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I am one person who loves to journal feels. I feel closer to God through this medium. I am a introvert by nature and as you may well know, introverts are inclined live in the thoughts and inner world.

I understand the importance and power of the spoken word. I just wondered, is there a place for intercession through journalling?

I would love to hear your comments based on God's word?

Much love,

Anastasia. :)

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Absolutely!  When I pray through journaling, I have to slow down to the speed of my pen.  It causes me to be more focused as I pray and more attentive.  I can pause and reread what I have written while I listen for the Holy Spirit.  Many of the prophets were told to write what they were seeing and to record what they heard.  The Israelites built memorials to the activity of God to remind the generations what God had done and how He had provided.  My prayer journal is a written account of my time with the Lord, it is a memorial to the activity of God in my life. 

Often when I pray verbally, I move onto the next thing in my day and forget the words I have said in prayer - it is then easy to miss when God provides an answer to my prayer.  When my prayers are recorded in my prayer journal, they become a reminder to watch for the activity of God and to expect God to move on my behalf.  As I record how God answers my prayers, my prayer journal becomes a hymnal of praise.  They also remind me that God's ways are not my ways and His thoughts are not mine - He has resources beyond what I can imagine and He often chooses to answer my prayers in creative ways.

As I record my meditations on the Word of God into my prayer journal, I can flow into prayer and intercession.  As I am writing in prayer, God's wisdom will begin to flow through my pen.  He will sometimes give me a heavenly perspective of earthly activity so I can declare His purposes into the earthly realm.  As I then read aloud what I have written, I stand in agreement with heaven and I get a front row seat as I watch God bring His purposes to fruition.

Intercession through journaling?  You betcha!

I too am an introvert, utilize journaling in prayer and concur with Kimberly's post, although had never considered my journal being a memorial, Kimberly, thank you for including that! Another example of written intercessory prayer is found in the letters Paul wrote to the NT churches.


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