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Names of God

A study into Ancient Meanings of 31 Names of God, and their application, by studying the meaning of the Hebrew Letters used in their spelling.

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Introduction and Table of Contents

A Study on the Names of God

Introduction 31 Names of God using Hebrew Letter Meanings

*This study and application of 31 of the Names of God, was conducted by one who is not Jewish.  I do invite those who are Messianic Jews who are fluent in Hebrew to share their insight.  Though I believe I have captured the basic ancient meaning of the Names of God, there are nuances that  exist in Hebrew that I am not familiar with that could expand the meanings.  I would appreciate constructive help with those nuances.

*Also, please keep in mind and understand that Gentile Christians may approach the Names of God in a way which is different than the Jewish people.  This you might call a cultural difference.  The Jewish people, out of respect for God may use a different way to refer to God.  This is one area that I also welcome help in explaining.  It is important that we recognize both ways of sharing a Name of God and be respectful of both.  The key is 'Reverence' when we talk of a Name of God.

*I will add one more note for all.  Please keep in mind that in this study we are using the ancient meanings of the Hebrew letters.  The meanings used are those found through painstaking detailed research over the past 4 1/2 years. 

***Since making the above study, I would like to make my own personal critical notes about my work on the Names of God. I hope these notes will help in understanding about issues that some have with letters of Hebrew having meaning or representing something. There are some schools of thought that a letter is just a letter. There is no meaning to the letter, just a sound. There are some who attribute meanings of Hebrew letters to Jewish Kabbalistic thinking.

Jewish Kabbalistic thinking, I found, definitely tries to apply a ‘spiritual meaning’ to a letter or a number. That meaning is not always supported by scripture. There are those who look at any attempt to attribute meaning to letters is Kabbalism and therefore reject it.

With the above note, I would like to present and share the following. There have been scholars who have either been archeologists or have made it their life study to study the ancient Semitic alphabet. One recent publication, “The World’s Oldest Alphabet” by Dr. Douglass Petrovich, records the studies on the Proto-Consonantal Script of Hebrew. In it He identifies the what the letter seems to represent.

Other archeological scholars have also drawn some conclusions on that the letter represents, and possible meaning. Because of this evidence, I do not connect letter meaning as Jewish Kabbalism. In my study, I did look at what the letter represents and examined possible inferred meanings. Those inferred meanings are just the opinion of the Author. In doing so, scripture was searched to ensure that that inferred meaning was valid. That does not take the place of scripture, or add to it. It may help our understanding of what is meant in a word or a Name.

That was my intent.

I do believe the study which I did does hold true to scripture, but to avoid confusion and because of the controversy over letter meaning, which apparently does cause confusion with some, I will be restudying the Names of God, and providing a different approach to their meanings. This study will look at scripture first. I may be also in this rewrite looking at how the many of the names relate to Christ our Shepherd. This will be taken completely from scripture, and may take the meanings of the letters where appropriate to help shed some light on the meaning. In this study, scripture will be first.

There is a need to have a devotional out that will help people understand who God is. So often we hear a name, but do not realize that the name represents something, which can help us appreciate its use. It can also help us praise our God.

I would also like to add, that in our research, and also in our prayers, we need to be willing to be humble to adjust our approach to reach as many as possible (1 Corinthians 9:22). God lets us sometimes do significant exploring of an approach, then has us refocus that approach. God honors the humble, but resists the proud (James 4:6).

As I present my studies using scripture, I would like to hear your thoughts too. They help me in  writing, and ultimately may make a final product that will encourage many.

 I will be adding this second study as it progresses.  

Table of Contents

Day 1 EL SHADDAI, God, The Nurturing God

Day 2 JEHOVAH, Mighty Deed Secured by a Nail

Day 3 ELOHIM God

Day 4 JEHOVAH TSIDKENU The Lord Our Righteousness

Day 5 JEHOVAH MEQADDISKEM Jehovah, Our Sanctifier

Day 6 EL ROI, The God Who Sees

Day 7 JEHOVAH SHALOM, God of Peace

Day 8 PELE Wonderful

Day 9 JEHOVAH JIREH The Lord Will Provide

Day 10 ADIAB Everlasting Father

Day 11 JEHOVAH NISSI The Lord Our Banner

Day 12 JEHOVAH ROHI The Lord Our Shepherd

Day 13 ADONAI My Lord

Day 14 JEHOVAH SABAOTH The Lord of Hosts

Day 15 EL GIBBOR Mighty God

Day 16 YATSAR Potter

Day 17 EL OLAM Everlasting

Day 18 SAR SHALOM Prince of Peace

Day 19 YASHA Savior

Day 20 SEMAH Branch

Day 21 ELOHE-Hasdi God of Mercy

Day 22 JEHOVAH OSENU The Lord Our Maker

Day 23 HAEL HANNEEMAN God the Faithful

Day 24 YAAS Counselor

Day 25 IMMANUEL God with Us

Day 26 QADOSH Holy One

Day 27 EL ELYON, Most High God

Day 28 JEHOVAH ROPEEKA, God Our Healer

Day 29 JEHOVAH QANNA, The Lord Who is Jealous,

Day 30 EL EMET, God of Truth

Day 31 SUR, Rock (I Bless Your Name)

The Appendix and References and references are listed below.  Appendix A is a word study of Grace and Mercy.  Appendix B gives  Methodology,  Appendix Ccovers a look at the letter 'yud' or 'yod' and what it means in the Names of God.  Appendix D gives a list of Hebrew Alphabet letter and gives a brief, short, definition of the letter, that if frequently used, Appendix E is a dictionary that gives a detailed definition of Hebrew letters.  Also references used in the research of the meanings of Hebrew letters is listed:

Copyright 2015 Lewis T. Turner


Completed the Names of God study

Dear Lewis,The study left me in awe at how everything the Lord did since the beginning of time was to reveal the secure deed that Jesus did on the cross (even evidenced by each sacred Name of God) by…Continue

Started by Cathy Cutrell May 27, 2018.

Day 15 EL GIBBOR Mighty God 2 Replies


Tags: 9:6, Is, Isaiah, God, GIBBOR

Started by Lewis Turner. Last reply by Lewis Turner Jan 24, 2018.

Day 4 JEHOVAH TSIDKENU The Lord Our Righteousness 3 Replies


Tags: Righteousness, Day, 4, our, Lord

Started by Lewis Turner. Last reply by Lewis Turner Nov 4, 2017.

Day 31 SUR Rock (I Bless Your Name) 2 Replies


Tags: II, Samuel, 22:47, Name), Your

Started by Lewis Turner. Last reply by Malva Birch Nov 1, 2017.

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Comment by Malva Birch on December 16, 2019 at 9:45am

Lord God, thank You for blessing us through Your Names and their meanings. 

You have secured righteousness for us on the cross where You were nailed to pay for our sins. The deed is done - Jesus said, "It is finished."

We bless Your Names.

In the Name of JESUS CHRIST we pray.

Comment by Phil Miglioratti on December 11, 2019 at 9:39am

Thank you Lewis for this revealing explanation and your tenacity to get this right.

May many learn to love God with all their mind through your writings,


Comment by Lewis Turner on December 11, 2019 at 9:22am

Since starting this study about 6 years ago, I have learned much about the Names of God, and that God wants us to know about what He has done for us through the work of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary.  

On publishing, I was made aware of a controversy about a study like this.  Some do not believe letters have meaning.  In addition, some think that all effort to show that Hebrew letters have meaning is Kabbalistic thinking--as if that is something to stay away from.  If a person wants to accept that, then that is their privilege.  I  have been encouraged that what I have developed, is accurate.  A person whom I have prayed with, has been in touch with some Messianic Jews and has also learned the meaning of Hebrew letters.  He shared with me his understanding of the meanings of the Names of God, and they were very close to what I have written.  Later, another leader of Messianic Jews corresponded with me and shared that the Hebrew letters do have meaning, and this is taught in Mainline Judaism, and also in Kabbalistic teaching.  His focus was to look at what pointed t to Jesus.

That last statement is important and should be our focus in the study of the scriptures.  It is the approach that I used in developing the book, 31 Names of God.  This book was written as a devotional, not a treatise. A treatise would have more supporting scripture.    

The book is now available on  When you search for it put the following in the search box:  Lewis Turner 31 Names of God

I was not prepared for some attacking the book because they do not accept Hebrew Letters having meaning.  I am thankful that I have been encouraged to continue my research into meanings of letters by other people who do accept the focus of letters of Hebrew having meaning, and who look to scripture to learn more about Jesus,  I  and who God is.

I have shared this to help people understand my focus in making this study.

Comment by Malva Birch on October 19, 2019 at 2:49pm

God bless your work as you continue with your studies and writing and sharing with others what you learn...

There is nothing worth more than God's Names - our greatest treasure in this life.

Comment by Phil Miglioratti on October 19, 2019 at 1:39pm

Glad to see the Lord refining your good work...

Comment by Lewis Turner on October 19, 2019 at 12:16pm

notice--in the upcoming weeks, I will be looking at the Names of God using another approach, that uses scripture to develop the meanings.  Many of the Names reflect the attributes of a Shepherd. Where applicable, that will be noted.  I am doing this because it has come to my attention that there is some confusion over the meanings of Hebrew letters and Jewish Kabbalism (Mysticism).  What I have endeavored to use is what is supported by scholarly archeology.  One source, written by Dr. Douglas Petrovich, 'the World's Oldest Alphabet' presents a scholarly approach, and there are others.  To avoid confusion, I am now working on a new study on the Names of God.  It will be a challenge, but hopefully, it will encourage more to learn about who our God is!

I invite your comments as I pull this study together.  Those comments help me in writing. I appreciate them.  Thanks.

Comment by Malva Birch on September 22, 2019 at 10:53am

Lewis, God's Names are my source of comfort and encouragement. When I feel overwhelmed and don't know what to pray, I read His Names. Over the years I've made my own list of His Names (in English) that I use when I need them, but I've never learnt about the Hebrew meanings. 

I now have your book on kindle and read the first days' devotional. It is very encouraging. Although the Hebrew letters are scholarly, the explanation is very easy to read and understand.

Thank you for making it available to us who don't know any Hebrew so we can be strengthened by His Names and get to know Him better.

God bless you and your work and writing.

Comment by Lewis Turner on January 5, 2016 at 9:08am

A note:  I am using this as a daily devotional--in doing so--I am also continuing my edit.  I would appreciate if any of you see something that is not clear, or may be better explained, please share your thoughts in a manner that would help make this study more relevant and understandable.  I have had a few challenges from others, and appreciate them.  It is a scholarly study--but I welcome help to make it more understandable to more people. 

I will share what this study has done for me--It has deepened my understanding of who God is, His characteristics, His attributes, and how Humility is a part of the nature of God.  Our English definitions of the Names of God often fall short of the deep meaning of the Names of God that are found through a study of Scripture.  This study has encouraged my trust and confidence in our Lord and God.  PTL!

Please as you study these Names of God, please share your thoughts.  In so doing we both challenge and encourage each other. 


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