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IBSA Prayer~Gram #115: New Article on Love Your Prayers

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IBSA Prayer ~ Gram #115
Love Motivated Praying">">" valign="top" width="100%" rowspan="1" colspan="1">
Got Love?
Love Your Prayers?
Love Your Neighbors?
Love Your City?
Love Evangelism?
IBSA Prayer Stuff

By Phil Miglioratti, IBSA Prayer Coordinator"> 
Published in Prayer Connect magazine

Whenever a particular colleague would call me on the phone, I would immediately freeze up. Our ministry was suffering from his seemingly self-serving decision-making and destructive actions. When confronted, he refused to repent or resign.


Somehow I survived that situation. But when he called, more than a decade after he finally moved on, I hesitated to pick up the phone. 


But I'm glad I did.                           Read complete article...Comment >>>

Your Church
in 2014 ?

Maybe it is time for your association or congregation to to a laser-beam-focused review & revision on the way you think about prayer.
A conference? (open to the entire congregation/association)
A consultation? (pastor and core leadership)
A coaching session? (small group leaders; study class teachers)
Have an exploratory conversation with IBSA Prayer Coordinator
Phil Miglioratti @  or  847-344-7837" align="left">

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Living The Lifestyle: Pray, Care, Share 
Two new books by Alvin VanderGriend are great resources for living the LOVE2020 prayer-care-share lifestyle. And, Outreach Inc. is offering LOVE2020 subscribers $1 off with promo code: MAV214 when you purchase online at" align="none">

Be Jesus in Your Neighborhood -
Developing a Prayer-Care-Share Lifestyle in 30 Days

A daily devotional that will will move you to make praying for and sharing Christ with your neighbors a way of life!" align="none">

Shine His Light:
A Simple Way to Pray, Care and Share in Your Neighborhood

A simple solution to the difficulty many believers have in sharing their faith with others. Just pray! VanderGriend shows that as you pray, a natural inclination develops to reach out and care for your neighbors, which eventually leads to sharing Christ with them.

Share resources that you've found helpful in pursuing a a prayer-care-share lifestyle at or email! 


Should I Not Be Concerned with that Great City?">

Seek God for the City is designed to unite and focus prayer through the 40 days leading to Palm SundayMarch 5 through April 13, 2014. 
It is affordable, and the quantity discounts make the 64-page booklet available for as little as $1.20 a copy. Check out details at or call us at 800.264-5214
We are convinced more than ever that in these days God is summoning His people to pray, to stand firm in faith and united prayer until we see God bring forth His blessing and transformation in our cities, communities, our world. Now is the time to seek God's face; now is the time to seek His kingdom. 

*  I love this prayer guide and I've used others before. I'm always strengthened by the big scope and instructed on HOW to pray more effectively. I use it, I refer to it, I share from it, I read all the intro and extra helps, and I keep it for a long time afterward!  


There is still a bit more time for leaders in recognized positions of pastoral or prayer leadership to call for a complimentary review copy. Please call our office at 800.264.5214 to request a review booklet.


Check our website for the appchildren's guide & Spanish translation.

Our mailing address is:


PO Box 203131
Austin, TX 78720-3131

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Women gather in Gonzalez, La. to pray at one of many U.S. sites for the Mom's Day of Prayer global event in January.

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