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This year's Seek God for the City campaign is just around the corner!  Join in the prayers in this discussion thread.  Click the picture for the Seek God for the City web page (at, where you can find more information about the prayer resources available.

A companion prayer guide for use with children is attached to this discussion.  This children's prayer guide is also available on the SGFC web page as a free download and is freely reproducible.

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen."  -- Ephesians 3:20-21

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Week 5, Day 37 - Thursday, Mar. 17

Father, thank you for the people from other countries that you have brought to our city.  Thank you for bringing them to a place where they have the opportunity to hear the Gospel and to interact with Christians safely.  Thank you for international students, for business people, for migrant workers - all of whom have come here seeking their own futures but also as part of your plan for their lives, whether they know that or not.  Lord, reveal yourself to them in their time here and change their lives with your salvation.

Please also ease any racial or ethnic tensions in our city and communities.  Make peace between peoples of different backgrounds.  Raise up your church as a leader in reconciliation between peoples as well as between people.

Fill people in our ethnic communities with a sense of your great pleasure in their cultures and languages. Where there needs to be repentance over wrongs done across ethnic or racial lines, bring the humility that's needed for people to repent.  Where there needs to be forgiveness, bring the grace that people need to forgive.  Make your church a body of peacemakers, and may that peace draw many from all ethnic groups in our city to you.

Lord of the Nations, reign over Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.  Bring down systems that have been erected to stand in the way of the Gospel. Open doors for your word to spread to every corner of these countries - to every town and village, to every people group, even to every family.  Hasten the day when each person in these countries has an opportunity to hear the Gospel in a meaningful, relevant way, and to respond to your invitation to salvation. Raise up workers for these harvest fields - Bible translators, teachers, evangelists.  Proclaim your word in these lands through the internet and through satellite radio and TV.  Do what looks impossible today, Lord - raise up a witnessing church in each town and village throughout these countries.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

Week 5, Day 38 - Friday, Mar. 18

Father, please unify your church in worship, even when individuals may come from different traditions.  Remind us often, Lord, that worship is not about us - it's about you.  So lift our hearts together in praise that we pay less attention to the forms as we are swept away in your presence.  Raise up city-wide worship events that bring together people from different denominations and backgrounds to praise your name. Remind us often that our eternity will be spent worshiping you with people from every nation, tribe, and language, and prepare us now for that great day.

Father, we acknowledge you as the giver of life.  We are made in your image - fearfully and wonderfully knit together.  You know each person while they are yet in the womb and you have a plan for each life.  Please protect the unborn, who cannot speak out for themselves.  Be their Voice, their Advocate - in our justice system and in our politics, as well as in the hearts of their parents.  Bring to fruition your wonderful plan for each one.  Provide for unwed mothers-to-be - calm their fears and turn their hearts to you and to their unborn children. Raise up believers to come alongside them and walk with them through their pregnancies and the birth of their children. Where needed, provide adoptive parents to care for the children. Fill your people with love for the unborn and for their mothers, and push us to demonstrate that love.

Lord of the Nations, reign over the countries of Syria, Turkey, and Tunisia. Open doors for the Gospel to spread in these countries. Protect your people who are persecuted for their faith - give them courage and grace under fire. Change the trajectories of these countries, so that your name may be known far and wide in each one.  Please bring real peace to Syria - not just an absence of war, but a positive, hopeful environment where families can look forward to brighter futures. Bless Turkey for its acceptance of so many refugees - provide the economic and social resources the country needs to care for these refugees while still taking care of its own people.  May your name be blessed in each of these lands.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

Week 5, Day 39 - Saturday, Mar. 19

Father, please renew the hopeful expectation of the Church for the return of your Son.  Lord, even as your people, we confess that we get so preoccupied with daily life and even with good things like ministry, that we shift our focus from heavenly things to earthly things, and we lose that anticipation of when you will make all things new.  Remind us often, Lord, that even in the midst of uncertainty, violence, and chaos, the story is already written and the Victor already determined.  Find us faithful, Lord Jesus, when you return.

Lord, you've promised that there will be people from every nation, tribe, and language worshiping before your throne. You said that the spread of the Gospel to the whole earth would be the last sign before your return. Hasten the day, Lord, when every town and village has a vibrant, witnessing church; when every person has a chance to hear the gospel in their own language; when your word goes out in many forms to every corner of every country.  Prepare this world for your return, Lord, by calling out for yourself a remnant from every people group.

Thank you, Lord, for the elderly in our city and communities.  Thank you for giving them length of life and for the fruit borne in so many of their lives.  Please make these years fruitful, meaningful, and joyful for them. Cause them to be honored in the sight of their families and our communities. Replace the sadness of grieving those they have lost with the joy of walking day by day with you. Prepare them for the time when you will call them to their rest; in the meantime, grant them abundant lives, good health, and provision for their needs.

Lord of the Nations, send forth your Word to every town and village in the United Arab Emirates and in Yemen. Raise up workers for these harvest fields.  Provide translators for every language in these countries that is still in need of your word. Open doors for ministry and for proclamation of the gospel. Break down political, social, and cultural barriers to the spread of the Gospel. Reveal yourself throughout these countries in such a way that people will be drawn to you for salvation.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

Week 6, Day 40 - Sunday, Mar. 20 (Palm Sunday)

Father, we long to see the return of your Son in glory. Prepare your Church as a Bride waiting for her bridegroom. Fill us with expectancy.  Fill us also with your heart, Lord - that we would prepare not only ourselves but as many others as we can who will call on your name. Fill us with a sense of urgency to proclaim your salvation.

Lord Jesus, please bless the children in our generation.  Call them to yourself - to praise you as the children did on Palm Sunday. Raise up parents, teachers, and spiritual leaders who will guide them in your path. Lead them not into temptation but deliver them from all kinds of evil: from those who would do them harm, from situations that are spiritually dangerous for them, from paths that will lead away from you. Raise up this generation of children to be the ones who complete the task of world evangelization and prepare the world for your return.

God, please watch over Jerusalem.  Bring reconciliation and peace to this city that so desperately needs it.  Bring salvation to Jews and Muslims alike. Open doors for the gospel to spread to every neighborhood in this city - whether Arab or Jewish. Grant your people and your church favor in the eyes of the government and in the eyes of those who are far from you. Jesus, you said you longed to gather Jerusalem under your wings as a hen gathers her chicks - do that in our day, for your glory.  Amen.


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