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When you are in the middle of a storm in your country, a storm of politics that affects the future and could decide whether abortion is continued and other things including election corruption—any answer to prayer whether personal or national is encouraging.  Saturday, Nov 21, 2020,  I had an answer to a personal prayer.  I found a flower bulb that I dug for fall replanting this fall, but lost in storage.  FYI- I had a garden hobby of growing Daffodils and Asiatic Lilies and breeding them for specific traits.  The flower bulb lost was a lily that I had bred and had registered with the Royal Horticultural Society, a recognized registry/listing of plants grown and is also used by plant breeders. 

I discovered the bulb was missing when I went to replant the bulbs that I dug a few weeks ago.  I looked everywhere but could not find it.  My wife and I prayed.  When my wife at I lose something, we pray.  We ask the Lord to help us find it.    We were both at a loss of what happened to this flower bulb.  No matter where I looked in possible places where it could be, it was not to be found.   Finally, I was straightening up some basement shelves that I have used to keep some of my bulbs and I found the lost bulb behind an item on the shelf which made it difficult to see. 

Yes, prayer is answered.  When we see answers like this, we remember that God is interested even in small things that mean something to us. 

Incidentally, since my wife and I have prayer for lost items, we have found almost everything we have lost-Wow!  Praise the Lord!

This find of the missing flower bulb today is a real encouragement. 

I have taken the time to elaborate on it in detail-and it illustrates that when I go to the Lord,  I share my personal details in the request to the Lord.  You might call that personal praying.  I hope others will do the same.

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Lewis, thank you so much for this very encouraging testimony. Please keep on posting these. I too, have been encouraged by God in countless small things over the years when I was praying about hard and difficult things and had to wait on God for the answers. Sometimes when we pray for unsaved people and the answer is not coming, we start to wonder if God heard, but then these small answers strengthen our faith again and bless us beyond our expectations. Then we can persevere again with the hard stuff.  Thank You, Lord!

Ps 37:23 NLT The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.

My own encouragement from God some weeks ago re plants:

I love trees, especially Sequoias (Redwoods). My husband bought me a small one to plant in a pot (!) as we live in a townhouse and I only have a small courtyard space. I didn't think my tree would grow so much, as the one planted in the housing complex's garden was doing well but not growing bigger (I still don't know why), and mine was in a pot. I thought potted trees don't grow very big.

I took cuttings from my tree soon after I got it and put them in mud. Some cuttings survived and grew strong enough roots to be planted in pots. It took two years! A lesson in patience! Then they started growing and growing... It became clear that they loved their circumstances and rewarded us with growing as if in a forest. They became too big for our small space. We couldn't keep them any longer for their own wellbeing. We offered the trees to our HOA's garden committee, but they were not interested, even though we offered them for free (just wanted tree lovers who would take good care of them).

So I asked the Lord what to do with the trees that He had blessed us with? The Lord sent a very nice man and his daughter to come and take the trees to plant on their property in open space and good soil. The Lord blessed them with the trees even more than He had blessed us, because they had to cut down all their trees because of a power line. They couldn't afford to buy large trees (very expensive in California), but these trees now have a new home with people who love them as much as my husband and I do. I miss my trees but I am happy that they are flourishing where they are now.

Praise the Lord!


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