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What are some helpful tools that can help us remember what God wants us to pray for?

This morning, as I caught up on my computer with news and other items of interest, one item I looked at was from Intercessors for America who provide items to pray about for our nation.  I will admit that often we read such items, maybe offer a quick prayer, then move on.  

Today I found the Lord encouraging me to use my Blackberry to note one of the items to pray about. When I got my Blackberry, I also purchased and application that would allow me to create a simple word document (compatible  with 'Word' on my computer).  I have used that application a lot and have a document on it of items I regularly pray for.  It is used frequently, and is growing.  This has been a great help in interceding for others.  In a way that file of items to pray for is a prayer journal.  If the Lord moves me when I am praying for someone, IE to pray for their family also, I write what the Lord has showed me down to be included when I pray.


I know others have used other tools too.  If you are willing to share those tools or methods with us, I know others may be interested too.

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Excelent idea, Lewis. Will incorporate that into mine.  God is showing me more and more the need to listen to His still, small voice. It can be life or death and have seen an example of that just this week. Some times a person needs not only the prayer, but a call of encouragement: God with skin on. :)



That call of encouragement to someone else is puts feet of love -God's Love, to our prayers.  Thanks for sharing that!

I use a prayer notebook for those things that I pray for on a regular basis. My husband and I also have a small notebook where we keep  prayer requests that we pray for together. As I look at various internet avenues and email I pray for those that ask prayer and if something is impressed on my heart I write it down to pray over on a regular basis. I will also go back to the person who asked prayer or I was impressed to pray for and ask them for any updates on whatever I was praying about.



Thanks for sharing.  Prayer notebook, both you and your husband praying for each other, taking needs to the Lord as they arise, listening to the Lord--He alone know the best way, and follow up--


That takes a willing commitment but one that I know has brought many blessings.


Thanks for sharing.


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