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Comment by Stephanie Steele on September 8, 2018 at 12:32pm

Blessings for our Senior Citizens

  • Bless the wealth of wisdom within their spirits
  • Bless the student of life that they have been, to embrace being a teacher and passing on the foundational experiences that we the next generation need to build upon.
  • Bless their physical bodies to receive from Christ the healing He purchased for them, (ie. to have the blessing of Caleb and Joshua youthfulness) to participate in the harvest
  • Bless their minds to the mind of Christ 
  • Bless them to not only hear and but have the grace to be Spirit led.
  • Bless their stewardship abilities of their callings.  
  • Bless what God is calling them into regarding any unfulfilled destinies.
  • Bless their emotional health to be full and prosperous, to the releasing of any old wounds, traumas.
  • Bless our seniors with being seen and known by the God who sees
  • .Bless them with knowing their life has meant something, that they are valuable.
  • Bless them with letting go of the world’s definition of success (perfection) and embracing God’s standard of excellence. 
  • Bless the treasure trove of experience our seniors carry to be seen and received.
Comment by Stephanie Steele on September 8, 2018 at 12:31pm

Bless our Medical Community

  • Bless all of our health care professionals to the true healing work of God with their patients
  • Bless our medical institutions to be true healing centers.

Blessings for our Schools

  • Bless our schools to the original foundation, intent and principles that they were established on.
  • Bless our schools, teachers and students to protection and deliverance from violence and lawlessness of every kind.
  • Bless the students to teachableness and a healthy desire to learn.
  • Bless them to a safe environment to have the freedom to learn. Psalm 91 protection around every school and all those who are a part of it.
  • Bless our teachers to physical, emotional and spiritual health and strength.
  • Bless the teachers to the grace, peace, and wisdom that comes from above.
  • Bless them to wise decisions for the best of all the students in their classrooms
  • Bless them to wise time management.
  • Bless the students and teachers to integrity and truth.
  • Bless the administration and the teachers to a "team mentality"
  • Forgive every wrong word and deed committed on the school campus
  • Forgive all words and deeds promoting the state as the authority which undermines the authority of the parents
  • Bless the administrators to be good stewards of the finances and resources they oversee, as well as being responsive to and respectful of the parents and students they serve, keeping their best interests always first.
  • Bless the parents to support their children's teachers and work together as a team for the good of the children.
  • Bless the teachers to receive the honor and respect.
  • Bless the curriculum to be covered in the blood of Jesus so that all anti-truth will not affect the students.
  • Bless the minds of the students to rightly divide truth from lies.
  • Forgive all negative, evil, idle words and deed committed on school property and forgive the people doing them and bless them to the truth that will set them free.
  • Bless the Christian clubs on school campus’ to revival above and beyond anything that has every taken place in history.
Comment by Stephanie Steele on September 8, 2018 at 12:30pm

Blessing for the Church and the Body of Christ

  • Corporate prayer of agreement of rededicating ourselves to God as His children and ambassadors to our communities and nation. 
  • Prayer of releasing God’s blessing to prosper and be in good health as their souls prosper, to the Corporate Body of Christ in the Region!
  • Blessing , protection, provision and wisdom to those serving in every capacity in the Body of Christ and their families.
  • Prayer of Blessing every joint in the Body of Christ in the region to supply!
  • Prayer of blessing, protection and provision for the body of Christ individually

   and corporately.

  • Bless the gifts and calling of every believer to thrive!
  • Blessing of the marriages, homes, families and individuals in the body of Christ.
  • Bless the Body of Christ to represent Jesus rightly in Spirit and in Truth in our society
  • Bless the body of Christ to God’s heart of love for our lost and dying world.
  • Release forgiveness and the blessing of salvation and deliverance to all enemies of the Cross of Jesus and the Body of Christ.

Blessing for Marriage, Home and Family

  • Bless marriages to truly reflect the relationship between Christ and the church according to Heaven’s design.
  • Bless marriages to God’s definition of what they should be
  • Forgive the cursing of Christian marriages, homes and families.
  • Bless the home to be a healthy place of love, joy and safety
  • Bless the family to be a support system that undergirds its members towards

   growth in maturity, truth and blessing.

Comment by Stephanie Steele on September 8, 2018 at 12:28pm

Blessings for our Civil Leaders

  • Bless our leaders to physical, emotional and spiritual health and strength.
  • Bless the leaders to the grace, peace, and wisdom that comes from above.
  • Bless them to wise decisions for the best of all citizen’s in the community.
  • Bless them to wise time management, integrity and truth.
  • Bless them to a strong support system around them and healthy family relationships
  • Forgive every wrong word and deed committed by civil authority, past, present & future.
  • Forgive the community for idolatry to the government and its leaders, through our silence in the face of that which violates God’s standards.  
  • Release blessing for Godly authorities to occupy the seats of office in the upcoming 


  • Bless our Civil Authority structure to the authority of the Bible on which it was founded.
  • Blessing our Civil leaders to wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge and the Fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom.
  • Forgive the community for abdication of our responsibility to vote.
  • Forgive all sins of cursing those who are in authority.
  • Bless those stewarding our electoral process to truth, integrity and wisdom.
Comment by Stephanie Steele on September 8, 2018 at 12:26pm

We bless our justice system to cooperate with Heaven’s redemptive purposes for the lives that it is in place to affect.
Bless our judges to righteous judgements in all decisions.
Bless our justices to rightly uphold and interpret the US Constitution
Bless our legislators to truly represent the people who elected them and to be delivered from the political processes that put them in the pocket of special interests, whose interests are not in the best interests of our nation.
Bless all offices to be filled with righteous men and women who walk in integrity and truth and understand that they are accountable to God for their actions.
Bless our economy to come under the principles of wise management.
Bless our nation and its people to get out of debt and have integrity in all of its financial dealings.General National Topics.

Bless our front line defenders, army, navy, air force, marines, coast guard, national guard, police, sheriffs and fire fighters to supernatural protection, direction and provision. Bless their marriages and families with the peace of God as their loved ones are serving.
Bless the Lost to salvation and deliverance. Bless their minds and hearts to the revelation of God’s love for them and the saving grace of Jesus Christ.
Bless the eyes of their understanding to be opened to the good news of the gospel and breadth and depth and width and height of God’s love for them that passes all understanding.
Specifically bless those deliberately cursing our nation and forgive the curses and sins behind them..
Bless the business’ in the regions to prosperity and wise stewardship.
Bless our families to healthy and happy relationships with each other.
Bless our media to integrity, purity, truth, and joy
Bless parents to understand that they are the one’s with God given authority to love,
teach and protect their children.
Bless parents to setting good examples for their children.
Bless family priorities to be aligned to that family members needs are being met according to the God-given design.

Comment by Stephanie Steele on September 8, 2018 at 12:26pm

Blessings for our Nation

Father we honor you as the God who created this land and every tongue and tribe and nation that lives within its borders.
This day, we rededicate and consecrate the land and people of this nation to You.
As your ambassadors we bless each and every one of them to having the eyes of their understanding enlightened to know the hope of the high calling of Jesus Christ and a saving encounter with His Love.
We bless our land and its people to the life, healing, blessing and restoration of Your son, our redeemer, Jesus Christ.
We humble ourselves before you and admit as Daniel did that we and our fathers have sinned and done evil in your sight. We repent, renounce and forgive the 5 things your word says brings a curse upon the land: shedding of innocent blood, covenant breaking, moving ancient boundary stones, sexual immorality and idolatry. Again we acknowledge and repent for every one of the sins we and our ancestors committed. We declare that we break all agreement with these sins and forgive every way we have cooperated, deliberately and ignorantly with the curses on our land.
We bless the land to be released from all offenses it has been carrying because of these sins.
We bless the people of our nation to: moral purity, covenant keeping, respecting your boundaries , respecting life, and keeping the golden rule to love God and love their neighbor as themselves.
We forgive the sins of those who do not honor You and are deliberately cursing us and our nation. We bless them to salvation and deliverance.
We forgive every sin that has been committed by and against the people of this nation that has brought the curses of division, lawlessness, strife and confusion.
We bless our executive, legislative and judicial systems to alignment with the Biblical principles of justice it was founded on.

Comment by Stephanie Steele on September 8, 2018 at 12:25pm

Prayer Walk Guidelines

Position yourself in humility to follow God and commit this time to Him (You are blessed to follow God’s direction in this re: taking communion, anointing yourself with etc.)
Ask Him to open your eyes to see all He would have you to see and to give you the words of forgiveness and blessing He wants you to pray.
Always be aware of your surroundings and obey all laws of the land, especially making sure you do not block roadways.
Wear comfortable shoes
If someone asks what you are doing, be honest and tell them you are praying blessings. (If it promotes a positive dialogue, it’s OK to use that open door to minister to them. Bless them and love on them, but do not allow them to draw you into any negativity.)
As you walk forgive the sins and the people who committed the sins and apply the cleansing blood of Jesus to the sins. (Remember, He became ALL sin for ALL of us, so that we that we can become the righteousness of God in Him.)
Guard your mind and heart against critical thoughts and conversation.
We bless all of those Christian people who have prayer walked before on this land and link our prayers with theirs and honor Arthur Blessitt and Ed LaRose and all the others that have walked and prayed for the healing of our land.
As you walk and pray see depressed areas that reflect poverty and crime, bless the ones living there to everything they need physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially.
Forgive the sins in these regions in the name and with the blood of Jesus Christ and bless the land and people to be healed and delivered from the offenses.
Forgive every evil, idle, negative and critical word and deed committed on the land in Jesus’ name and forgive the people involved and declare the cleansing blood of Jesus to wash those sins.

Blessing Our President

Bless our President to fulfill God’s destiny plan and purpose for his life.
Bless him, his family, and cabinet to Psalm 91 protection from every evil work.
Bless him to the wisdom that comes from above.
Bless him to the soft answers that turn away wrath.
Bless him to prosper and be in good health even as his soul prospers.
Bless him to seeing his enemies flee before him 7 ways.
Bless him to creative strategies from heaven regarding resolving national issues.
Bless him to the peace, provision and grace of God in all of his ways.
Bless him to wise counselors surrounding him.
Bless him to discernment as to who he should trust and those not trustworthy.
Bless him to having every trap and snare set for him and our nation pre-triggered
on the enemies head, while he/we pass over and escape. Psalms 141:9-10

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