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I as an intercessor have found my heart praying and crying, but at times there are no tears in my eyes.

Sometimes, I feel like that having prayed so long I feel isolated and answers take so long coming.  When I have others pray with me sometimes I see results.  Have others felt the same? Should we be seeking more wisdom from the Lord during these times about how to pray?  Much time has often been spent in the Word.

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Build your self an alter in your house a place wear you come to meet God. when you go there leave self outside the door you will know it's not about you, when you become one with the Holy Spirit feeling is taken out of it, then it's what you know it's not what you feel. work to become one with Jesus as He is one with the father, only then you will not think that your prayer is not answer. God hear all prayer, and answer them in HIs time, so eaven when you belive your prayer is not answer it may well be answer and you don't no because you are not one with him. you need to receive the out pouring of the early rain of the Spirit to give you spiritual maturity.

Thank you for your comments. We do need to put the lord first, above our-self when seeking Him. Matt 6:33 encourages us to seek first the Kingdom of God.

There are still time where we have deep grief--possibly sensing grieving by God's Holy Spirit. Sometimes this grieving is so deep, due to issues that others have not let the Holy Spirit of God work. That can be deep grief, and tear can run dry. This can happen even when we seek the Lord with our whole self.

It is prayer requests like the following that help me remain encouraged and trusting God to work in every situation although we don'e always see the outcome:
URGENT PRAYER REQUEST!!!! My daughter, Amy, is at Eastern Maine Medical Center with her ex-boyfriend. He is not expected to live. He has an overwhelming sepsis, and his brain and heart are infected. He is on life support and is in multi-system organ failure. They are having a family meeting this afternoon to take him off life support. Amy said when she came back to Rockland to be with her children, he had told her that he loved her enough to let her go, because he couldn't bear to see her cry herself to sleep every night because she missed her children so much. This is so tragic. A friend drove her to Bangor, and she is going to stay with him until he dies. She asked me to ask for prayers...her quote" Mom, you have a direct line to God, will you please pray!?" I am praying very hard for her, and Sean, and his father, who is going to lose his only son. Sean's mother died of a drug overdose when he was in his 20's. He lived with his mother in Portland, and they got into a tiff, and he left the apartment. When he went back, he found his mother dead. I am praying for strength, and I know Jesus has his hands all over this. I just want my daughter to be all right. This may be the catalyst that saves her life. I don't know. I don't pretend to know God's plan, but I know He has one, and just please pray. You know what to pray for....this is just so awful, I can't stand it. I just hope Amy stays safe. Her first love was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident 14 years ago. She has been through so much. Lord Jesus Christ, our only hope in times of need, keep my daughter safe and bring some kind of peace to Sean's father and daughter. This is so horrible, I just can't believe it. Please pray. Thank you so much for always being there when I need you!! You have helped me so much. Thank you."

AND I shed many tears; and am now as this is being sent. It is an honor to be an intercessor and am thankful for this group because it isn't always easy and sometimes our heart breaks for those whom we pray for.


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