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Why Southern Baptists Should Embrace the National Day of Prayer

Why Southern Baptists Should Embrace the National Day of Prayer The National Day of Prayer mobilizes unified public prayer for America. Southern Baptists should fully embrace and particip… View »

IBSA Prayer~Gram #130 - A New Format for a Prayer Conference: 10, 20, 30

NEWS ALERT ~  SBC PrayerLink Leaders Come to Illinois This Fall . . . using a new conference format      SCROLL  Article for full inf… View »

Birth a New Church with Prayer

 APRIL 2015  Let us pray this prayer for one another that Paul prayed for the Romans, Romans 10:1 NIV):  “Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for [fill in neighborhood] is t… View »

IBSA Prayer ~ Gram #117 Pray! Pray! Pray!

&n     IBSA Prayer ~ Gram #117 Pray!  Pray!  Pray! Prayer Motivators Pray! for Wal… View »

IBSA Prayer~Gram #115: New Article on Love Your Prayers

Having trouble viewing this email? Click here     IBSA Prayer ~ Gram #115 Love Motivated Praying… View »

Illinois Baptist Prayer~Gram #114

Having trouble viewing this email? Click here  Prayer. Together. Call to Prayer Archives Rerun #1 Important Rerun #2 Short-cut… View »

Are you above average?

How Much Time Does the Above-Average Leader Spend in Prayer? I've never considered being called average a compliment. I think it means you're just as close to the bottom as on top. I do… View »

IMB Resources - especially for kids and families!

New post on Phil's Blogs IMB Prayer Resources (especially for kids and families) by Phil Miglioratti KOMprayEvery week, KOMpray offers prayer requests written… View »

Praying for His Name - My Neighbor - Our Nation

  56 Days of Praying Sept. 16 - Nov. 10, 2012 God is inviting us to join Him in praying, then going, loving, reaching, teaching, giving, discipling. He is getting our attentio… View »


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