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March 2015 Blog Posts (56)

Day 40 Praying for Revival

Day 40

The Amazing Grace of God


            In the second and third chapters of the book of Revelation, Jesus had a message for seven churches that He wanted the Apostle John to write down. The first of these churches was the church of Ephesus. As we take another look at Revelation 2:1-7 and see the message that Jesus delivered to the church of Ephesus, I can’t help but to notice that there are great…


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Day 39 Praying for Revival

Day 39

God’s Power is Unlimited


            The simple fact is our finite minds are not capable of understanding the fullness of God’s power. God’s power is unlimited in every way. Jesus said in Matthew 19:26, “with people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Man cannot comprehend the fact that God is unlimited in His every way because we are limited in every way. I Corinthians 1:25 says,…


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Day 38 Praying for Revival

Day 38

I Show You My Faith by My Works


            Again God has clearly stated in II Chronicles 7:14 that when we align ourselves with His ways, He will then hear from us, forgive us of all of our sins, and heal this land. Clearly, this land is in a devastating spiritual drought, is being destroyed by the devourer, and is full of pestilence. We have already discussed in detail our need to fully rely on God-never…


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PCN Prayer Network Still #1 Wireless Plan

Summary: Owned by the Kingdom of God Corporation (TM), the Prayer Communications Network (PCN) is the oldest existing wireless communications plan, and the first such plan ever created. Once again this year, they have topped all…

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A Grandmother's Story

A Grandmother’s Testimony

By Lillian Penner

When I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God,

Till I declare your power to the next generation.

Psalm 71:18


This week I would like to share the story one of my friends shared with me how her grandparents influenced her life, even though her parents did not influence her spiritually. She said, “I grew…


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Pray FOR your friends!

Job 42...Praying for his friends. Job repented...God forgave and then God addressed Job's friends to reconcile with God and with Job. When they did God would wait on Job to pray for his friends. Job did, then God restored all to Job 2X. Reconciliation has actions attached that show we have received forgiveness.

It was clearly a challenge for Job to pray FOR his friends. Answer the challenge and pray for those who have disappointed you, abused you, become enemies of you and perhaps even…


Added by Dr. Dennis Hansen on March 26, 2015 at 1:42pm — 1 Comment

Day 37 Praying for Revival

Day 37

The End Result

“Then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins, and heal their land.”

When We Do Our Part, God Will Do His Part


            Just as God had told Solomon that night “I have heard your prayer” (II Chronicles 7:12), we understand that these same principles, along with this same promise, still stand to this very day. When we come into…


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Church missions leaders not praying

I am the communications person for a group of church missions leaders that meets every other month for lunch.  We have about 20 each time and 232 people are on the email distribution list.  I lead a prayer meeting for church missions leaders one hour every other month, in between our lunch meeting, sending the prayer sheet ahead of time. Few people were coming, so I changed the day of the week, but still few or no one came. So I changed it to a prayer phone call. I still only have one or no…


Added by Becky Susan Durstenfeld on March 25, 2015 at 11:55pm — 3 Comments


Some of the most thrilling prayer meetings I have ever attended were pastors' prayer meetings. Men who have given their lives to serving God came together to share and encourage one another and pray for God to work mightily in His own church and in a city. I have seen pastors pour their hearts out in honesty and great spiritual burden. I have been in groups where one pastor or another sat in a chair in the center of the group while the other men laid hands on him and prayed for him. I am not…


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Day 36 Praying for Revival

Day 36

The Domino Effect


            Coming to the point of turning from our wicked ways is truly an act of God. I was talking to a lady at church this past Sunday who is struggling with forgiving someone that has done something awful to her. Although God’s requirement is to forgive, she could not possibly come to the point of forgiveness on her own. God must initiate that within her. However, she needs to set herself…


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PTAP: Longing for Heaven

For both Muslims and Christians there is a great desire for the afterlife. This world and all that it offers is still empty of what our hearts desire. We desire heaven. Because of the work of Jesus on the cross, Christians believe all their sins are placed on Him, and it is because of Jesus they will enter heaven. Christians have confidence in the finished work of Jesus. For Muslims, they do not have Jesus'…


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Revival at William And Mary

This article is excerpted from the Campus Renewal Magazine at

The College of William & Mary was chartered in 1693 and has rich history embedded within its well-worn brick pathways and aged brick buildings. It is said that students who go to William & Mary enter in with aspirations of changing the world and leave with the…


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Kinds Words about

Image result for ""


Phil Miglioratti likely would not want me to put his name and that of E.M. Bounds in the same sentence, but, there, I did it. Both are “prayer warriors” as the term is often used: Miglioratti as host of today and Bounds as the author of published works on…


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A World on Edge

“If we let things terrify us, life will not be worth living.” (Seneca, Roman statesman; 4 B.C. – A.D. 65)


A review of current events does little to increase our optimism about the chances of world peace. It feels like “everything nailed down is coming loose” (the angel Gabriel in the musical Green Pastures).


Over the last year, fighting associated with Boko Haram in Nigeria has led to the deaths of over 6,000 civilians.




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Day 35 Praying for Revival

Day 35

Seeking His Face Produces Holiness


            In the eyes of the world, the Prophet Isaiah was a holy man. He was a righteous prophet of God who others strived to be like. In the fifth chapter of the book of Isaiah, the prophet pronounced six woes upon the people of the land proclaiming the judgment of God upon them, as well as the punishment that would come as a result of the wickedness of their hearts.…


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Day 34 Praying for Revival

Day 34

Have We Evicted God From Our Churches?


            We wonder why the hand of God has not been moving in our churches today. Although there are many problems, the major one is sin. We have in our churches today racism, gossip, slander, backbiting, unforgiveness, envy, fighting for control, lack of faith, and lack of faithfulness-just to name a few. We have become so bold as to tell God, “No, I will not witness; no, I…


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Day 33 Praying for Revival

Day 33

Our God is a Holy God


            We try so hard to justify our sins. We say things like “A little white lie has never hurt anyone” or “It’s okay if I take a little more than what’s mine; after all I deserve it.” We entertain ourselves with things that curse God’s name and promote the very things that God calls an abomination. We have allowed ourselves to become conformed to the ways of this world yet God’s word says…


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Day 32 Praying for Revival

Day 32

Honoring His Presence

“Turn from their wicked ways”

Getting the Log out of Our Eyes


            As Christians we love to point our fingers at the wicked ways of the world. We amen the destruction of the drunkard; we applaud the announcement of God’s accusations of the abominable; we proclaim the woes to the wicked; and stand in horror of the…


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Overwhelmed or Overshadowed?

“I believe in the sun, even when it is not shining; I believe in love, even when it is hidden; I believe in God, even when he is silent.” (Air-raid shelter; Cologne, France; WWII)

On this first day of spring, we look in vain for the sun; but we believe the sun is still shining beyond the clouds. 

When we are gloomy, God overshadows us with invulnerable joy. Guardian angels spread their wings over us, surpassing angst with ecstasy. When life gets…


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Day 31 Praying for Revival

Day 31

We Can Know God Through the Holy Spirit


            The depths of God are so far beyond the wisdom of man’s rationale. We try to comprehend the wonders of who God is with the mind of man and leave greatly disappointed. To truly understand who God is, we need a master teacher-a teacher who perfectly understands the character of God and is able to skillfully teach even the most unteachable the wonderful riches of…


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