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•Seven L's for Good Prayer Learners

Seven L's for Good Prayer Learners
In order to be a good student in congregational prayer ministry you must:
  • LOVE GOD – and PRAYER. If you are invited by the pastor to meet with him and others, to explore how to intensify the prayer effort in your church, enter the process with a deep dependence on God. Ask God to give you a good relationship with the pastor as you mentor and with the others in your group.
  • You can’t be LAZY; you must INVEST in the experience. You can’t ask others to do for you what only you can do. So, concentrate on developing yourself and contributing to others toward the potential of the group. Don’t expect the pastor or the group to do the hard work for you.
  • Be a LOYAL member of the learning team. Demonstrate a healthy loyalty – not only to the pastor, but to the group. But at the same time, be honest. Don’t come to the meetings to simply placate the pastor. He needs potential prayer leaders to emerge from this group.
  • LEARN – Be OPEN/EAGER TO GROW AND LEARN – Go to each meeting as a sincere and open learner.
  • Determine to LIKE OTHERS – Be FOCUSED on their growth and development – Go to each meeting with a focus on helping someone else in the group – as appropriate.
  • LOWER YOURSELF/Be HUMBLE – Go to each meeting with humility, ready to submit to analysis, objective assessment, to see blind spots through the eyes of others.
  • LOOK FOR OPPORTUNITIES TO CONTRIBUTE – Go to each meeting with a contribution to make to the vision of others.
Let’s say it again: Love God, don’t be lazy, be a loyal friend and team member. Learn, make learning your goal, and show appreciation and affection for others at the table, even if that means taking a lower posture yourself. All of us need a dose of humility. Look for opportunities to contribute and to help others shine as well.
This is an excerpt from The Praying Church Made Simple, a new resource for congregational prayer ministries. The purpose ofThe Praying Church Made Simpleis to establish clear beginning points for revitalizing the congregational prayer effort; and to set forth a simple approach to prayer mobilization for the smaller congregation.
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