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Adding a new discussion to encourage daily prayer using Operation World through 2015-2016. Starting a few days early!!  

The country of the day can be found at the OW home page:; click on the 'Pray Today' header picture to get to the country info.  The info in the page is an excerpt from the book.  For anyone who is interested, you can sign up for a daily e-mail on the site as a reminder to pray; the e-mail basically contains a link to the home page and also a link to the specific country of the day.  

Please feel free to join in the prayer!  Don't feel like you need to pray through the whole day in OW or even for every request on the website excerpt; just pray as God leads through that day's country.

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Father, please bless Zambia with the return of many of its people whom you have grsnted skills and talents that could help the country to grow in stability and provude for its people.  Bless your church with gifted leaders whom you can use in turn to bless the country.

Thank you, Lord, for the growth of your church in Zambia. Please bring about truly Zambian expressions of faith in your church, that your word would be seen and believed as part of Zambian culture rather than as something imposed from outside.  May your church increase in honor and in impact in Zambia.

In Jesus' name. Amen.


Father, please grant wisdom, compassion, and resources to your Church in Zimbabwe to cope with the AIDS pandemic.  Put your church at the forefront of the revival, heart change, and purity needed to combat the disease.  Give your people hearts of grace rather than judgment, and bless your church materially that she in turn may be a blessing to the many people suffering from AIDS.  

Please grant wisdom to the government to institute equitable and productive land reform and to reverse the trend toward increased dependence on food imports.  Raise up leaders free from corruption - leaders who will serve and who will put the needs of the country's people first.

In Jesus' name.  Amen.

Zimbabwe - Dec. 25

Father, please grow your church in Zimbabwe in wisdom, depth, purity, and compassion.

Cleanse your church of practices that oppose the gospel and lead people away from you.  Where traditional pagan practices have remained, please replace those with practices that reflect the truth of your word.

Bring unity among the evangelical, mainline, and indigenous churches.  Heal divisions among them and enable them to carry out together the mission that you intended for your church.  Help them to put aside minor differences for the sake of the spread of the gospel and glory of your name.

Grant wisdom to church leaders in their interactions with the government.  Lord, make them as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves - not compromising the truth of your word, but finding ways to lead the country in compassion and outreach.  Please grant the church favor in the eyes of key government officials, and even raise up leaders who walk closely with you, bringing change in the antagonistic relationship between the church and the government.

Grow your church in depth of knowledge of your word and in wisdom and training.  Bless the efforts of the Bible schools and seminaries, and the TEE courses.  Use these to raise up leaders for your church who will be well-grounded in your word and able to equip your people for growth and for works of service.

In Jesus' name.  Amen

Human Trafficking

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on all those around the world who are caught up in human trafficking.  Provide a way out for those who are enslaved in every country.  Restore the dignity of those who have managed to escape, especially those who have been victims of sex trafficking.  Raise up your church to come alongside them with offers of hope, grace, and compassion.  Make us more like you, Lord, when you forgave the woman caught in adultery and restored her.

Please shine a light on the dark places where human trafficking is taking place.  Change the hearts and minds of those who are inflicting this evil on others.  Bring to justice those who are taking advantage of the weak and helpless in this way.  Resource your church to be able to fight this battle on all fronts, and especially to be able to care for those who have been caught in trafficking.  Bring conviction also to the consumers of sex trafficking - help them to see the hurt they are causing and draw them to repentance and to salvation in yourself.


Dec 28 - Bible translation and distribution

Father, please send forth your word to every nation, tribe, language, and people. Raise up more workers for the task of Bible translation and lead them to native language-speakers who can help them learn local languages. Grant them wisdom and insight into both the Scriptures and the local languages, and produce through them translations of your word that will be accurate and truthful as well as meaningful in the target cultures. Give them patience for the long labor; protect their health in different lands and climates.

For those cultures that are primarily oral, please raise up the resources to develop and distribute the Scriptures in spoken form. Grant the translators wisdom to know where to pursue written translations and where to emphasize spoken ones.

In whatever form your word goes forth, Lord, may it find good soil, take root, and produce a crop leading to the salvation of people from every group.

In Jesus' name. Amen

Dec 29 - World Leaders

Father, thank you for the leaders around the world who acknowledge and follow you, and whom you guide by your Spirit in their leadership.  Thank you for those who seek your wisdom, who lead with servant hearts, and who carry out their duties with integrity.  Bless them, Father, and continue to make them a blessing to those whom they lead.  Hear their prayers for wisdom and answer as you did for Solomon.

Please bring repentance to those who have set themselves against you, who rule for their own benefit, and who take advantage of those whom they should be caring for.  Touch their lives in whatever way you need to - like you did with Nebuchadnezzar - to bring about a new trajectory in their leadership and in their countries.  Give them courage to put behind them the things of darkness and to embrace the light of your word and of your wisdom.

For those who refuse your grace, Lord God, please replace them and raise up leaders who will both honor you and serve the people in their place.  Bring down those who lift themselves up; humble the proud.  Root out corruption and raise up men and women of integrity and compassion to replace them.

Please grant unity and wisdom to the leaders of the world and guide them to tackle the difficult issues facing our day - famine, poverty, disease, wars.  Empower them to set aside politics both internally and internationally in order to resolve these and other issues.  

Lord God, the hearts of kings and rulers are in your hands.  Please bring honor to your name through them worldwide - whether demonstrating your grace and compassion through them, or your power in the face of their defiance.  

In Jesus' name. Amen

Dec 31 - The Lord's Return

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.  Please move dramatically in the world in 2015 to reach the unreached with the Gospel.  Raise up workers for your harvest field - people who will pray, send, and go to the least reached peoples of the world.  Wake up the parts of your Church that are sleeping - find us ready, with lamps trimmed, when you return!

Jan 01 - World

Father, thank you for the expansion of the gospel in recent decades to the far corners of the earth.  Thank you for organizations like Operation World, Mission Frontiers, and the Joshua Project; for individuals like Patrick Johnstone and Ralph Winter; and for conferences like Urbana - all of which you have used to greatly advance the Great Commission.  

Thank you for the doors you have opened into previously unreached groups and hard-to-reach areas.  Thank you for the work of your Spirit in people's hearts, preparing them to hear your word; for raising up workers for the harvest field to translate your word and take it to the unreached; for the planging and multiplying of your church.

Lord God, may 2015 see even greater progress for the Gospel and expansion of your church!!

In Jesus' name.  Amen.

Jan 02 - World, Global Hot Spots

Father, thank you for the prayer movements you have raised up and are strengthening around the world.  Thank you for the prayer celebrations like the National Day of Prayer, Global Day of Prayer, International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.  Thank you for prayer networks like IHOP and 24x7 Prayer and for the many prayer resources you have raised up, like the Joshua Project, Global Prayer Digest, and many others.  Please continue to grow these movements and bless them with fruit that brings glory to your name.  Provide for the needs of these organizations, bless and empower the workers who are striving to grow prayer around the world.

Hear the prayers of your people, Lord, as we ask you to spread your fame around the world.  Hear our cries for the poor and needy, our petitions for the persecuted, our pleas for wisdom for international leaders.  Hear, Father, and answer in ways that will continue to spread the Gospel and bring honor to your name.

In Jesus' name.  Amen.

Jan 03 - World, Global trends

Father, thank you for opening the eyes of your church to the need for holistic mission. Thank you for unleashing your grace and compassion through your church to "the least of these". Thank you for demonstrations of your love that give hope to the hopeless, and for opening doors of service to your people, that your word may continue to spread. Please continue to open those doors, drwaing more people who are far from you to yourself. 

Thank you for your concern for the oppressed. Please rescue those who are caught up in human trafficking and bring them to places of safety. Raise up your church to address this issue on a global scale and make differences one life at a time. Change the hearts of those who are abusing others through trafficking and bring to light those things that ae being done in darkness.

In Jesus' name.


Jan 04 - World, Global trends

Father, thank you for expanding the movement of missions. Thank you for the emergence of many more missionary-sending countries, especially from the Majority world.  Thank you for greater cooperation between North and South, and for the humility that enables your people to work together with servants' hearts.  Thank you also for raising up creative ways for sending missionaries and opening doors of service to your church.

Lord God, please use all of this to plant and grow your church in every nation, tribe, and language. Empower missionaries to share the gospel effectively in the context of the cultures to which you lead them. Give mission agencies wisdom to know when to take less traditional approaches to reach cultures that are honor/shame-based or that are oral in nature. In all of these areas, accomplish the purpose for which you send forth your word.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

Jan 05 - World, Global trends

Father, thank you for the spread of your church to every country in the world and especially for rapid multiplication in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Thank you for moving people into areas where they can hear and respond to the gospel. Thank you for not only preserving but strengthening your church in areas of persecution like China, India and others.

Lord, you have given mankind a good world that can sustain all our needs. But we find that in crucial areas like clean water, there are many whose basic needs are unmet, resulting in disease and perpetuating poverty. Please forgive us for the ways in which we waste resources like water. Give us compassion for those who lack clean water, and wisdom and courage to bring about change. Thank you for groups like World Vision who are working hard to provide clean water for those who do not have it. Living Water, please satisfy both spiritual and physical thirst everywhere they exist.



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