a few hours, sworn enemies became temporary friends.


World War I had been raging for only four months, but it was turning out to be one of the bloodiest wars in history. Soldiers on both sides…


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Like many of you, we have been listening to a radio station that plays only Christmas music this time of year. One afternoon I sat down to listen for a while. For five or six songs in a row they played only “secular” Christmas songs. There are a wide variety of them from Jingle Bells and Chestnuts Roasting Over An Open Fire to Santa Baby and Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer. As I sat there I began to wonder if the holiday had not been turned back to…


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Story of the Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree, the greatest symbol of Christmas is an evergreen tree, representing life. The custom of erecting a Christmas tree can be historically traced to 15th century. “The tree was traditionally decorated with edibles such as apples, nuts, or other foods. In the 18th century, it began to be illuminated by candles, which were ultimately replaced by…


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Like many American families our siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews are scattered across the country. We count ourselves fortunate if we see each other once a year. For about ten years we have been doing something to help bring us a little closer. Mostly at the initiation of my wife and sister we have all purchased (or received as a gift) the same daily devotional book to read through…


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Envisioning the Invisible God

“Instead of complaining that God had hidden Himself, you will give Him thanks for having revealed so much of Himself.” (Pascal, Pensees, 1670)


Reverencing Christ, we begin to comprehend God’s gracious personality. Jesus perfectly represents His Father, personifying love in His life. Observing Christ, we see God’s likeness.


Submitting to our Sovereign, we experience God’s infinite goodness. Believing God engineers our lives…


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Will Next Year Be Any Better?

“Our notion of an optimist is a man who, knowing that each year was worse than the preceding, thinks next year will be better. And a pessimist is a man who knows the next year can’t be any worse than the last one.”  (Franklin Adams, 1944)


An end-of-the-year USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll reveals that 70% of people surveyed are dissatisfied with how things are going in America today. Only 49% predict 2015 will be better—the first time in a quarter center that…


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The Full Presence of God - In Remembrance of T.W. Hunt

I was new on the Seminary faculty.  He had been around awhile. I was honored that he and his wife invited my wife and I to their home for dinner. The meal was delicious and the fellowship around the table was even better.  Then he said he wanted to show me something.  Down the hall we went into what was originally designed to be a middle bedroom.  As we entered the room he said, “This is my prayer room.” In the room there was only a kneeling bench – an old pulpit that some students had cut…


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The heart of mankind longs for justice. I believe this longing is born in us. Have you ever noticed how quick children are to cry, Unfair?

These are certainly days that cause us to cry out for justice on every hand. And I believe injustices ought to anger us when we see them. I don’t believe God is necessarily put off by angry prayers for justice. I could site the deprecatory Psalms where the psalmists cry out for such things as the heads of the wicked enemy’s babies to be dashed…


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A Christmas Gift for your Grandchildren

Recently, I was encouraged when a friend shared with me how God was answering the prayers she was praying for her grandchild. I am always encouraged to hear how God is answering a grandparent’s prayer for their grandchildren. Many of us have long distance grandchildren and miss involvement in their lives. However, God has given us the gift of prayer so we have opportunity to always pray for them.

The greatest gift we can give our grandchildren is the…


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Be Careful!

“No one tests the depths of a river with both feet.” (Ashanti Proverb)


Knowing life could be dangerous and being concerned for our welfare, our parents advised us to be careful. From God’s omniscient perspective, aware that invisible forces are ready to attack when our guard is down, our Heavenly Father warns us to be careful.


Drifting on life’s sea can lead to moral shipwreck. A tumbleweed in circumstantial winds entangles in embarrassing…


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What to Pray For

What%20to%20Pray%20For%20-%20John%20Piper.pdfI recently stumbled on this short article by John Piper,

not sure if anyone has already shown it, but it is very good,

and is attached.

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Searching for Good News

“Nowadays truth is the greatest news.” (Thomas Fuller, 1732)


Scanning today’s headlines, it’s difficult to discover any good news. In the Philippines, at least 21 are dead and 1,000 homes have been destroyed by Typhoon Hagupit. In Iraq, Kurds are in a stalemate battling the Islamic State militants. In Abu Dhabi, a monstrous killer stabbed to death a kindergarten teacher. In Afghanistan, a thousand additional U.S. troops will remain in response to increased Taliban…


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Hearts on Fire in Prayer for the Lost

Christ’s power to save, and save completely, depends on His unceasing intercession. The apostles’ withdrawal of themselves from other work to give themselves continually to prayer was followed by the number of the disciples multiplying exceedingly. As we, in our day, give ourselves to intercession, we will have more and mightier conversions. Let us plead for this.” Andrew…


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Fire in the Night In Your City

“Your city is God’s city. The people are made in His image. Satan is an invader and a usurper operating in our territory. God did not give demons authority over your city. Demons have infested the earth’s atmosphere since before the creation of mankind, but they can only extend their authority into a town or an institution when people sin. When you look into the history of your city, you will find clues as to what is oppressing the people today. This is…

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Most of us are leery of praying for patience. We are familiar with the story of a lady asking D.L Moody to pray for her to have patience. The great evangelist bowed onto one knee and began praying for the woman to undergo tribulation. Discomfited, she tapped him on the shoulder and said she needed patience not tribulation. He then rose and showed her Romans 5:3 where Paul, by the Holy Spirit, tells us that tribulation develops patience or patient…


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When You Can't Get Life Together

“You say before you die, you intend to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land,

climb to the very top of Mount Sinai, and read the Ten Commandments out loud.

I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t you just stay right where you are and keep them!”

- Mark Twain


We can live joyfully by trusting God. Bowing to false gods of the heart disappoints. God is the only absolutely reliable spot in the universe.


We can…


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