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I have highlighted the Presidential Prayer Team previously in a Pray.Network Spotlight.  I'm adding this discussion to feature alerts sent out by the PPT for prayer.  Please join in praying for our country!

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Chick-Fil-A Employees Worked Sunday to Support Orlando Workers

From the PPT Prayer Watch on 6/14:  (What a great testimony to the love of God!)

Employees at some Orlando area Chick-fil-A restaurants were hard at work on Sunday.

The Atlanta-based chain known for being closed on Sundays said they weren’t sure of how many, but did confirm that several Orlando area stores prepared meals following the attack at a popular nightclub, providing food and any additional assistance to those in need.

One Chick-fil-A location posted a photo of their flags at half-staff and the following message to their Facebook page, saying “God Bless the USA. Home is where the (heart) is. Orlando is our home. ?#‎prayfororlando.”

Chick-fil-A employees were seen distributing sandwiches and ice tea to those who waited several hours in line to donate blood in addition to the hundreds of law enforcement officials who responded to the shooting scene.

“We are appalled by the senseless crime that was committed this weekend, but we are part of a community that stands strong and stands together,” one local Chick-fil-A wrote on its Facebook page Monday, adding that it was donating chicken biscuits and orange juice that morning to police, first responders and firefighters.

Forty-nine people died Sunday in the shooting at Pulse, an Orlando gay bar in the worst mass shooting in American history.

(Sources: Fox 5, Charlotte Observer, Facebook)

As the Lord leads, please pray:

  • For God’s blessings on those giving of themselves in response to the Orlando massacre
  • For the healing of the Orlando community
  • For the families of those killed and wounded in the attack

Iraqi Police Recapture Parts of Falluja from ISIS

(6/17/2016 7:06:00 AM)

Troops from the Iraqi Federal Police recaptured the mayor's office building in central Falluja and raised the national flag, according to the organization's official Facebook page.

"Iraq's federal forces continue to hunt the remnants of ISIS militants in the city center," Raid Jawdat, the head of the Iraqi Federal Police posted Friday on the official page.

Iraqi forces, with the help of Shiite militias and U.S. air power, began advancing toward Falluja on May 23 in hopes of wresting control of the city from the clutches of ISIS. Falluja was the first Iraqi city to fall to ISIS fighters in 2014.

Iraqi counter-terrorism forces recaptured the large, central neighborhood of Nazzal and have now surrounded the city's main hospital, according to a statement from the Iraqi Joint Operations Command on Friday.

Sabah al-Numan, the counter-terrorism spokesman said live on Iraqi state TV that there were snipers inside the main hospital. "It's just a couple of hours, then we will storm the building," he said.

Earlier this week, CNN crews reported seeing intense and steady artillery, tank, rocket and mortar bombardment of Falluja, trying to drive ISIS out.

(Sources: CNN, Fox)

As the Lord leads, please pray:

  • For victory against ISIS in Iraq
  • For U.S. forces stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • For the defeat of terror organizations around the world

Issue # 250 Oct 13 – Oct 19, 2016


Secretary of State John Kerry promised that the U.S. would retaliate against Russian President Vladimir Putin's attempts to meddle in the American presidential election.

A new Homeland Security Department study reveals that illegal crossings of the U.S. southern border may be far higher than what the Administration previously reported.

Pray about the growing tensions that result from American foreign policies.


A new WSJ poll shows that, by a margin of 49 to 42 percent, Americans feel that Democrats should control Congress, the biggest advantage since October 2013.

Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman (New Jersey) proposed legislation to make it illegal for any company to ask a job application about his or her salary history during the hiring process.

Pray for all the members of the House and Senate who are out on the campaign trail this month.


A federal appeals court ruled that the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is unconstitutional, but it stopped short of closing down the agency.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said national anthem protesters are "dumb" and "disrespectful," and that she hopes the practice would "go away."

Pray for wisdom for the members of America's judiciary, and especially for our Supreme Court.


Andy Slavitt,Acting Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Rand Paul,United States Senator from Kentucky
Judge Nina Pillard,U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit
Todd A. Weiler,Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower and Reserve Affairs

For more information on these prayer requests and Daily Member Updates please visit


Islamic militants have placed booby traps across the city of Mosul, dug tunnels and recruited children as spies in anticipation of President Obama's announced coming offensive. Iran-alligned Houthi rebels in Yemen fired two missiles at a U.S. Navy destroyer that was in international waters in the Red Sea. Both hit the water without injury or damage.

Pray about America's involvement in the prosecution of the war against ISIS.
Germany is considering a push for European sanctions against Russia in response to its actions in the Syrian conflict, particularly the rebel-held city of Aleppo. Nuri al Malaki is once again positioning himself as Iraq's most powerful man, to return as a kingmaker in the fight for influence that could decide Iraq's future as a unified country.

Continue to pray about the situations in the Middle East and the many factors that are a part of them.
Saudi Arabia's public affairs organization in the U.S. has called for the kingdom to form a "collaborative alliance" with Israel since they haven't had provocative actions against each other. Led by Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas), 39 U.S. lawmakers called on UNESCO to oppose a resolution that would challenge Jewish and Chritian historical ties to the Old City of Jerusalem.

Pray that the United States would continue to support Israel and keep Jerusalem an open city.
Friday's new jobs report revealed lower-than-expected results, although President Obama declared a "record streak of job growth" in his weekly White House address. According to a new Gallup poll, 22 percent of Americans say the economy is under-regulated, while nearly 47 percent say there is too much, and the others are undecided.

Pray about the programs the presidential candidates have for renewing America's economy.

The storm's U.S. death toll climbed to more than two dozen, as floods continue to ravage parts of North Carolina, and communities across the hurricane's path are still without power. Haiti faces a crisis that requires "a massive response" from the international community, where at least 1.4 million people need food, water and medical aid, the UN said.

Pray for the work of groups like Samaritan's Purse, working in both North Carolina and Haiti to bring relief.

When the righteous increase, the people rejoice; but when the wicked rule, the people groan. - Proverbs 29:2

Pray the Vote Feature Article: Issues in Education

Issues in Education

Pray The Vote

How will America get over falling behind the world in education?

By Gigi Cook

Last week, President Obama announced U.S. high school graduation rates are going up again, marking the fifth straight year of upward progress. It’s sobering to realize however, while more likely to graduate, American 15-year-olds score below the majority of their peers in the industrialized world in math, science, and reading. Recalling when American education was once considered the envy of the entire world, how does one get over falling so far behind? Most educators agree there is no magical overnight overhaul, but in this election year there are two distinct platforms being presented as “the best next step.”

Pressing issues in the conversation on education in America start with some of the most important persons in the school system, the teachers. How can America recruit and retain the very best teachers? How should they be compensated and will their compensation have any ties to the performance of the children in their classrooms?

In addition to teacher concerns, disputes over standards, budgets, and accountability sideline many possible solutions for educational reform. For example, how important is it to balance the funds spent between wealthy and poor school districts? Should schools be held responsible for failing test scores? And of utmost importance; WHO determines the standards for accountability – the federal government or individual states?

Attempts to answer these questions have resulted in the controversial No Child Left Behind program and the Common Core debate. Going forward, the government will play a significant role in re-shaping American education. Both major party presidential candidates press for your vote specifically on education issues.

In a nutshell, Democrat Hillary Clinton opposes connecting teacher evaluations and test outcomes to pay and supports universal preschool. And when it comes to higher education, she is for reforming the student loan process and providing tuition free college for qualified populations.

Republican Donald Trump supports returning education policy to individual states and doing away with Common Core education standards. He supports school choice.

The National Education Association (NEA), the nation’s largest teachers union, endorses Hillary Clinton. Her platform opposes teacher evaluations being tied to student test outcomes and supports the Obama Administration’s plan to eliminate what she deems “unnecessary” standardized testing. She plans to initiate a new student loan policy decreasing the indebtedness of college graduates. And for families with a combined income of $125,000 or less, in-state public colleges could be attended tuition free. Clinton proposes a $350 billion plan for higher education reform. She also voiced her view of charter schools as “supplementary education and not a substitute for public school.”

Representing the Republican platform, Donald Trump, speaking in Ohio, laid out a student loan repayment plan: “We would cap repayment for an affordable portion of the borrower’s income, 12.5 percent”. He went on to call school choice the “new civil rights issue of our time.” He also came out in support for merit pay for teachers, saying, “I support rewarding our best teachers instead of the failed tenure system that rewards bad teachers”.

Campaigning at the American Legion National Convention, Trump highlighted his goal of promoting patriotism in U.S. schools. “I want our kids to learn the incredible achievements of America’s history, its institutions, and its heroes. We will stop apologizing for America. We will be united by our common culture, values and principles – becoming One American Nation: One country, under one constitution, saluting one American Flag. The flag all of you helped to protect and preserve.”

For faithful followers of Christ there are many issues to consider in this election cycle: the appointment of Supreme Court justices, defense of religious liberty, the fight to protect the unborn, our friendship with Israel, resolving racial tensions, national security, and the preservation of limited government and a free market. Education may seem to be one of the background issues, but the training of America’s future leaders and citizens is an important issue deserving your prayer and attention.

Pray today:
• God will bless America’s next generation of leaders through good schools and quality education.
• Voters will choose the best platform to restore America’s schools to health and excellence.
• America’s education system will be led by people of integrity and wisdom.

[From the Presidential Prayer Team website]


Pray The Vote

Should the policy be open door?

By Linda Gilden

With the presidential election upon us, more people than ever are trying to educate themselves as to the candidate worthy of their vote. The list of differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is long and voters are struggling to determine who aligns more closely with their personal convictions and beliefs.

One of the issues at the forefront of their discussions is immigration. Many Bible verses speak specifically about “sojourners” in foreign lands. Exodus 22:21 says, “You shall not wrong a sojourner or oppress him, for you were sojourners in the land of Egypt.” But the issue here is not visitors.

When your presidential candidates speak on the topic of immigration, they are speaking of those who are not in this country for a short time but foreign residents who have made the United States their home. The controversy occurs concerning the 11.1 million unauthorized immigrants that the Pew Research Center estimates are living in this country—people who have arrived by breaking the law.

While both candidates agree this country’s borders need to be secure, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton do not agree on many aspects of the subject of immigration.

Donald Trump wants to build a wall between the United States and Mexico and even states that Mexico will pay for building the wall. He says this will keep the illegal immigrants from coming into the country and make a positive difference on the amount of heroin and other drugs coming into the United States from that area. Trump will also address those who have already crossed the border and established residence here. No longer will sanctuary cities receive federal funds to protect undocumented immigrants. He will work to send those who are here illegally back to their home countries. Many of those undocumented immigrants are hired for jobs that could have gone to Americans. Trump has announced plans to see that unemployed Americans have first opportunities for jobs as well as raising wages.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton refuses to deport those who are in this country illegally. She says she would uphold President Obama’s refusal to deport those undocumented people living here under his leadership. Her plan is to assist them in whatever way they need to live, work, and be taken care of in this country and start them on what she calls “a path to citizenship.” If she is elected president, Hillary Clinton has said she will close immigration detention centers in favor of supervised release programs.

As a believer, what should your attitude be to those who have come into this country illegally? Should they be herded back to the country from which they came as has happened in history? Should they be immediately deported, as Trump suggests? Should they be allowed to stay and become citizens, as Clinton suggests, overlooking the fact that they have broken the law? All countries have laws and procedures to go through to enter and live as well as penalties for those who don’t respect them. This country has the laws; they just haven’t been enforced properly.

Believers who struggle with this issue should keep in mind that immigrants are God’s children and must be treated with respect and kindness. He desires all to be part of God’s Kingdom. Many who have broken the law have done so in a desperate attempt to find a better life for their families. They must bear the consequences for that. But most Americans cannot imagine having to face that situation. Perhaps if someone can share the Gospel with them while they are here, they could not just have a better life on this earth but for eternity.

The hope that the world needs is Jesus Christ. This country was founded on belief in God and His hope. “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful” (Hebrews 10:23).

Pray for:
1. Candidates in the upcoming election. Ask God to fill them with love for their country.
2. Those 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country. May God’s love and grace be shown to them in the midst of the turmoil of their lives. May they understand that they have broken the law of the land in which they are living and must take responsibility for their actions.
3. Voters as they go to the polls. First that they would be prompted to vote and second that they would vote wisely.

November 18: President Obama Encourages Anti-Trump Protesters to Keep Marching

[from the PPT's US Prayer Watch Network website]

President Obama, speaking at a press conference in Germany, passed up the opportunity Thursday to tamp down the anti-Donald Trump protests back home, instead urging those taking part not to remain "silent."

The president fielded a question on the protests during a joint news conference in Berlin alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"I suspect that there’s not a president in our history that hasn’t been subject to these protests," he answered. "So, I would not advise people who feel strongly or who are concerned about some of the issues that have been raised during the course of the campaign, I wouldn’t advise them to be silent."

He added: “Voting matters, organizing matters and being informed on the issues matter.”

Protests have broken out in cities across the country since Trump's upset victory last Tuesday. Some have been peaceful, but there have been incidents of violence, including a demonstration last Thursday in Portland that escalated into a destructive riot.

Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway repeatedly has called for Obama to speak out on the unrest.

“I am calling for responsibility and decency. I hope President Obama says, ‘Cut it out,'" she told "Fox News Sunday."

Obama, though, so far has not done so, speaking mostly in generalities.

"Whenever you have got an incoming president of the other side, particularly after a bitter election like this, it takes a while for people to reconcile themselves with that new reality. Hopefully, it's a reminder that elections matter and voting counts," he told reporters on Monday.

Sources: (Fox, CNN)

As the Lord leads, please pray:

• That President Obama will condemn the violent protests across the country

• That all Americans will unite behind President-elect Trump

• For the healing of America’s racial and political divide

November 19: North Carolina Governor Race Undecided Amid Fraud Claims

North Carolina’s gubernatorial race was undecided 10 days after the Nov. 8 vote and new allegations by the Republican incumbent’s campaign about felons and dead people casting ballots could leave the outcome in limbo for weeks.

Republican Governor Pat McCrory, trailing Democratic challenger Roy Cooper by about 6,300 votes according to the state elections website Friday afternoon, has not conceded. Under state law, Friday was the deadline for counties to certify their results.

But challenges over the validity of hundreds of votes and reviews of provisional ballots were expected to delay the reports from many, if not all, of the state’s 100 counties, elections officials said.

Protests being filed by registered voters in some 50 counties argue that up to 200 ballots should be thrown out because they were cast under the names of dead people or by felons or individuals who voted more than once, according to the campaign.

McCrory representatives also said thousands of votes in 12 counties may have been part of an absentee ballot fraud scheme.

If McCrory trails by 10,000 or fewer votes once counties submit their final tallies, he could demand a recount.

A Cooper victory would be the only governorship addition for Democrats. Republicans, who flipped seats in New Hampshire, Missouri and Vermont, will hold at least 33 governor offices next year, the most for the party since 1922.

Sources: (Huffington Post, New York Times)
As the Lord leads, please pray:
• For the Governorship of North Carolina to be decided soon
• For North Carolina elections officials as they investigate fraud allegations
• For integrity and truth to prevail in elections

November 19: Atheist Group Forces Football Coach to End 30-Year Pra...

Jack Henzes, the head football coach of the undefeated Dunmore High School Bucks, has been forced to end his 30-year tradition of praying with his team before each game because of a complaint the school district received in June from the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist legal group that advocates for a strict separation of church and state.

"When a public school employee acting in an official capacity organizes, leads or participates in team prayer, he effectively endorses religion on the district's behalf," the letter from FFRF to the school district's administration stated.

As FFRF claimed to be speaking on behalf of a local resident who complained about the prayer and how it's an endorsement of religion, Dunmore Superintendent John Marichak replied to the group's complaint in a letter dated Oct. 31.

"We directed coach Henzes to be sure that he should not partake in any such behavior," Marichak wrote in the letter, according to the Scranton Times-Tribune. "We also covered this with all of our personnel to be consistent and exhaustive in the upholding of the law."

Coach Henzes told local news station WBRE-TV that he only prayed with his team to ask God to protect the player from injury during the games.

"We pray to the good Lord hoping none of our players, or the other players, are hurt because we know how hard they work," Henzes said, according to CBN News.

The close-knit group of players said they will carry on the tradition, despite their coaches' absence.

Sources: (The Christian Post, CBN News)
As the Lord leads, please pray:
• For Coach Henzes as he continues to work with his team
• For the Dunmore High School football players as they continue to pray together as a team
• For freedom of religious expression by coaches and players

November 22: President-Elect Trump Outlines Policy Plan for First 1...

President-elect Donald Trump unveiled plans Monday for his first 100 days in office, including proposals related to immigration, trade deals and defense policy, using a video published online to briefly outline his proposals.

Trump promised to withdraw from negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, cancel environmental restrictions put in place by President Barack Obama, ask his national security team to buttress against infrastructure attacks, have the Labor Department investigate federal worker visas and impose broad new bans on lobbying by government employees.

The six items Trump detailed Monday are all somewhat easy lifts inside Washington – because they can be done with a simple signature by Trump and do not require congressional approval.

"Whether it's producing steel, building cars, or curing disease, I want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here, in our great homeland: America – creating wealth and jobs for American workers," Trump said in the two-and-a-half-minute video statement. "As part of this plan, I've asked my transition team to develop a list of executive actions we can take on day one to restore our laws and bring back our jobs."

On another matter, the Trump's administration will not pursue further investigations of Hillary Clinton related to her private email server or the Clinton Foundation, Trump's former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said Tuesday, a significant break from a major campaign promise.

"I think when the President-elect, who's also the head of your party, tells you before he's even inaugurated that he doesn't wish to pursue these charges, it sends a very strong message, tone, and content" to fellow Republicans, Conway said in an interview on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

Sources: (CNN, Wall Street Journal)
As the Lord leads, please pray:
• For President-Elect Trump as he gets ready to take office
• That the Trump administration will be able to fulfill his campaign promises
• That America will move forward toward a brighter future

November 23: Wayne State University Police Officer Shot in Detroit

A Wayne State University police officer was released from surgery and is fighting for his life after being shot in the head while on patrol near campus Tuesday night.

According to Detroit Police Chief James Craig, 29-year-old Colin Rose, a five-year veteran of the department who works in the canine unit, was on duty when he radioed to say he was investigating possible thefts of navigation systems from cars and SUVs, and was about to speak to someone apparently on a bike.

Officers who arrived on the scene found the officer injured on the ground, Craig said.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, DeAngelo Davis was named a person of interest in the shooting and was arrested but it wasn’t immediately clear whether he was the gunman.

The station reported that a $5,000 reward was being offered for the recovery of the gun used in the shooting. Deputy Detroit police Chief Steve Dolunt said the officer was not shot with his own gun.

A woman who witnessed the shooting told Fox 2 Detroit it happened while Rose was attempting to apprehend someone.

"The officer was trying to get him to put his arms behind his back." the woman said. "And I'm assuming he didn't want to and he just shot him. We heard one shot and we looked, and the officer was down."

"It was boom, boom, boom," Jacob Bolton, 20, who lives nearby, said in an interview later. "I heard some gunshots and I heard somebody hollering. But at first I thought I was dreaming."

Sources: (Fox, Detroit News)
As the Lord leads, please pray:
• For Officer Rose as he battles to stay alive
• For Officer Rose’s family as they wait and pray for his recovery
• For police officers nationwide as they protect their communities

November 24: Repo Man Helps Elderly Couple Pay Off Bill for Reposse...

{What a great Thanksgiving story from the Presidential Prayer Team website}

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, a car repo worker helped an elderly couple pay off the outstanding bill on their car, which he had to repossess after they fell behind on their payments.

"It's just been a miracle," 69-year-old Pat Kipping said of what happened to her and her 83-year-old husband, Stan Kipping.

"I don’t know where to even start. We got behind about three payments on the car. I had called the bank and I said, 'Can you please give me until Dec. 3 and I will catch up on them?' and they said, 'No.' So I hung up and prayed and then he, Jim, showed up to repossess the car," Pat Kipping told ABC News of Jim Ford, a man she says she had never met before he came to repossesses her car last week.

"The next thing I know is that he showed up three days later and brought the car back," she continued. "He had it detailed, and the oil changed, and changed the light bulbs. It also came with a turkey. It is just so overwhelming for me.

"When they took my car, I thought my husband and I were going to break. I thought, 'We have no way of going places.' I prayed to God. I said, 'Whatever you decide, God, we’ll be OK.' And that’s what happened."

"He just has brought hope back into my life," Pat Kipping said of Ford. "He’s my best friend."

Ford told ABC News that he had received a notice from the bank asking him to go pick up the Kippings' car, so he went out that night but saw that they were sleeping and decided to come back the next morning.

"So I end up going to their house. They invited me in and they were telling me about the prescription costs and saying how when they pay for their prescriptions for the medicine, they can't pay their car payment.

"Then I take their car and I call the bank and I said, 'Hey, how much is it if I just pay this thing off right now,” Ford asked.

Ford said he called his friend that evening to figure out how they could come up with the $2,000 needed. "I said, 'Man, I've got to do something for these people otherwise I won't be able to sleep.'"

Ford said that just among his friends they raised enough money to pay off the entire car and even raised $1,000 extra, which they gave directly to the couple to help them out.

Sources: (ABC, Fox)
As the Lord leads, please pray:
• For the Kipplings as they struggle to make ends meet
• That God will bless Jim Ford and his friends for their generosity
• That Christians will reach out to others in need during this holiday season

60,000 Israelis Evacuated in Haifa as Fires Continue to Rage

More than 60,000 people from the northern city of Haifa were evacuated from their homes Thursday, as firefighters battle massive blazes that have gripped the country over the past three days.

A number of countries, including Russia and Turkey, sent firefighting planes to assist Israel in tackling the fires, which officials said may have been started intentionally. Israel's internal security agencies are looking into the causes of the blazes, which started on Monday night and have broken out in several other places around the country.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Haifa on Thursday evening to meet with fire and police chiefs. He said that if the fires were started by arsonists, those responsible "will be punished gravely."

Officials said that about 10 firefighting planes from Croatia, Cyprus, Greece and Italy, as well as Russia and Turkey, had either arrived in Israel or were on their way. The Palestinian Authority also said it would send some fire crews.

Weather experts said the fires, which began in bush areas, had spread widely because of gusty winds following the dry summer months.

Sources: (The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune)
As the Lord leads, please pray:
• For the evacuees to return to their homes quickly
• For the capture of the arsonists
• For safety of the fire officials as they battle the fires


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