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I have found in my dealings with other intercessors, that we have much in common, yet others who are not intercessors sometimes stand off.  This brings the following questions to me.  I know some of you have close friends and do relate well to others, but some may struggle in this area.  I have put a few questions below to stimulate our thinking on this issue.  Perhaps you might have another approach to this subject.  Please  share your thoughts.


Do most intercessors have close friends?

Due to intercessor work being frequently solitary—does this cause them to pull away from making friends?—or is that solitary time a time of recharge?

What would help others understand intercessors so they can really relate to them?

Does your pastor have an understanding of how to work with intercessors?--Does he appreciate their calling and work?

Any suggestions that might help intercessors with friends and relating to others?

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Being an intercessor I have found that we can often times focus on the negative. Which puts some people off. I read "The Happy Intercessor" By Beni Johnson and it really changed my perspective on how I look at the things that the Lord shows me. When I get a burden or see a negative thing liken it to getting a text message from God alerting me to pray. I will be honest I have not completely mastered this and sometimes seeing the negatives affect me more than they should. But with His grace I remember and real it back in! 


I've also noticed (being in leadership) that us intercessors sometimes forget that we are not the only ones who hear from God. I think better training on how to intercede as a team  for specific things like your church, church leadership or pastors really helps. I know that we will always have that private intersession that is intense and powerful, but we cannot disregard team/group intercession.   



As an intercessor, it does take some training to recognize those "intercessor alerts" --and that time when we are tempted to focus on the negative--it is something that God wants us to bring to Him.  Thank you for sharing that- It does encourage us-- and when we see that pattern in another intercessor, with prayer--maybe we can help that intercessor to respond by carrying it to the Lord too.


You mentioned team work among intercessors--do you have some ideas how that might be encouraged? Here is the situation that I have observed:   I have seen intercessors work together in a crisis, but such a team usually does not stay together as most intercessors are often solitary. When they move back to being solitary, the team that worked in the crisis no longer functions.  Keeping a team going would be greatly encouraging. 


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