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In the process of researching the meanings of the letters of Hebrews, and making applicable changes to the definition--The definition of this name--Jehovah Meqaddiskem had to be changed.  I believe the change is supported by scripture which I use in the devotional for this name.

The change in definition to Jehovah Meqaddiskem due the meaning of Shin being nurturing-or caring which is a function of nurturing, actually fits scripture better.  If our sanctification were based solely on our repentance, which one could --though it would be stretching the previous definition, that our salvation is based on our actions--or works.  If that happened you could say that you have salvation by something we do ourselves.  The Bible clearly states that Jesus had to pay the price for our sins to remove the curse of death.  We cannot remove our sins by ourselves.  Only Jesus can do that.  Repentance does play a part--but bringing our sins to the Lord, but it is His blood that washes all our sin away so we can stand righteous before the Lord. 

I thank God for helping me in this study of the Names of God to uncover what Christ has done and what it means to my being right with God.

I encourage you to meditate on this definition, and thank our Lord Jesus for removing all our sins by His dying on the cross for us, shedding His blood, and rising victorious the third day.


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