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Ash Wednesday is only a couple of days away, and the annual Seek God for the City campaign is about to begin.  Please join me in asking God to bring honor to himself in our neighborhoods, in our cities, and around the world.  I invite anyone to post prayers for their neighbors, cities, etc.

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Day 36 - Wednesday, Mar. 21

Father, we long to see you honored even in the midst of war, strife, division, and disunity.  May the truth of your word penetrate through all the violence, and may your voice of peace and love overcome the strife.  Cause your people to be humble and broken before you, and to approach non-believers with humility and grace.  Make of your church agents of reconciliation around the world - reconciliation of people to you first and then to each other; reconcilers of races and ethnicities; reconcilers of nations and philosophies.  Your word is truth, Lord - sanctify your church by that truth and lead your people to share that truth around the world.

Father, may your special blessing fall on the native peoples of our land.  Put your church at the forefront of bringing reconciliation and reaching out to those who have been mistreated and misunderstood.  May your church be planted among all the tribes of our nation, so that your name may be honored and worshiped in all native languages and cultures.

May your name also be honored throughout Lebanon, Libya, and Morocco.  Please quell the violence and shut down the terrorism that so characterizes Lebanon and Libya.  Give to the leadership of Lebanon wisdom in serving and handling all the refugees that have come there.  Raise your hand against the terrorists of Hezbollah; grip their hearts with your truth and love.  Resource your church in each of these countries to be channels of your blessing to the unreached around them.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

Psalm 46:6, 9-10; Luke 20:18; Isaiah 51:4

Day 37 - Thursday, Mar. 22

Father, unify your church across this country and around the world in worship of you.  Give to each ethnicity and culture a unique aspect of worship that brings honor to you. May nonbelievers from every culture see this worship and be drawn to you.  You are the Creator of all people and all peoples, so please redeem each culture and people group for yourself.  Be seen not as a "foreign god" but as the One True God all over the world.

Please bless children who have lost their parents with others who will love, care for, and protect them.  Raise up foster parents and adoptive parents to provide loving homes and opportunities to hear and receive the gospel. Protect these children from all forms of abuse and from those who would take advantage of them.  Please grant the blessing of siblings being kept together, and find wise and righteous mentors for those who have aged out of the adoption system.

May your word spread throughout Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.  Especially in this season of Ramadan, may you be known to Muslim peoples in these lands.  Lord Jesus, reveal yourself in dreams and visions and cause Muslims in these countries to seek you. Bring them into contact with the Gospel, whether through workers you would send, or through media or the internet.  Touch their hearts and draw them to salvation.  Amen.

Psalm 102:18, 21-22; Mark 11:17; Psalm 10:17-18

Day 38 - Friday, Mar. 23

Father, please grant pastors and teachers in our city wisdom from your word to share in ways that will penetrate the barriers that people have erected against you.  May the proclamation of your word in our worship services and through our lives bear fruit in drawing non-believers to yourself.  Reap a rich harvest in every sector of our city, by calling people of every group and neighborhood to yourself.

Grant your wisdom to our leaders as well, Lord - at every level, from local all the way up to the President.  You can direct the paths of even those who do not know you and you can reveal yourself to them in ways that guide them to make wise decisions, just as you revealed to Pharaoh what was to come through Joseph and gave him the wisdom to follow Joseph's advice.  So raise up advisors and counselors for our leaders who will instruct them in your wisdom and whose words you will use to guide decisions and policies.  Cause our leaders to rule in righteousness and to serve the people.  Place it in their hearts to foster freedom of worship and conscience.

Father, please reign in Syria, Tunisia, and Turkey.  In Syria, Lord, please raise up wise, strong leadership - men and women who know you and who know what is best for the country and who have the courage to set that direction.  Replace the anarchy and violence there with order and peace.  Bring back normality to the lives of those who have known nothing for years except for war and bloodshed.  Restore the fortunes of this country in a way that will cause its people to worship you as their Creator and Provider.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

Isaiah 2:2-3; John 8:2; 1 Timothy 2:1-2; 

Day 39 - Saturday, Mar. 24

Father, please bring in our day great movements of people to yourself - movements like on Palm Sunday or later on Pentecost Sunday.  Prepare the path for your word to be proclaimed throughout our land.  Make of people in our cities "fourth soil" people - those who will hear and receive the gospel and will bear fruit, 30, 60, and 100 fold.  And may all of this happen for the sake of your glory and the advancement of your kingdom.

Father, please give men in our city hearts of servanthood and righteousness.  Show them how to lead their families spiritually, how to serve and care for them, how to lay down their lives for you and for their families.  Free men from bondage to jobs that seek to steal their identity - instead, enable them to find their identity in you.  Give to men the wisdom to balance family, job, church - all the many responsibilities in our culture today.  Cause your name to be honored among the men in our city.

Lord God, please open doors for the gospel in the United Arab Emirates and in Yemen.  Resource your church to come alongside those who are in need - especially those suffering from the recent storms in Oman and Yemen - so that your love and grace may be known by those who are currently far from you.  Jesus, appear to Muslims in these countries in dreams and visions, and draw entire households to yourself.

For the sake of your glory. Amen.

Day 40 - Sunday, Mar. 25

Father, awaken our city to the Lordship of your Son.  Break through the distractions - the unbelief, the materialism, the false religions - so that you may be known and worshiped widely.  In every neighborhood, in every apartment complex and building, in our schools and our government offices - in our shopping centers and on our streets - may your name be proclaimed and may you be worshiped.

Keep hope alive in believers - hope in the return of your Son at the time of your choosing, and hope for your presence, provision, and purpose to be accomplished in our day.  Keep us from getting so caught up in the things of the moment that we lose sight of how you are bringing history to a culmination.  Keep us from despair and discouragement - remind us often that you are sovereign, that the story has been written, and that you are victorious.

Lord God, please raise up the children in our city and across our land as a new generation that will know and follow you.  Accomplish through them the spread of your word throughout the world.  Teach them about your love and sacrifice, and call the same love and sacrifice out of them.  Give to our parents wisdom to raise up their children to know you and to serve you.  Thwart the purposes of the enemy in attempting to confuse them or deny them access to your word.  May the children come to you, Lord Jesus.

Finally, Lord, we pray for your peace to rest on Jerusalem.  Even as controversy surrounds the moving of the US Embassy there, even as violence on all sides seems to surround the city - quell all of this and bring your peace.  Lord Jesus, we acknowledge that lasting peace can be found only in you, so we pray that you will make of your church reconcilers of people to you - Jews, Muslims, and others - and then reconcilers of people to each other.

May you be honored in all of this and in all of our prayers.



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