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Working hard for accuracy, constantly checking my work, when I put the devotional together about a Name of god being a rock, it used the root Hebrew word sur.  The word used in the passage in this devotion has that root word and is slightly different.  It is 'Suri'.  The meaning is essentially the same or very very close. 

As I researched this name, I found an interesting verse in Ps 61 verse 2 where the Hebrew letter bet is added to the word as a prefix.  The Hebrew letter bet means house or family.  It was one of the few references I found in the Old Testament that connected the family to a rock--or was referring to God's hours or family as a rock. The way the word is translated in scripture, you would not see it being connected to the family in the translation, but it is evident as you look at the Hebrew letters used in spelling it and the letter meaning. 

The New Testament does have some references referring to Christ as a cornerstone. (Matthew 21:42, I Peter 2:5) And Christ also speaks of His Father's House in the New Testament. (John 14:2) The conclusion that I draw is that God's House is very secure.  That is something to give praise to God that it is.

I hope these thoughts will encourage someone who reads this.

Lewis, thank you for this, it did encourage me greatly.

I have just been praying for God's people to be safe when I read this - I see it as God's answer to my prayer. We are His family (adopted sons & daughters) and members of His household. Yes, God's House is very secure, because He is with us and no one can pluck any of us from His hand.

He is our Rock, where no enemy can reach us.

Ps 62:7 NLT My victory and honor come from God alone.

He is my refuge, a rock where no enemy can reach me.

Praise the Lord!


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