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7 Pastoral-Prayer-Starters for the 7 Weeks of Explore God Chicago

>Objective: Expressing the thoughts and fears of those who have come to explore God (honoring invited guests by recognizing not all who are present have faith or believe). Shape these prayer suggestions into your own words; express further thoughts as led by the Holy Spirit . . .

-”If you agree with any part of my prayer, silently let God know, “Yes, I agree…”

-Start each prayer with “Oh God” or “God in heaven” or “God Almighty” or “Creator God” or “Loving God” or “God of All Life”

-End your prayer “in the name of Jesus” or “in the name of our Lord and Savior” or ‘in the authority of the one who came at Christmas”


#1 One Sentence Prayer: “Oh God, does life have a purpose?”

Prayer Prompts: God, today we ask you to reveal to each of us your purpose in giving us life . . . a common purpose we all share (men & women, young & old, poor or rich) . . .but also open our eyes to the unique purpose you intend for each one of us . . .

#2 One Sentence Prayer: “Oh God, are you real?”

Prayer Prompts: God, some in faith, some with doubt, we ask today, does the creator-redeemer-provider God of the Bible exist…are you truly loving-kind-forgiving . . .can we trust you? . . .

#3 One Sentence Prayer: “Oh God, why is there so much pain and suffering?”

Prayer Prompts: God, our minds and our hearts are confused and concerned by the pain and suffering we see; everyday, both near us and far away . . . Do you see the suffering? Do you feel the pain? Do you care? . . .

#4 One Sentence Prayer: “Oh God, is the Christian faith too narrow?”

Prayer Prompts: God, many say all religions and roads lead to God . . . is that true? . . . Are there some truths that apply to every person in every place? How can faith in the Jesus of Christianity bring transformation into our lives?  . . .

#5 One Sentence Prayer: Oh God, is Jesus really God?”

Prayer Prompts: God, many believe in the message of Jesus, but was he more than a teacher or prophet? Did you send Jesus? Were you truly “in Christ, reconciling people to God?” Help us understand . . .give us faith to believe all that is true about Jesus. . .

#6 One Sentence Prayer: “Oh God, is the Bible reliable?”

Prayer Prompts: God, can we trust the Bible? Some are skeptical of the stories. Some view it as only a book of moral teachings. Can we trust the Bible to be an accurate and authoritative communication from you? Are your truths embedded and expressed in the words of the Holy Bible? . . .

#7 One Sentence Prayer:  “Oh God, can I know you personally?”

Prayer Prompts: God, when we think of how mighty and mysterious you are, it would give us joy and hope to be certain we can know you personally … Your Spirit interacting with our spirit … that sounds so wondrous … is it possible? How can we have your life living in and through us? …

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