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Hear is a though to consider and pray about.


Some people during this recession have re-thought about what is most important to them, and some have made changes that give more focus on family.  Consider:


  • How many children have been lost because parents were too busy, or
  • family's torn apart because of job responsibilities, or
  • lost friends because they were in the way of job responsibilities?


You could probably add more to this list.  I have known a minister who lost his wife because he gave 90-100 hours a week to his church, and neglected his wife.


What can we do?  A balance is needed between work and family, and also between ministry and family.  That may include us as intercessors.  We want to see people pray more but are we encouraging our children and spouse to pray more--and together or are we pushing them away so we can pray.  That is something to think about.


Intercessors--are you catching something to consider as you pray?


Perhaps we could share some of the issue that we have faced and balancing time for others.  Don't be afraid to share your thoughts.  They will probably encourage someone to speak up and also share.





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Concerning Refocusing our Priorities--Are we able to focus on others, or have we been so ignored it is difficult to build relationship?  Perhaps someone might have some thoughts about that statement--It can be very true for some people.


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