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Join in prayer for our cities, our nation, and the world during Lent! 

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NEW for 2019


  We have become weary and bored by all the political chatter. How can we help people in our congregations and friendship circles find hope in the midst of all the political noise?
Sometimes we just aren’t sure what to say or pray for. We want to be faithful and consistent but just aren’t sure how to do so. Seek God for the City 2020is a prayer guide written with the kinds of prayers that will ignite your heart with hope and a certainty that God will fulfill His word. We are all aware that these days are difficult and uncertain. But God is faithful and we are assured that He hears the on-going prayers of His people at all times.
You will not be disappointed in the Seek God 40-day prayer guide. The prayers spring directly from both Old and New Testament scriptures. You will be praying along with thousands of others as they pray through this season with hope and certainty that what God has spoken, He will bring forth. Seek God begins on Wednesday, February 26, 2020, culminating on Palm Sunday, March 5.
Let the prayers in Seek God for the City refresh your hope that God is very much fulfilling His promises in our days. What an honor it is to be united in our prayers as we co-labor together.
Yours for His glory,
Barb Hawthorne
Stephanie Tucker


Seek God for the City 2018 41 Replies

Ash Wednesday is only a couple of days away, and the annual Seek God for the City campaign is about to begin.  Please join me in asking God to bring honor to himself in our neighborhoods, in our…Continue

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Started by Andrew R. Wheeler. Last reply by Andrew R. Wheeler May 28, 2018.

Seek God for the City 2016 40 Replies

This year's Seek God for the City campaign is just around the corner!  Join in the prayers in this discussion thread.  Click the…Continue

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Started by Andrew R. Wheeler. Last reply by Andrew R. Wheeler Mar 23, 2016.

Seek God for the City 2015

Adding this discussion to provide a place for us to pray together for our cities beginning Feb 18. I just got an e-mail that the app is available now for iPhone and iPad, and the Android version is…Continue

Started by Andrew R. Wheeler Jan 18, 2015.

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Comment by Andrew R. Wheeler on February 10, 2016 at 6:01pm

Seek God for the City app


They run out every year - I've had that problem also.  Good news, though - they just released the Android version today.  You can get to their app page using the link above or go to the Google Play store.  Kindle version is still coming.


Comment by Nina Donohoe on February 10, 2016 at 12:15pm
Thank you so much for creating "The Seek God for the City" program...materials and apps as well as for ideas of how to use the materials. Unfortunately I ordered late and have been unable to get a copy for our prayer group to use. I'm waiting for the android version to be released for my phone. If anyone has an extra copy...our prayer group would appreciate it. I'd pay for it and also shipping.
Bless you all! Nina
Comment by Andrew R. Wheeler on February 10, 2016 at 8:10am

Week 1 - February 10

As the Seek God for the City campaign launches for 2016, I wanted to provide a couple of ideas for using the prayer guide.  This week's focus will be on praying for the countries of the world, the section at the end of each day in the guide.

There are many ways to pray for these countries and I'll suggest just a couple here.  The key is to pray meaningfully without getting bogged down in long lists of very specific requests (unless you have time for that, of course!) - otherwise, you may get discouraged and end up neglecting this important part of the prayer campaign.

Pray generally for the countries listed each day.  One way to pray is to lift up to God topics that would be applicable to each of the countries in each day's list, laying these countries out before God.  Some examples of topics to pray through would include:

  • Spread of the gospel, especially to the unreached people groups in the country
  • Strengthening of the church - putting aside the old (nominalism and syncretism) and fully putting on the new in Christ
  • Growth of the church into an agent of transformation in society - a body that makes a difference holistically in the lives of those outside the church, drawing non-believers to God.
  • Wise leadership with servant hearts.

Pray for one or two countries specifically

Another way to pray would be to focus on just one or two countries from that day's list and pray more specifically for issues facing those countries.  A couple of ideas:

  • If you're using the app, link to Operation World's website and use the prayer requests there for a specific country.  If you're using the printed guide, you can still access OW's country-based prayers at their website,
  • If your church supports missionaries in one of the countries, pray specifically for those missionaries and God's work through them.
  • If one of the countries is in the news, pray for specific news items facing that country.

However you decide to pray, please think of praying for the world as an integral part of this campaign - not just a "prayer tag" at the end.  If you've not prayed much for the world in the past, this is a great opportunity to let God grow your heart in this area.

May he bless you as you pray!


Comment by David Young on February 9, 2016 at 1:17pm

This is a powerful tool. My wife and I have been mightily blessed by this each year.

Comment by Phil Miglioratti on February 5, 2016 at 10:31am

For anyone with an Apple iPhone or iPad — the Seek God 2016 app is now available! Clicking the icon below will take you directly to the app (or click ).

The cost is only 99¢ (in-app purchase). The app contains all the same scriptures and prayers as the 64-page booklet called Seek God for the City 2016. The app makes it easy to pray the same prayers wherever you may be.

Get the app now and let friends and family know about it. It’s easy to find in the App Store (iTunes). Search for Seek God 2016. Very soon (a day or two) we will have the Android version of the app in the Google Play store for Android devices.

It contains all the same scriptures and prayers and dates (Feb 10 - Mar 20) and all the same practical ideas for praying for your community. If your device is connected to the web, you will have access to the Operation World country pages for pertinent prayer info on every country in the world. Click here  ( to learn more.

Several great features:
• Change the font size to make it easy to read.
• Now landscape or portrait orientation.
• Set multiple reminders (alarm settings), prompting you to pray at the times you want.
• Search for any word.
• Flag your favorite prayers to make them easy to find again.
• Jump to today's prayer during the 40 days or select a random prayer any other day.
• With web access, link easily to prayer info for every country.

Yours for God’s glory,

Stephanie Tucker

P.S.: The same app for Android phones and tablets will be available in a day or two. I will send you another email soon, so stay tuned!

We still have a few hundred booklets available in Chinese and/or English. Call us today.

Comment by Andrew R. Wheeler on January 17, 2016 at 9:22pm

My church is going to be participating in the Seek God for the City campaign in 2016 for the first time as a churchwide effort.  We have the approval and even encouragement of our senior leadership for this, as we look to take next steps in our ministry to our city.

I'm interested to know any stories of how the campaign has been successfully promoted or carried out in churches.  Also, if there are any other churches in the Crystal Lake, IL area that are participating, please let me know!

Comment by Steve Hawthorne on October 15, 2015 at 1:15pm

In difficult days, even great-hearted Christians can become more self-absorbed, and tend to pray “fix-it” prayers. Such problem-solving prayers ask God to help us get back to what we remember as normal. But now is the time to pray “fulfill-it-all” prayers. These are the prayers that cry out with hope-filled desperation for God to advance His purposes in our lives and communities. God is exalting His Son as He brings life-giving changes by the power of the gospel, even in the face of great evil and worsening darkness.


Seek God for the City helps ordinary people pray beyond their own concerns, learning to pray the scriptures with clarity and relevance for people throughout their communities.


We invite you to examine Seek God for the City 2016. As in previous years, this 64-page, full-color prayer guide is designed to focus and unite prayer through the 40 days leading to Palm Sunday, February 10 through March 20, 2016. Seek God for the City is a proven resource that encourages and unites whole churches in persistent and passionate prayer for spiritual awakening throughout their cities and communities.


Steve Hawthorne


Comment by Andrew R. Wheeler on March 29, 2015 at 3:24pm

Day 40 - Mar 29. "for Christ to be welcomed as King"

Father, please awaken our cities and communities to the Lordship of your Son. Cut through the noise of the many voices that distract from the truth. We your people rejoice that we are prepared for the great day of the coming of Jesus, but we long for our friends and families to also be prepared. Get hold of them like you have gotten hold of us.  Keep us firm and resolute, our eyes and our hope fixed squarely on you.

Father, please raise up from today's children a new generation of leaders for your church, of missionaries to take the Gospel to the farthest corners of the world, of believers who will be salt and light in their schools and eventually their families and workplaces. Protect our children from those who would harm them. May this be the generation, Lord, that finishes the task of world evangelization and may you bless all peoples through them.

Finally, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem. May your word spread to both Jews and Muslims in this great city and around it. Only you can bring the kind of reconciliation that's needed here, Lord - reconciliation between peoples who have been at odds going all the way back to Jacob and Esau and even to Isaac and Ishmael. We confess that we lack the wisdom to resolve these millennia-old rivalries and enmities. Only you, Lord - only you. Glorify your name in this city by bringing about a reconciliation that will shock the world and prove once and for all that you are indeed the one true God.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

Comment by Andrew R. Wheeler on March 28, 2015 at 6:06pm

Day 39 - Mar 28. "for the nations to welcome Christ's lordship"

Father, please send forth your Spirit to every nation, tribe, and language and prepare people from every group to hear and receive your word. Reveal yourself to people in exactly the way they need to see you in order to believe. For those who need a demonstration of your power, work miracles to show that you are the One True God. For those who need a demonstration of your love, surround them with that love and draw them into your presence. For those who need a demonstration that you care, provide for them in a special way that could only be attributed to you.

Raise up dynamic movements of Christ-followers among every people group, Lord. Multiply both disciples and churches. Make of your church an agent of transformation in every society, that your kingdom may come on earth as it is in heaven.

Father, thank you for raising up successful businesses that operate according to scriptural principles. Bless their work with fruitfulness, their business with profits, and most of all, their relationships with your salvation. Frustrate the plans of those who would attack them or deny the source of their ethics. Not that your word needs validation, Lord, but please validate the truth of your word in the way that you bless these businesses.

Be also with businessmen and women in whatever capacity they work in the marketplace. Protect your people from temptation and give all of us hearts to work as working for you, not for men. Cause our attitudes to reflect your love and grace in good times and in bad, that people may be drawn to your presence.

Send forth your word, Lord God, in the United Arab Emirates and in Yemen. May your name be proclaimed in the words and in the deeds of your people. May you be honored in every facet of these societies and may more and more people in these countries come to call you Lord.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

Comment by Andrew R. Wheeler on March 27, 2015 at 1:07pm

Day 38 - Mar 27. "to instruct the peoples in his ways"

Father, please infuse pastors and teachers in our cities with your wisdom, with the knowledge of your word, and with the ability to communicate your word clearly. Lead them during their study times to the truths that you want to communicate to the congregations. Anoint their preaching with your spirit, that your people may be strengthened and that others may be drawn to you.

Make of our churches places where people are comfortable coming with their questions and concerns. Make them safe places for seekers. And at the same time, Lord, move us out of our buildings to places where seekers naturally feel safe. Stir up conversations that you can use to draw seekers to yourself. Bring about "chance" encounters that will result in the expanding of your kingdom.

Father, you have always been concerned with refugees - indeed, your people Israel were refugees for 400 years in Egypt and then again after the invasions of Assyria and Babylon. Thank you that you hear the cries of those who are far from their homeland and often far from their families and all that they have known. Please strengthen, resource, and envision your church to come alongside refugees with friendship, help, and the hope of your word. Bless ministries like Exodus in their work with refugees. Open doors of communication so that those who may never have had a chance to hear your word in their homeland can hear it in our cities. As you draw these refugees into a saving relationship with Jesus, send them back to their homelands - just as you did the man from the Decapolis - and use their testimony to save many more.

We lift up to you the many who have been displaced in the countries of Syria, Tunisia, and Turkey. Lord, thank you for how you are providing for refugees in these countries. Please again strengthen and resource your church to come alongside them with help and with hope. For the many in these lands who are in uncertain times, use that uncertainty to bring openness in their hearts and minds to the truth of the gospel. Show false religions for what they are so that people may be drawn to the Truth in each of these countries. Raise up leaders in these countries who will open doors for the gospel to be spread and for your church to worship and bring glory to your name.

In Jesus' name. Amen.


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