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Part of Intercession is being Thankful. Perhaps it would encourage others who involved in Intercession to share ways we have been Thankful as we pray - and how Thankfulness has help us as we pray.

Many intercessors are focused on helping others through prayer.  With this season of Thanksgiving, sharing how thankfulness has helped us in prayer might help others who are growing in their prayers of intercession.  We would love to hear of your experiences with being thankful and how it has helpd your prayer life.

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I LOVE how Eddie Smith encourages people to be thankful in their prayers! Through Eddie, I've learned how to celebrate what I see God doing!

This draws me noticably closer to the Lord as I thank Him for what He is doing. It makes me more aware of what He IS doing rather than just what I WANT Him to do!

(Let me know if anyone would like me to share the link to Eddie's $7.00 webinar. I'm not trying to push anything...just trying to share what has worked for me, but in a respectful way.)


...words from my own heart...

...being thankful in prayer has changed how I pray...and how I see results! I want to ALWAYS thank GOD for Who He is and what He's done...even if He never does anything more for me...He did the ULTIMATE for me...He DIED for me!!!!!!!! And that is reason enough to give Him thanks for the rest of eternity!!!!!!! :)

Those words are encouraging and helpful.

Thank you.
In my prayer times I like to use the acronym ACTS Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication. I find my prayer time is much more open to the Holy Spirit's guidance when I begin with my focus on Him.
I have also found that times that I am filled to overflowing with thanksgiving that I find myself weeping and must allow the Spirit to pray for me as I bask in His love.
Wow, that's beautiful, Pamela! What a beautiful picture of what overflowing with thanksgiving can do for our intimacy level with the Lord! :)
I had a situation a couple of years ago in which i re-connected with a sibling that I had not seen in over 30 years (through the wonders of Facebook). The initial contact with her was life-giving and affirming, however a couple of months into us getting to know one another again, she turned on me in a vicious, evil, and extremely hurtful manner for no apparent reason. For years, I had a dream of reconciling with my family but their ongoing dysfunction and rejection of me prevented this from happening. When as a teenager, I was removed from this family, I used to pray for them--for their salvation, for reconciliation, etc., however somewhere along the way, I gave up--on them, and I suppose on God. This most recent event was traumatic and made me re-live a lot of things that had happen to me, but I am thankful because it gave me a clearer view of what God saved me from when I was removed from this family, and once my own pain stopped, I could begin once again to pray for them. This is a family riddled with alcoholism, abuse in all forms, abandonment, mental illness, and spiritual poverty. It was not until I could thank God for truths learned in my suffering that I could intercede for those who inflicted the suffering.
Jenni, So inspiring!! Praise the Lord that He is with us in the midst of our pain so we can pass that encouragement on to others. Been through a lot of tough stuff in life; mostly self induced; but have found it has given me a deep love for others that could have come no other way. Have found never to give up on people since they didn't give up on me.
Was speaking at a local church, on my involvement with prison ministry, and a woman who used to babysit me said, "Richard, why did you ever become involved in prison ministry?". My answer was, "If He could change me. He could change anyone!". Without thinking she said, "You can say that again!!", then turned beet red and said, "Oh, Richard, i didn't mean that!". I smiled, replying, "Yes you did and that's all right, because it is true.". Praise the Lord for His grace and compassion. AND thanks for sharing your heart. :)


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