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How Would You Encourage Others to Listen to their Heart and Hear the Lord Speaking?

Being a man, listening to my heart does not come easy.  I am thankful My wife helped me.  That help has made a major difference in my relationships with others and my prayers.  Also, some hurts make it difficult for anyone to listen to their heart because those hurts block or filter hearing the heart.  I have noted that many have not understood relationships or prayer due to what appears not really hearing from their heart.  Journaling is one tool that helped me.  Perhaps others may have some helpful thoughts from their own experiences.  I invite you to share them.

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I'm like you Lewis, journaling helps me to listen to my heart and His. I learned a lot about hearing from God and about the journaling process from Dr. Mark Virkler. Mark has some helpful articles on his webpage if anyone is interested and would like to check it out, go to: Mark has more of a scientific mind and really had difficulty hearing from God at first but it's interesting to read how he got through this. When I journal, I find it helpful to write in the form of dialogue (ie. Jenni:......God:........).
Jenni--you have given a source to search out on journaling. Thank you. My pastor mentioned to me that there were at least 15 different ways to journal. when I journal, I usually journal key thoughts--usually not lengthy--and often I include scripture with those thoughts. I hope to some day be able to find the time to go back to my journals and pull together key biblical points and thoughts that I have journaled, and share them with my family and others.

My journals have helped me recognize the direction that God is leading me--especially in moving forward in the calling he has given me.

I wonder how journaling has helped others. Perhaps some others may also be willing to share how journaling has helped them.

Journaling has also helped me, but what has helped the most is listening to that still, small voice in the little things; and I do mean the little things. God has opened up many doors over the years; most would seem teeny to most, but not to me. :) Most times do not understand, but find if I am obedient will be blessed. Have been on a couple mission trips to Guardalavaca, Cuba and have seen God bring people into our lives through the internet whom we regularly pray for. It has been nothing planned; only being open to His direction. Also, our church prayer team; which includes many different denominations and people on different levels of their walk. If you want to know more check with the coordinator: Sandy Barbour at She would be glad to hear from you. :) The openness and vulnerability is refreshing, but comes through knowing it is a safe place.


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