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The Interview  A conversation with Phil Miglioratti & Roger Kindschi (P.I.T. Crew)

The Interview 

A conversation with Phil Miglioratti and Roger Kindschi (P.I.T. Crew)

Phil ~ Roger, how did God use your background in both ministry and business to point your passion toward pastors?

Roger ~ During the last 30 years I have had the opportunity to work with pastors, while on staff at 6 churches; while developing over 25 ministry teams (over 25 pastors); and being married to a pastor.

As I have connected with pastors I discovered that many pastors went into ministry to teach laity about the Scriptures, to preach /lead worship and to provide pastoral care. Many pastors do not have a background in finance, administration, facility management, conflict management.   I also discovered that pastors also become stressed out due to the pressure their ministry impacts their families.

As I have connected with many pastors, I discovered that our pastors are under stress and at times feel alone without a support network. Over the years, God has prompted me to pray for and with pastors.

Phil ~ P.I.T. Crew combines three core elements: Pastors. Intercessors. Teams. How does this work for pastors?

Roger ~ The P.I.T. Crew ministry is designed to provide a support network for pastors by a team of laity who are intentionally praying for their pastor. The P.I.T. Crew is made up of laity selected by the pastor and the P.I.T. Crew coordinator coordinates this ministry.

The pastor’s responsibilities are to select the members of the P.I.T. Crew, determine the P.I.T. Crew coordinator, determine the date and time of the monthly P.I.T. Crew gatherings and to provide the prayer requests to the P.I.T. Crew coordinator for the monthly gatherings

Phil ~ What is the role of intercessors? And, what qualifications should these volunteers have in order to serve well?

Roger ~ The role of the intercessors is to pray daily (prayer requests from their pastor) for their pastor, pray for their pastor during the worship service and to meet monthly with the P.I.T. Crew to pray for each other & their pastor. It is also essential for the prayer requests to be kept confidential

The qualifications of the P.I.T. Crew are people who are trusted by the pastor, able to keep prayer requests confidential, be people of prayer and to attend the monthly gatherings.  

Phil ~ How does the "team" component benefit both the pastor and the intercessor?

Roger ~ The TEAM component has significant value to everyone involved. As the TEAM gathers monthly, they not only pray for each other, they are building trust between each other. The benefit for the pastor is knowing that laity are praying daily and having laity praying for/with them monthly.

When people are prayed for in person, meaningful and personal relationships are developed and trust is magnified.  

Phil ~ What are the benefits to the congregation? 

Roger ~ The benefits to the congregation are significant. Prayers make a difference! Their pastor is protected from spiritual attacks (satanic attacks); pastors’ confidence is increased; pastor’s wisdom is impacted relating to leading worship, sermon preparation, decision making and crisis issues. In addition, the P.I.T. Crew is praying for pastor’s family and issues that concern their pastor relating to their ministry and their family.

Phil ~ Pastors. Intercessors. Busy!  What would you say to each as to why they should consider forming and incorporating a P.I.T. Crew in an already full schedule of responsibilities?

Roger ~ Pastors are very busy. Pastors who value the importance of prayer and realize that the P.I.T. Crew coordinator, coordinates this ministry, find the time to put together this ministry. I have discovered that many pastors will not develop a P.I.T. Crew on their own.

If I am able to work with the pastor and P.I.T. Crew coordinator regarding the development and implementation of this ministry, it more likely this ministry will become a reality.

The laity consider this opportunity to be a privilege. I have discovered that when the laity (regardless to how busy they are) are invited to be a part of the P.I.T. Crew ministry, they usually say yes to this opportunity.

Phil ~ What else should we know about P.I.T. Crew?

Roger ~ I consider the P.I.T. Crew ministry as the first component of the churches “House of Prayer” ministry. The “House of Prayer” ministry is a ministry where prayer is central to the life of the church. The “House of Prayer” ministry should include the following:

  1. P.I.T. Crew
  2. Equipping laity to be people of prayer
  3. The primary purpose of each ministry, committee, council and task force is prayer.  

Phil ~ Roger, please write a prayer expressing your concern for a pastor who does not have a disciplined and committed team of men and women who will prayer for them?

Roger ~ Lord, I want to pray for the men and women who are the pastors of thousands of churches in the United States and the world. Lord I seek your intervention to impress on pastors and laity the value of coming together as a prayer team of Christians who value prayer, especially praying for and with their pastor.


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