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Thoughts on championing Seek God in your city

1. Presentation: Present Seek God for the City to several pastors or a ministerial group in your area. There may be some Christian businessmen who also meet together, so consider connecting with them as well. Pastors may be reluctant to get involved if they think it will put a heavy demand on their time. Seek God for the City is not a program that the pastor needs to implement, but it is a way to help the pastor equip his people (to remain resolute to seek the face of God.) to pray with bold, simple and persistent faith. Get commitments from the pastors who will participate. Encourage each committed pastor to call two or three other pastors who do not attend the meetings to consider joining in praying for the city. This may open the door for other pastors to unite and to pray together across denominational and racial lines when they learn that many others have already committed.

After you have a group committed to pray together, consider letting your mayor know that the Church will be praying for the city for 40 days. One year we even had a mayor order his own box of 100 books so that he could hand them out to his contacts.

2. Ordering: I believe that placing a combined order on behalf of all the participating churches is vital to the overall success of this 40-day prayer season. Enlist the help of a staff member or a volunteer who will do the legwork of collecting the orders, following up with the pastors, and submitting the order to WayMakers. Again, I think this is key to participation by the various churches. Pastors do not usually have the time or the gifting of this administrative task. Let me give you an example that really hit home.

One leader that I have worked with promoted Seek God throughout his city for many years. Every year he would order 1200 to 2000 books on behalf of the pastors. The pastors were grateful for the opportunity to pray together year after year. One year, this leader called me to let me know that he asked the pastors to place their own order directly with WayMakers. He wrote them because they were already “on board” and they all knew how to order. After Seek God began, the leader called me to find out how they did. After searching through my database, I found out that only 300 copies had been distributed that year. We were both surprised, but we learned a very important lesson.

If someone will step forward to help with some of the organizing, your success will be much greater--a lot greater. There are many benefits to uniting in prayer. When we pray by ourselves, we tend to pray about ourselves. Praying with others helps us direct our prayer toward what God wants to bring forth in our city instead of praying about my own church.

Perhaps one of the pastors in your group has a staff member or volunteer that is organized and able to follow up with the different churches. Set a final deadline for when the combined order will be submitted. Then the volunteer can work with that deadline in mind to follow up with each church. Make sure to collect an email address from each pastor or his appointed contact. Most churches will want to distribute the books the two Sundays before it begins. For 2015, those two Sundays are February 8 and 15. Allow enough time for the volunteer to count out the books, and for each church to come by to pick up and pay for their books. I suggest that the order be placed no later than January

3. Championing: One task that a senior pastor should not delegate is his championing of prayer from the platform. Without the pastor championing prayer, there will be minimal participation. The pastor sets the tone for the church, and when he participates in corporate prayer, his example speaks volumes. I have also found that if the pastor delegates this aspect of prayer to someone else, the success rate is much less than if the pastor himself calls his church to prayer.

4. Reminders and suggestions for churches:

  • Encourage the pastor to keep Seek God for the City before his congregation throughout the full forty days. Do not let February 18, the start date, be the last time Seek God for the City is mentioned.
  • Use the themes, prayers and scriptures in the life of the church. Look for ways to reinforce the truths, needs, issues and hopes that you find in Seek God for the City.
  • Read one of the prayers on Sunday morning or during a midweek service as a way to keep the congregation engaged. Hearing the prayer sustains and refreshes all who are praying.
  • Remind people to pray. Use the PowerPoint slides and the bulletin inserts on the WayMakers website as a visual reminder to keep moving through the forty days. There is a new slide for each week.
  • Encourage your people to pray together as a family using the Children’s Guide. Download a free PDF from
  • Place a value on the book and don’t just hand them out for free. People value what they pay for. When we invest in something we are more likely to stick with it. There are suggested donations signs at
  • Let your congregation know about the Companion App. Many people are moving away from paper books and like knowing that the prayer guide is at their fingertips at all times.
  • Engage the Spanish speaking churches and people of the city. Make sure to ordercopies of Clama a Dios por la Ciudad.

By Stephanie Tucker




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