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This discussion is being added to feature various resources to help Pray.Network members pray for America.  Websites, prayer guides, books, and events will be featured here.  Some will be repeated in other areas of Pray.Network; but this discussion is meant to gather all these resources together as a starting point for those interested in praying deeply for the United States.  We invite all those who are interested to visit the websites and check out the other resources posted here!

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Prayerwalking Every Street

Coalition Calls for Prayerwalking Every Street

news leader.jpgA coalition of influential evangelical, charismatic, and Pentecostal leaders met in December 2015 in Colorado Springs, CO, to discuss a comprehensive, national prayer strategy leading up to the elections in November 2016.

The coalition—including Paul Cedar (Mission America), John Bornschein (National Day of Prayer Task Force), Ed Silvoso (Harvest Evangelism), Dutch Sheets, Lou Engle, David Butts (America’s National Prayer Committee), Mike and Cindy Jacobs (Generals of Intercession), and David Kubal (Intercessors for America)— came to a consensus that God is leading them to unite and issue a national call for multiple days of fasting and prayerwalking.

Out of this has emerged a coalition of ministries called As One. The strategy revolves around two 40-day periods of prayerwalking, fasting, and corporate prayer events. The first will start on Easter Sunday, March 27, and run through the National Day of Prayer on May 5. The second begins on September 30 and ends on Election Day. There will also be collaboration with other major national prayer events happening throughout the year.

The plan is to prayerwalk every street and zip code. A new website,, has devotions, information, and many resources to equip this prayer effort.

(C) 2016 Prayer Connect.

There are many ways to pray for the United States.  Some take a very politicized approach to prayer, seamlessly blending politics with spiritual truth in ways that are sometimes inspired and at other times, well, pretty agenda-based.  Others take a more generic approach, simply trusting God to bring about the right results without really concerning themselves too much with specific issues.  Still others take an approach founded not in politics but in Scripture and less issue-based than Word-based.  In this last camp falls a 40-day prayer devotional entitled Desperate for Change, by Dave Butts.


Desperate for Change focuses its prayer topics on scriptural themes such as peace, hope, courage, and wisdom.  Each day's devotion features a couple of paragraphs on that day's theme, then two or three bullet points to guide prayer and finally a written prayer from Dave.  The tone is heartfelt, worshipful - and yes, a bit desperate.  Desperate to see God glorified in our country; desperate to see our country return to His ways.  Desperate, in the words of Day 1's devotion, to see the United States reverse the trend of placing man's wisdom above the truth of God's word.


This 40-day devotional is great for individual or small group use; but perhaps its greatest potential lies in using it as a guide for a churchwide prayer campaign.  If it's true (and it is) that the greatest difference Christians can make on the direction and shape of our country is through prayer, then Desperate for Change is an investment in our country that the Church cannot afford to pass up.


Desperate for Change is available through Harvest Prayer Ministries at (click the picture for a link directly to this resource).  It's also the basis for the "As One" prayer campaign featured in the Praying for the United States group ( here on Pray.Network.

There are many organizations and sites devoted to praying for the United States.  One of the largest is the Presidential Prayer Team.  Founded in 2001, PPT is a source of prayer information and requests for all three branches of our government, plus a source of prayer for international events.  The PPT is chaired by Franklin Graham, CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

PPT's outlook is morally conservative but is carefully neutral politically.  On the site you'll find prayer requests for the President and Executive branch, for judges, and for Senators and Representatives regardless of political affiliation, in accordance with Paul's instructions to Timothy (1 Timothy 2:1-4).  This is an important distinction, as many prayer movements and organizations are strongly political.  PPT seeks God's answers to prayer, rather than "giving God the answers" and asking him to simply bring them about.

The PPT site is updated constantly with new prayer requests.  Two email prayer letters are available; the first, a daily devotional that includes three timely prayer requests about current issues; the second, a weekly prayer digest including prayer items for all three branches of government, with a focus on praying for individuals.  PPT also emails special prayer alerts for time-sensitive issues and crisis situations. 

The site features pages with several different contributions toward praying for America:

  • Prayer Tools, a page with current prayer topics
  • Inside Washington, a page featuring current events in more depth, with additional prayer requests
  • Viewpoint, a kind of editorial page, again with encouragements to pray
  • Bright Spot, a page featuring a positive news story (rare these days!)
  • Morality in America, another page with deeper analysis of social and political trends from a Christian moral standpoint.

PPT runs a Pray the Vote campaign for each national election - both in Presidential election years and in "off years".  The related page features comments from the candidates and analysis of the campaign trends.

Many of PPT's pages are interactive, allowing members to respond to various stories and posts.  A Prayer Wall page allows members to share prayers around multiple themes.

If you're interested in praying for our country with a spiritual rather than political emphasis, check out the Presidential Prayer Team.  You can find them at



Resources from the National Day of Prayer

Probably the best-known prayer event related to praying for our country is the National Day of Prayer.  Over the years, NDoP has become much more than a one-day event.  They now have a web page (see the link above) devoted to providing multiple resources to help us pray for the United States.  This page includes, among other resources:

  • A 40-day prayer guide to help individuals or small groups pray through the major spheres of influence in the US
  • A prayer map that takes you through 31 days to pray for all the states in the US
  • A guide to help  you pray for people in authority
  • A 3-week youth study to help prepare for the National Day of Prayer
  • "Teach Us To Pray", a small-group curriculum
  • "Fresh Encounter", a 28-day devotional guide
  • "The Power of Family Prayer", a study of the impacts of prayer on the home and family.

Check out these resources from National Day of Prayer and get praying!

Prayer Watch Network

The Prayer Watch Network is  ministry of the Presidential Prayer Team and provides real-time prayer alerts covering current events.  PWN can be accessed on any mobile device, laptop, or computer.  This is a great tool for "praying without ceasing" through the day for our country!

Click the link above for a short video.

How to Pray for People in Government

How to pray for people in government  and other positions of authority
From: ‘Prayer changes everything’, written by Bennie Mostert, Carpe Diem publishers 
1 Tim.2:1-2 has clear instructions that we should pray "for kings and all those in authority."   This is a direct instruction from Scripture which we should regard seriously.  A battle is under way in the air for political rule in each country.  If the powers of darkness are allowed to work undisturbed and influence people, they will get control over governments and people in positions of authority.  The consequences will be catastrophic.   Apart from the fact that the Evil One wants to control and manipulate people in the political field, he wants to control people in any other position of authority.

The attached document, also available on the Operation World website (see link above), provides several helpful ways to pray for government leaders and others in authority.



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