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August 2012 Blog Posts (36)

Praying for New Orleans

On the Wednesday morning of Isaac’s landfall into Louisiana, I prayed. Not for judgment and destruction. Not for God’s wrath against New Orleans to be displayed. I prayed that God would be merciful and that the distraught people, whose lives were in one way or another affected by the hurricane would turn to Him with all their hearts and find strength through faith in Christ. Desiring calamity and retribution upon others for their sin, regardless of the nature and…


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More In Love With The Kingdom or the King?

I've traveled to Russia fourteen times and will add a fifteenth in October. It's been a privilege to teach, train and inspire pastors and other leaders there over the years. They've also taught me much and my last trip almost a year ago was no exception.

After the worship conference we helped lead finished, I and some of my team went out to a town called Istra where I've known the people and staff in a church there for over fifteen years. We helped them finance a building and have…


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I have always wondered what the true definition of peace meant to me....for years I have struggled with it constantly. Until one day God told me to go outside earlier this year. So I did I went outside...and for the longest moment I sat quietly just sitting outside my front porch thinking to myself...what now? Here I was waiting for something to happen...then it's hits me...I found myself listening to the wind...the birds chirping  and I find myself staring at the sky when I realized how…


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Praying Continually- Some Practical Ways to Pray

1 Thessalonians 5:16-17 - "Be joyful always.  Pray continually."

As we approach Labor Day weekend, I want to encourage you to watch for opportunities to pray throughout the day today and each day to come.

The heart of praying on site (OnSite prayer) is to observe people and circumstances around, then invite God to work in those lives or circumstances.  Some examples of how this can be done during the normal course of a day...

*  If you eat out, pay attention to…


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Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 174 | Wed 29 Aug 2012

By Elizabeth Kendal

WELCOME to the intercessors who have joined the list this month.

AUGUST 2012 UPDATE - During August we prayed concerning . . .

* SYRIA, SUDAN & BURMA (RLPB 170), where wars have displaced hundreds of thousands of Christians. In Syria they are fleeing Islamic jihadists; in Sudan they are fleeing an Islamic, Arab-supremacist regime; and in Burma they are…


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Hollywood Prayer Network August Newsletter

Hollywood Prayer Network Logo

  August 2012 Newsletter

Dear HPN Members,
Oh my goodness, it’s HOT in Hollywood. We hope you’re having a wonderful end to your summer and that you enjoy the start of the new…

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Aging: Praying or Pouting?

Aging is both a blessing and a barrier.  (I confess to a different “b” word when I first had this thought, but for this means of communication, I’ll go with “barrier.”)  Having reached the biblical standard of “three score and ten” (Psalm 90:10, KJV) I feel qualified to comment on this subject. One blessing of aging is the obvious additional years that God has purposely given.  Obviously, God is not finished if we are still here.  Additional years allow for ministries that, for whatever…


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         Lord, I belive that you are the God of meracles. Give me a heart of expectation and an attitude of faith that says God can, God is able, and God is willing. Teach me, Lord. To  develop a belief system that believes nothing is impossible with God. Lord, let your ordained miracles be in me, around me, and through me Lord, I believe you have a miracles prepared for me today and…


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Where the rubber meets the road in the land of faith

So, after writing my blogs this week, I got a chance to practice.

Someone in my department messed up and had to leave.

My boss and I both liked this person, and so we were temporarily discouraged. We were imagining all this bad stuff that was going to happen to them because they were jobless. By the grace of God, I began to pray for this person in my heart. I saw them, with their hands uplifted to the Lord in praise, joy sparkling in their eyes. I knew I had to turn the verbal…


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The Power of Possibility in an Impossible Place

“All thoughts of holiness are God’s; all manner of loving-kindness and tender mercies are His. All weaknesses are made for us so that we might be in a place of absolute helplessness, for when we are weak, than we are strong (2 Corinthians 12:10). All divine acquaintances with Him today will put us in the place where we may be the broken, empty vessel ready for Christ’s use.”  Smith Wigglesworth

Have you…

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The Grandchildren's parents need prayer also

 Recently I was talking with a young mother who was apprehensive about sending her daughter to kindergarten this fall. It reminded me of when I sent my oldest son to kindergarten. I was also a nervous mother, concerned about sending my little boy out into the big world. My first three years in school were in a one-room schoolhouse with no more than 12 students in all eight grades. Now I was sending my son to a school of about 600 students in K-6th grade, it was scary…


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Pastors Mobilizing Men to Pray

Jim Cymbala's "6:4 Fellowship" (based on Acts 6:4) reposted my artcile: Pastor's Strategies For Mobilizing Men To Pray…


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God Expects More Than Just A Prayer

Most of us have now heard (perhaps too many times) the old joke about the guy on the roof of his house as the flood waters rise. A motor boat comes to save him but he refuses stating that he has prayed and knows that God will rescue him. Then a helicopter comes and hovers overhead and he responds the same way.

Soon of course he dies and meets the Lord in Heaven. He is clearly perturbed and questions God about why He didn't save him after his passionate prayers. And God says, "What do…


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Prayer GREATer for 4 Days

No Images? You're Missing Out! Click to View in your web browser with images.


Go here…


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Harvest America - Every Day Their Numbers Grew

Proclaiming the Gospel LIVE

1,755 host sites so far and growing every day.

Churches and venues around the nation (and the world) are joining together for a unified evangelistic effort this weekend, Sunday, August 26, 2012. The Harvest America live event will be available on every form of media imaginable: TV, radio, webcast to computers and personal devices, Roku, and of course simulcast into host sites.

One Day, One Church, One Message!

  • Pray…

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Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 173 | Wed 22 Aug 2012


(plus IRAN: Nadarkhani update)

by Elizabeth Kendal

Pakistan celebrated its 65th birthday on 14 August. Founded by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, a member of the Shia religious minority, Pakistan was initially established on a foundation of secularism and equal rights for all. Today, however, after decades of Saudi-sponsored Islamisation,…


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The Wound of My People :: Jeremiah 8: 11 - 13

   Not long ago, I posted a scripture to my Facebook page to which a good friend responded saying the passage applied to Israel, not to us.  Trust me, I know our country is not the twenty-first century equivalent to Israel or Judah, but I also know this is God’s Word and what it says is for everyone to read and for everyone to take to heart.  God speaks through His Word.  On some level, every portion of the Word of God is…


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The August IPC Connections is Available!


August 2012

“Globalizing Prayer, Transforming our World”





  1. Authoritative Praying: Changing History and Determining the Politics of Nations
  2. U.S. Election Prayer Initiative…

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On Letting Holy Grass Grow Under My Feet

I’m an action-oriented person. I like to make things happen and get things done.

God knows this about me, of course. But it doesn’t seem to influence Him much in the way He orders my life. For instance, God currently has me in another season of transition.  He’s moving me out of one thing and into another—but the problem is, He hasn’t let me know yet into what! I am eager to know “the next thing.” I’m ready for Him to give me my marching orders. I want to get started already! Time’s a…


Added by Cynthia Bezek on August 15, 2012 at 10:54pm — 3 Comments

Why Movement Matters


  • A change of place or position or posture
  • A trend or tendency
  • A discernible, measurable and lasting stirring of God’s Spirit in a life, a church, a city or a country

If you follow these kinds of things, you may know by now that there is a genuine movement of God stirring in many cities in the US. This movement is very much still in the early stages, but its presence is undeniable. Here’s what it looks like.

There are multiple…


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