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Can Pastors and Intercessors Joining Together-help us let the Holy Spirit work rather than “I”?

I recently read an article when pastors fall—something none of us want to see.   One is the issue of pride.  That may be true, but I sense that there is more to be considered as we look at pride.


Many pastors may say—I have to lead—but what is the real truth—The real truth is the Holy Spirit is the one who works in us leading us.  We are people whom the Holy Spirit uses.


A pastor may say “How should I minister”—is that statement correct or should we as ministers learn to let the Holy Spirit to work?


I have heard pastors say among other pastors, “I ministering out of my wanting to be significant and appreciated?”  Some ministers, if they were really honest would say “OUCH” to that statement.  I appreciated the pastor who admitted that focus.


The above may be evidence of pride working.


Now consider—how can intercessors help pastors so they do not walk alone?  Would pastors accept that and would it move us away from a need to be an “I” directed ministry? The above statements had a lot of "I " in them.


This group being focused on intercessors-perhaps we should ask--How can intercessors help their pastor?


Also, is the help  of an intercessor just for a short while—or can it be sustained?


If what is true for pastors about an “I” ministry focus, could the same be true for intercessors?


If that is indeed a possibility, what would happen if pastors prayed for intercessors—regularly, and encouraged intercessors to pray for them by opening up to them—would this joint prayer for each other, reduce the “I” ministry focus to a one that lets the Holy Spirit works and that the Holy Spirit helps us with the “I” focus?

I know many pastors do pray for their intercessors--but we need more.  Conversely, intercessors should be praying for their pastors.  Possibly pride or other distractions keep us from helping each other by sharing with each other so we can pray being informed of needs to intercede for each other and doing so help each other.

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Lewis, this is very good.  Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on this.


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